CA Final Advanced FInancial Management (SFM) 1.5 days Strategy & Hourly Pla

CA Final Advanced FInancial Management (SFM) 1.5 days Strategy & Hourly Pla

On the day of the FR exam, you will have 4 to 5 effective hours for AFM. Dont think about the FR exam now

Feel fresh and start preparing for SFM Paper, this paper can cover all the required marks in group 1

This is no possible to revise entire syllabus so we have to work on our strength. Dont touch any new topic or new study material, you have to quickly go through concepts from your class notes because that will give you comfort and help you in quickly reminding the concepts.

If you selected any important questions or in which you have faced the problem while solving, a study that also to get a hold on the topic and remove fear from your mind. You can refer to test papers of the ca test series also with the revision of every chapter that will be a good option for complete preparation.


You dont have to take the stress. Take short breaks of 5 to 10 minutes after 1 hour so make another 1 hour more effective. No negative thoughts


Now come to which topics to study on which day

On FR exam day, in 5-6 hours you have to study

1. Bond Analysis and valuation in 1.30 hours

2. Security Analysis in 2 hours

3. Financial Policy and corporate strategy & Securitization in 40-55 minutes

4. Mutual Funds in 1 hour


Next Day

In the morning dont pick any heavy topic like derivative or portfolio, start with

Equity valuation / corporate valuation

6.30 to 8.30 AM

Merger Acquisition

9.15 to 10.50 AM


11.15 AM to 2 PM

International Finance Management

2.45 PM to 4 PM


4.30 PM to 7.30 PM


8.30 PM to 11.45 PM


Last day

Now only light topics will be left for the last day which can be easily covered in around 5 hours

1. Interest rate Risk

2. Risk Management

3. Securitization

4. Startup Finance


Keep your mind fresh dont listen to social media talks, just be confident about revision and concepts

Once check out the evaluated sheets of test series so that you can know the mistakes and never repeat them in exams


Remember that questions requirement is up-most important and you need to present that properly

Give headings to your table calculations


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Best of luck

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