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May 2024

CA Foundation

CA foundation individual chapter wise (unscheduled) MAY 2024


CA Foundation Detailed Test Series (Unscheduled) MAY 2024


CA FOUNDATION-Unscheduled (Pass Guarantee)




June 2024


CS Executive individual chapter wise (unscheduled) JUNE 2024


CS Executive Detailed Test Series (unscheduled) JUNE 2024



CS Professional individual chapter wise (unscheduled) JUNE 2024


Sep/Nov 2024

CA Foundation

CA Foundation Individual Chapter Wise (Unscheduled) Sep 2024


CA Foundation Detail Test Series (Unscheduled) Sep 2024


CA Inter

CA INTER Individual Chapter-wise (Unscheduled) SEP 2024


CA INTER Detail test series (Unscheduled) SEP 2024


CA INTER Individual Chapter-wise (scheduled start from 12th June) SEP 2024


CA Final

CA FINAL Individual Chapter-wise (Unscheduled) NOV 2024


CA FINAL Detail test series (Unscheduled) NOV 2024


CA FINAL Individual Chapter-wise (scheduled start from 15th June) NOV 2024


Jan 2025

CA Inter

CA INTER Individual Chapter-wise (Unscheduled) JAN 2025


CA Inter Detail Test Series (Unscheduled) Jan 2025


Dec 2024

CMA Inter

CMA Inter Individual Chapter Wise (Unscheduled) Dec 2024



CMA Final Individual Chapter Wise (Unscheduled) Dec 2024


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Our Plans

Designed for adequate preparation of CA Exams

Detailed Test Series

  • 5 Chapter-wise and 1 Full syllabus test for each subject
  • Scheduled/Unscheduled
  • Live Tests
  • Doubt Solving, Notes, Study Planner
  • Result in 2-3 days
  • Valid till Exams

Starting at ₹ 450

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Individual chapterwise Test Series

  • 1 Test for each chapter + 2 Full Test
  • Scheduled/Unscheduled
  • Live Tests
  • Doubt Solving, Notes, Study Planner
  • Result in 2-3 days
  • Valid till Exams

Starting at ₹ 825

Full Syllabus Test Series

  • 2 Full syllabus test for each
  • Scheduled/Unscheduled
  • Live Tests
  • Doubt Solving, Notes, Study Planner
  • Result in 3-4 days
  • Valid till Exams

Starting at ₹ 300

Even in the scheduled plans, if an exam is missed on the scheduled date, then the exam can be attempted later.

Price is inclusive of all taxes, no hidden charges of any type.

Why Choose CA Test Series ?

Chapter-Wise and Full Syllabus Test Series

Test Papers are strictly prepared according to the new pattern of ICAI exams. Various new questions will also be asked in test papers to test the concept clarity properly.

Quick Conceptual Revision Lectures

From our past experience, we find that conceptual clarity of around 62% students are not good, So we are providing Conceptual revision lectures also by experienced faculties.

Mentoring Program by Our Experts

In Mentoring program, we will provide customized guidance with Daily, Weekly and Monthly comprehensive study plan to follow and proper feedback will be collected.

Chapter numbers mentioned in the files are according to latest ICAI study material

All the test papers are valid till Exams of particular attempt

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CA Test Series Schedule | CA Mock Test Series Syllabus

We have covered each chapter of ICAI Study material in systematic manner. Each chapter is considered in the test paper according to its weightage. Chapter-wise test papers are of 30-50 marks according to chapter’s weightage. We keep the chapter-wise test papers short to keep students continuously engaged and regularize their studies before the ICAI exams. We also keep the full test papers to test the student in real exam like situation

Test Schedule is designed according to the feedback and students performance analyzed in last 4 years. We plan the test schedule and revision to revise the entire syllabus thrice before the ICAI exams. Syllabus for CA Final and CA Inter is so vast that students cannot cover effectively without proper planning and systematic approach. Due to lack of proper planning many students are not able to perform well in the exams.

