Best Study materials for theory subjects for ca final exams

Best Study materials for theory subjects for ca final exams

Best Study Materials for Theory Subjects for CA-Final Exams

Congratulations! The fact that you are looking up this blog is that you have completed the CA Intermediate Examination. In this blog, we have ventured to give you the blueprint to cross this last hurdle in your path to becoming a Chartered Accountant, namely the CA Final Exam. The best tactic to grasp the slightly hard-to-score theory subjects of Group 1  and Group 2 and to score more than otherwise is by referring to the best books available on the subjects in the group. 


The article aims to guide the aspirant to full and proper preparation for the CA Final Examination theory subjects. Section 1 gives the required information concerning the best Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics books. Section 2 provides insight into the best books on Corporate and Economic Law.  Find the best book on International Taxation in section 3 and section 4  gives information on the best book for Economic Law. Section 5 deals with the best books for Global Financial Reporting Standards (GFRS) Book and section 6 with the best books for Advanced Indirect Tax Laws.


Best Recommended CA-Final Study Material and Reference Books

Preference must be given to the ICAI study material and ICAI practice manual above all else.  For better time management for the finals, You must work out the Revision Test Papers, and You must note the mock test and the timing. In addition to the above, the books that have made it to the ‘best books list should be referred to to get a proper understanding and knowledge of the syllabus. The books must be chosen wisely as a great book could help you soar while a bad one could plummet you. We have here below listed the very best for you.


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Best Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics Books


  1. CA Kamal Gargs Professional Approach to Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics



The author of the book is a Chartered Accountant by profession and is rich in knowledge by the corporate and professional experience he has garnered in auditing.  He has authored more than 40 books and 1000s of articles on the various aspects of such laws.



The 25th edition of the book is packed with detailed chapters relating to dividendCode of Ethics. The book is written in simplicity so that a student can easily understand and learn.  It also contains updated amendments to SEBI(Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations 2015 and changes made to the pursuant Companys Act. Matters of importance from the viewpoint of the exams have been dealt with in great detail and briefly by way of flowcharts. It is an excellent guide to students in matters concerning Tax audits. The MCQs and the case studies sum up the entire syllabus.

CA Surbhi Bansals Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics





CA Surbhi Bansal, a fellow member of the ICAI and topper in college, obtained the 5th rank in the  CA Foundation examination, which put her on the merit list of ICAI at the CA Intermediate Level. She is the recipient of the prestigious PN Shah prize as she was adjudged as the Best Lady Candidate of India by the ICAI. She passed all the necessary exams on the first attempt and was turned 21, and she was a Chartered Accountant. In addition, she has given the numerous exams held by the NSE and MCX in flying colors.  She has carved a niche for herself as a Professor for Audit and is a visiting professor at the ICAI.


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The 25th edition is in tune with the announcements made by the ICAI concerning the syllabus.  The book contains the STATEMENT ON PEER REVIEW (REVISED 2000), CODE OF ETHICS, 2020, Changes in Quality review, CARO,2020, changes made in Form 3CD in October 2020, and is inclusive of the applicable updations. The book is clear and concise, and easily understandable by the students. There is an exciting use of Tabular and Graphic presentation, flow charts, headings, and sub-headings, making learning easy. The MCQs and discussions are many, pointwise for quick accessibility and follow the new exam pattern. The merging of concepts in the book is noteworthy.  In addition, the questions of thein the book are based on the question papers of the preceding CA Final examination inclusive of November 2022 with the answers and relevant case studies incorporated into the book.

Best Corporate and Economic Laws Books

3) A Textbook on Corporate and Economic Law by CA CS Munish Bhandari




CA CS Munish Bhandari went on to pass CA Inter and Final both in the first attempt, after clearing his graduation from the Delhi University. He is a qualified CS also. Bhandari is well versed in Business Law and Corporate Law and has been teaching in Delhi for 12 years.  The students much prefer his books on the subject. His books have benefited many, helping them pass their exams and a ready reckoner after completing the exams for practice. The workbook devised by him, especially for his students, is a comprehensive lesson in  Interpretation of Bare Act, Answering Practical Problems asked in CA Examinations held in the past, Solving self-created examples and Illustrations, Fill-ups and Making Flowcharts.


