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  • As per Latest pattern by ICSI
  • Test Papers Curated by Experts
  • Result Success Rate of 81.59%+
  • Get Evaluation in 3 days
  • Doubt Solving & Mentoring
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CS Test Series for June 2024 as per the Latest ICSI pattern in terms of question quality and evaluation only on India's biggest doubt-solving platform for CS Students of All levels. Our dedicated team of Qualified Company secretaries with years of experience designing a systematic pattern of test papers for all the levels of CS exams like CSEET, CS-Executive and CS Professional as per the New curriculum of ICSI for June 2024; a proven track record of similar exam questions and India's best result of over 81.59%.

Get each mistake examined by an experienced company secretary and provide specific tips to improve the performance. Most students cannot judge the errors in conceptual understanding, presentation skills, speed, and approach and cannot write accurately in the exams, resulting in a loss of 7 to 15 marks. Our experts judge the students out of 131 mistakes where students lose marks in the ICSI exams. Specific guidance over those mistakes helps the students to pass and score All India Ranks in CS Exams.

Our test series is based on the principle of solid concept, revision, and assessing your mistakes before appearing for the CS Exams. Our experts guide the students to systematically cover each part of the lengthy CS syllabus during the last three months before the CS Exams. Students generally face the problem, and even after good revision before the exams, they still need to be able to clear the exams or give 100% in the exams. Our test series provides a complete solution for this problem after assessing the student's performance from various angles. We understand the worth of professional time in today's era, so the best value for money is provided to the students of CS, which helps them to improve their performance in the exams.

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Plans & Pricing

Individual Test Series
starts ₹775
  • 1 Test of each Chapter + 2 Full Test
  • Scheduled/Unscheduled
  • Doubt Solving, Notes, Study Planner
  • Result in 2-3 days
  • Valid till Exams
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Detailed Test Series
starts ₹500
  • 5 Portion-wise and 2 Full Test
  • Scheduled/Unscheduled
  • Doubt Solving, Notes, Study Planner
  • Result in 2-3 days
  • Valid till Exams
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4+2 Test Series
starts ₹425
  • 4 Portion-wise and 2 Full Test
  • Scheduled/Unscheduled
  • Doubt Solving, Notes, Study Planner
  • Result in 2-3 days
  • Valid till Exams
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Full-Syllabus Test Series
starts ₹350
  • 2 Full Test of 100 marks each
  • Scheduled/Unscheduled
  • Doubt Solving, Notes, Study Planner
  • Result in 2-3 days
  • Valid till Exams
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Price is inclusive of all taxes, no hidden charges of any type.

Pricing is subject to change without prior notice

Pricing mentioned above is after 50% discount

Even in the scheduled plans, if an exam is missed on the scheduled date, then the exam can be attempted later.

Process to Attempt

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Get Result

Get Result in 2-4 days with Answer and Topper sheet


The Company Secretary Executive Entrance Test Series is provided in MCQ format with the option to attempt the papers twice. The suggested answer of each MCQ comes with a detailed explanation of the method or logic used to solve the question. An additional set of important questions with detailed explanations will be provided for practice. Test Series for CSEET is available in chapterwise format, Unit-wise and Full-length mock test paper. Student can choose any option according to their requirement and the time available before the exams. The result for the CSEET Test series is instantly available after attempting the paper.

CS Executive

The CS Executive Test Series for the CS Executive Program is available in both MCQ and descriptive format per the ICSI exam pattern. For MCQs, a proper detailed explanation will be provided, and for descriptive questions, appropriate marking for each question will be done by the subject-wise experts. Students can clear any doubt regarding the subject at any time. Proper amendments are covered in the questions asked in the test papers and material provided in the form of notes. The best test series by CAtestseries for CS Executive is available in chapterwise, Unit-wise and full syllabus format.

CS Professional

The Company Secretary Professional course Test series is available on the CA Test Series Mobile App and Website in both MCQs and Descriptive format per the ICSI Format. Each paper of CS Professional is designed by a dedicated expert considering various expectations like recent paper weightage, question trend, importance of the topic, time and marks, etc. CS Professional test series by CA is the most recommended by the All India Rank holders due to the quality of content provided in a systematic format. This final stage of the CS study journey can be completed in the first attempt with the right decision about time, scope, experts, etc.

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What makes us Stand-Out


In-depth analysis of each question based on conceptual understanding, presentation, approach and speed. A comprehensive analysis of the errors and strategy for improvement is provided for each question and overall topic

Test Papers

As per the ICSI's latest pattern, new questions will be asked in the question papers to measure actual performance. A proportional balance of complex, medium and accessible questions is included in the test papers.