We helps the students in designing an effective revision and test schedule that points towards important and high weightage chapters before appearing for CA Exams. An intelligent strategy is necessary to score good marks. It is difficult to revise all the chapters or topics upto 100%, so students need in-depth analysis of his performance to focus on core areas for scoring good marks. It is ok if you can revise easy topics 2 times so you need to utilize other time on revising medium level and difficult level chapters. In each subject, there are not more than 4 difficult chapters. If you can revise those chapters upto 65% then also it’s sufficient so scoring good marks.

Proper test schedule helps to revise the entire syllabus seamlessly and effectively to retain maximum portion of the chapters till your exams. CA Test Series test schedule is designed by expert chartered accountants having years of experience in this field. We know the importance of well-prepared schedule for testing your knowledge before the exams. We consider the time required for your own revision also plus time for revision test papers (Revisionary Test Paper’s), past year papers (suggested answers).

Properly designed test schedule for your CA exams can helps to save 18-22% revision time and 12-15% effective revision of entire CA Final and CA Inter syllabus. Intelligently utilize the revision time effectively with CA Test Series Team designed test schedule for CA Final and CA Inter ICAI Exams. Don’t get confused before your exams regarding which chapter to revise and when to revise.

For any query regarding the CA Test Series test schedule, you can contact us on 7888634515 or email us - [email protected].

CA Final Mock Test Series - Nov 2024

Due to the changing pattern of CA Examinations, writing CA Final mock test series for Nov 2024 has become essential. Recent attempts covered various new questions in the lengthy exams. It isn't easy to effectively attempt the ICAI papers without proper practice and being clear on the first attempt. With CA Final or Inter Mock test series, you can preplan how to approach the exam and what points you need to cover in your answers. How should you score maximum marks in theoretical questions?

CA Test Series is the best online platform for the CA Final Mock Test Series in Nov 2024. Each paper of the CA Test series is curated by a subject matter expert with in-depth knowledge of every topic, and a team is fully updated with the new trends of ICAI exams and amendments. Quality test papers save not only your amount invested but also your precious time invested in attempting a mock test series. CA Test series have achieved excellence in doubt-solving, notes, and evaluation. Our expert chartered accountants guide you about each part of the mistake with proper insights and strategy to improve the performance with each test.

The Full Syllabus plan of CA Final Mock Test series Nov 2024 covers two complete tests for each subject of CA Final. Our experts will evaluate the paper and provide results in 2-3 days, along with guidance on your mistakes. Students can work on the weak areas and improve their performance in the following test paper.

CA Inter Mock Test Series - Sep 2024

The motive of our CA Inter mock test series in Sep 2024 is to prepare the candidates so they don't panic in the exam hall and give their 100%. Usually, students face the problem of not reminding the keywords and specific points in the exam hall; our experts will guide you about various strategies like Pomodoro Technique, Cornell Method, Feynman Technique, SQ3R, and 15+ more designs which will help you to remember the content for long.

Various techniques are designed by our experts, like the 7–3–2–1 method, Metacognition, Spaced Practice, etc., specifically for CA Intermediate Sep 2024 mock test series. In our CA Inter mock test papers, the first syllabus is intelligently divided into proper parts so as to gain maximum output from the topics studied. The accurate technique is necessary for straightforward CA Intermediate exams in Sep 2024 as the exam level increases with each attempt. We provide complete reasons for the MCQs and stepwise marking for the descriptive suggested answers. Test series for Sep 2024 will help to revise the syllabus in 2 months effectively, and side by side, students can improve their mistakes before appearing for the exams.

We choose the best examiners to guide the students who have a good experience, and an exam is conducted for examiners also so that the examiner should be updated with all the amendments. We are providing various types of notes with the Sep 2024 test series, like conceptual notes for each chapter, practice questions of the same, Multiple Choice case study based Questions, Important 100 questions, necessary penalties to remember for the exams, important Standards on auditing, sections of companies act, accounting standards, income tax acts, GST act, etc., summary notes also.