The book is a collection of the latest amendments by the ICAI in the study material for CA Final exams.  The book is made easy to refer to and is an excellent tool for revision before exams with the keyword such as monetary and time limits and other such essential points highlighted in red. The book contains more than 550 case studies with detailed solutions and more than 350 theoretical questions.

4) Taxmanns Corporate and Economic Laws by Pankaj Garg




A fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Pankaj Garg is also a Cost Accountant and Company Secretary. On having topped in Cost Accounting Examson at the all India level, he was honored with the Gold Medal by the ICAI. He is a master of Law and Audit and has experience of many years teaching the same to the CA aspirants.



The book is a tabular representation of the entire subject matter with questions from the examinations held this far up to the November 2020 exams. The question is from the RTPs and MTPs of ICAI. The chapter-wise marks distribution has been well dealt with and is based on examinations held until now.  The subject matter is presented in clarity in the entire book.  The book contains about 600 case studies with hints that can guide self-practice. The various law relating to the company has been updated with the latest amendments.


Best International Taxation Book

5) Book on International Taxation by CA Vinod Gupta and CA Sana Baqai





CA Vinod Gupta was honored for the Best Paper in Taxation in 1986  in the CA Final level. He is an expert in Direct taxes and a specialist in services relating to Finance, corporate financial planning, and Tax advisory. He is a member of the ICAI, a member of the Chartered  Certified Accountants, UK. For the past eight years, he has been the secretary to the Fiscal Laws Committee of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. He is a practicing CA and a teacher of Direct Taxes. The Co-Author Sana Baqai a CA herself and has been practicing for the past 12 years. She has a unique style of applying practicality in teaching. Her writing reveals her eye for detail.



The book contains all the required aspects of taxation concerning capital gains for NRI and their business income, minimum alternate tax, tax on dividend received from a company abroad, business process outsourcing inclusive of filing of returns, transfer pricing, and refund procedure, TDS. There is an adequate number of case studies with a hint to solutions.


Best Economic Law Book

6) Economic Law - 6D Question Bank by CA A K S Krishnan




CA AKS Krishnan passed the CA Final exams on the first attempt started his teaching career in corporate and allied laws.  He teaches regional institutions of the ICAI and the private institutions in Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Karnataka, Telangana, and Kerala.



The book has more than 51 case studies, more than 47 case laws, and more than 100 questions based on the discussed concepts, along with a Master index.


Best Global Financial Reporting Standards (GFRS) Book

7) GFRS Group II by CA Vinod Kumar Agrawal





Vinod Kumar Agarwal is an expert in the financial service industry. Auditing, Corporate Law, Income Tax, Estate Planning, and Wealth Management are his forte. He is a member of the ICAI.


The book contains a revised and updated version of the entire study material of the ICAI for the relevant subjects and is available in Pendrive and cloud versions. The questions are extracted from the question paper of examination held in the years gone past, along with the relevant answers are also contained in the book.


Best Advanced Indirect Tax Laws Books

8) Comprehensive Guide to Indirect Tax Laws by Dr. Yogendra Bangar & Dr.Vandana Bangar




Drs Yogendra Bangar and Vandana Bangar have been rank holders throughout their academic careers. Dr. Yogendra Bangar is well-versed in Direct and Indirect taxes, and Dr. Vandana Bangar is well-known as a teacher in business and Corporate laws. They have authored numerous books for UGs, PGs, and aspirants of the professional levels. Many have benefited from their papers and lectures at the seminars they presided. Their articles are found in many financial magazines and newspapers.



The authors, in their uniqueness, present the 309 illustrations in the book, of which 261 relate to GST and 48 to customs and FPT. The book is updated with the GST and Customs laws as per the Finance(No.2) Act of 2019. They are presented in tabular formats, flowcharts, and diagrams for easy learning. The Foreign Trade policy (2015-2020) is presented clearly and is student-friendly.  It also contains guidelines for answers and landmark judgments and cases of the ICAI. The book is updated with the circulars and notifications until the 9th of June 2020.

9) Indirect Tax Laws by CA (Dr) KM Bansal and CA (Dr) Mahesh Gouras