How to prepare for CA Final - International Taxation - Elective

How to prepare for CA Final - International Taxation - Elective

In the revised scheme of education and training, the concept of electives has been introduced with the thought that specialization is the key to develop professionally competent Chartered Accountants. An aspiring Chartered Accountant has to be ready to take new roles as consultants and advisors, necessitated on account of growing business complexity, dynamic changes in legislation and regulatory requirements, and client expectations. 

The seven core subjects have been selected which represent the competence areas in which a successful Chartered accountant has to be well equipped, regardless of his intended future specialization or role.


Following are the subjects, from which students have to select one and the examination will be open book and case study based:


  • Risk Management.


  • Financial Services and capital markets.


  • International Taxation. 


  • Economic Laws.


  • Global Financial Reporting Standards. 


  • Multidisciplinary Case Study.


Open Book Examination:


As the name explains, in this exam students are allowed to carry their notes, books, study material into the examination hall with them. But that doesnt make attempting this paper easier. Students are supposed to analyze the described situation in the question, understand the issues, note down the facts, refer to the books to have an exact understanding of the law, and then answer the question in the sense of advising the best possible solution for the given problem. 


It takes a toll on the students intellect as they have to give a practical answer with a real-time solution. Copy pasting the answer from the study material or books is not allowed in an open book examination. And to give a logical answer to any asked problem, you need to have a proper understanding of the fundamentals of the subject and thorough knowledge. Practice enough with icai mock test papers or ca final web test series. 


International Taxation :


International Taxation is a good option for the aspirants who have pursued their article ship in taxation. And the biggest advantage of choosing this elective subject is that the preparation for the next exam is half done. Paper 6 is elective and the next paper i.e. paper 7 for CA final is Direct tax and international taxation. So its like killing two birds with one shot. 

 For easier understanding the paper can be divided into two parts :


  • Taxation of international transactions and non - resident taxation in India.


  • Other aspects of international taxation including tax treaties, anti-avoidance measures, tax conventions, etc.


Few major points you need to keep in mind while preparing for CA final- international taxation - elective :


  • You need to understand and get comfortable with the case study format and formalize yourself with the methods of decoding case studies. So practice a lot with CA mock test series.


  • Refer to the ICAI study material, it will be very beneficial for you. It is considered the best for the preparation of the CA final. And for an open exam, you need to prepare well with the icai mock test papers or ca web test series.


  • Do not jump from one study material to another, as it is not good for you to get overwhelmed with different or unfamiliar formats/questions and then panic. Stay calm and stick to one material. 


  • Taxation is a vast subject. Make notes while studying, highlight points that were difficult to understand in the first session. This way revision will be easier and quicker. And also it will be helpful during solving the web test series ca.


  • As it has an open-book format, this exam is easy and difficult at the same time. So use easy-to-locate bookmarks or tags, so that its easy for you to find the topics during the exam.


  • Technical terminology is very important. Keep your answers sharp and crisp, point to point. Do not write the same answer in different ways just to make it lengthy. 


  • Citing the correct business scenario is one way to demonstrate your learning and applicability of theory to the practical world.


  • Presentation is the key. The first impression is the last. Along with answering correctly, it is also important how you present your answers. Frame your answers properly into sections with headings and highlighting the important parts.


  • While stating the facts, link them with the case study with existing laws, citing changes. It will showcase your knowledge about the subject.


  • Carry the right material along with you and if you know exactly what to look for, the quality of your answers and strength of your argument will be strong enough to ensure that youll score pretty good.


Referring to some good books for you :


  • Fundamentals of Corporate Taxation by Stephan Schwartz & Daniel Lathrope.


  • Essentials of Federal Income Taxation for Individuals and Business by Linda M. Johnson.


  • Principles of Taxation for business and investment planning by Sally Jones & Shelley Rhoades.


  • International Taxation in a Nutshell by Richard Doernberg.


Taxation is a complex subject and every year there are some changes. So it will be good for you to stay updated. No matter who you are, a financial consultant or a human resource professional, an entrepreneur or a fresher, you need to know taxation. 


Stay focused and stay calm, prepare with full confidence in yourself and no one can stop you from achieving your goal. Follow all these steps and also keep practicing with mock test series icai. Good luck!

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