Doubt Solving

In professional CS exams, doubt-solving is essential to score good marks. A student can't go for the exams with pending doubts in their mind. Each doubt relating to the subject can be asked over Call / WhatsApp / App and will be resolved


Managing the whole syllabus of CS Exams is quite challenging, and giving 100% daily for three months becomes quite hectic. Our mentorship aims to guide the students in right direction under guidance of right experts with daily targets and techniques


Comprehensive notes, which include practice questions, Summary notes, charts and amendment notes, will be provided. (Students can take the printouts also). These will help to check the concepts and summarize the revision quickly.

Study Planner

A proper schedule is essential to effectively revise the entire syllabus, which includes sufficient time for concept reading, practising questions & creating a balance between theory and practical subjects. Our planner will help to revise syllabus thrice.


Detailed Performance Analysis report is provided for each test. AI-based reporting offers a graphical presentation of the comparative performance review so that a student can easily judge his performance among all students and work on them

Important Questions

Practising all the questions before the exams will take a lot of time. Our experts curated a list of questions based on past experience and future prospects, which students must attempt before the exams to score well.

MCQ Reasoning

Our team will provide MCQ reasoning so that students can check the accuracy of their logic used to solve the MCQs. Practising MCQs with reason can avoid the guesswork and help to build a solid conceptual understanding.


Students will be given a Ranking for each test paper among the other students to check their positioning before the exams and improve their performance. The Ranking is quite insightful to continue improving and remain motivated

Topper Sheet

You can compare the performance with the Topper's Result and check how a topper answers the same question. It is a great option to learn the mistakes and score minutely on the exams. Topper Sheet kept updating based on Real-Time.

Our Team & Experts

Our Team

Hear It From The Rankers

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I was doing CS along with CA and needed help managing the entire syllabus. CA test Series is an excellent platform. They helped not only in handling my studies but also in pointing out my exact mistakes.CS khushboo mam guided me nicely before the exams, and I cleared both modules in a single attempt.

Adhya Kumar

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It was an excellent experience to attempt test papers of the CA test series and see my checked copies. I note down the mistakes and thoroughly work on them, which are also reflected in my results. I only cleared CS professional on the first attempt because of good CA test series test papers.

Niraj Srivastava

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The ranking system for CS executives is awe-inspiring. I tried each time to get a better rank, which ultimately helped me improve myself with each test, and I am thrilled with the results. My Presentation also improved a lot with your guidance. Thanks to the CA test series, this is only because of your platform.

Roshan Mukherjee

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I revised the entire syllabus in my first attempt but still failed. I didn't find any reasons, and I got into depression. After attempting your test papers and checking my mistakes, I realized I had missed the minor points I had never focused on earlier. Now I have cleared, and all credit goes to a test series.

Lata Kamdar

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I love the variety of questions asked in the test papers. I recommend to all my classmates to attempt these papers. I will indeed join for professional also. CS Anurag Sir is a beneficial person who guided me in each step.

Darshan Dass

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Questions are very nicely designed and as per ICSI standards in your test papers. And this is the only platform where my doubts were correctly resolved. I didn't find it anywhere.

Diya Thakkar

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Our Rankers & Shinning Stars

Our Rankers
Why Us

Why Choose us For CS Exams

CA Test Series is the first platform to provide an online digital test series from 2015. We have the most extensive team of evaluation experts in CA and CS. We are working on each aspect, from the quality of questions to evaluation, doubt solving, notes and everything very minutely, and we understand the importance of each resource for the students. We have an expert team with eight years of experience, including various rank holders who design the test papers and provide quality evaluation to the CS students. The strict pattern of ICSI is followed, and evaluated sheets are provided to the students in 1-2 days only with guidance to improve each question's quality of content. Our team guides the students on more than 131 types of mistakes. Choose the CA Test Series for quality evaluation and to design a proper strategy for your exams, which can help you clear the CS exams on the first attempt.

In the CS Journey, You have to make the right decisions and choose the right experts who can guide you throughout your CS Journey according to the situations of each candidate. CA Test series understands the responsibility very well. Our Prime batch for CS students helped us generate more than 81.25% Results in the recent attempt. This time, our team is trying even harder to get more than 88% results from the prime batch.

Our experts properly consider the importance of application-based questions for CS Exams and include unique application-based questions to test the actual performance of each candidate. Particular questions help to test the student's proper conceptual understanding, speed and Presentation skills, which can be judged with different ICSI questions. It would be best to practice new questions in the CA Test Series; otherwise, refund your payment.

In the ICSI New syllabus, various changes are made in the pattern and types of questions to be asked in the exams. Difficulty level is also changed in the new course. Our expert team, with over 8+ years of experience, understands the changes very well and tries to incorporate each part properly in our test papers. Amendments, an essential part of the learning for the next attempt, are properly incorporated with accurate weightage in the test papers.

Our test papers are designed to handle each type of exam, whether medium or complex. Students who have cleared our test papers will never face problems in the ICSI exams. They can confidently appear for the exams. CA Test series uses an AI-based feedback system so students can check each mistake thoroughly in the test papers instantly.

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