Without clearing your doubts, your revision part can be practical, so we have a dedicated team of chartered accountants to resolve each concept related to MCQ reasons; logic means students can ask every type of academic query and get a complete answer. Mentoring is also provided to the students along with CA Final and Inter Sep 2024 test series. In mentoring, we will provide the targets for each subject for each date, motivational content, strategies to complete the target, and problem discussion over call is included. Various tips to improve the presentation and speed are also provided, along with chapter-wise weightage of each topic.

The right approach to follow for the Sep 2024 ICAI Exams

Start preparing for each chapter from your study material with a fixed investment of time. After that, solve a few questions from ICAI Mat related to the same topic. 1-2 questions you can solve in proper examination format, and for the rest, you can perform calculations on your rough notebook as it time taking. In the evening, write a test paper from the CA Test Series app on the same topic, available in individual chapter-wise exams. After writing the test, review the calculations or questions where you feel difficulty. Reread the concepts and start focusing on the following topic again. Review the checked copies, check your mistakes, and read the images related to the same again. Be careful and avoid repeating the same mistakes in the subsequent test papers.

Why should you choose only CA Test Series App for CA Final Nov 2024 and CA Inter Sep 2024 Exams?

CA Test Series provides test papers strictly as per the new pattern of ICAI. Our team of experts carefully checks the ICAI exam papers' pattern, and their topics, try to find the sources, notes down the requirements and unique points asked in the exams, and include the same in the test papers of the CA Test series in appropriate proportion.

As ICAI is asking many application-based questions in exams, unlike the simple plain questions, Students can practice case study-type application-type questions in our test papers for Sep 2024, and Nov 2024 and remove the exam fear of new questions. All the relevant amendments are thoroughly covered in our test papers with further unseen questions so that student should gain confidence and focus on conceptual parts properly. CA test Series provides a fast evaluation in 1-2 days so that students can improve their mistakes.

CA Test Series provides an in-depth evaluation of the test papers on each mistake. No general guidance is provided; we provide customized personal recommendations based on the student's performance in the sheets. Our experts properly check presentation errors which can help to gain additional 6 to 10 marks in ICAI exams. Per examination guidelines, our evaluators are following stepwise marking, which is provided in the sheets. We offer a graphical interface of the result, which helps us quickly understand the mistakes. Students can easily drill down specific errors. Our test papers are also updated for each attempt.

CA Test Series is the only test series platform providing outstanding results in CA Field. 6 times All India Rank 1 in CA Exams makes CA Test Series the best online test series in India. 7 out of 10 Top rankers choose CA Test Series as a reliable source of mock tests for the professional exams of ICAI. We are providing you the direct contact number of the expert so that students can comfortably connect with the right expert who understands them from all points of view and provide more accurate guidance to tackle each challenge during the CA Final and Inter exam revision.

Our quality of work is appreciated by 50+ top faculties and various celebrities in India. CA test Series follows the highest quality standards for each type of work. In 2021, the CA test series became India's most extensive network of Ex-examiners with more than 5+ years of experience in evaluating and guiding students. CA test series also provides a Ranker's sheet for each test so that other students who attempted the same test can compare their performance and learn from the topper. We got positive feedback on Ranker's copy sharing as it immensely benefitted the students in improving their conceptual and presentation mistakes.

CA Test Series provides both scheduled and unscheduled test series for Sep 2024 and Nov 2024. In the scheduled test series, students will get papers on the scheduled exam date at 00.01 Am, and students can write the test on the same day or after the scheduled date. Students will receive the test after the scheduled test date. In the Unscheduled test plan, the student will receive all the papers immediately after the registration, so the student can write the paper at any time until the exams and evaluations are done in all cases. The right strategy at the right time in the right direction is the key to success in CA Final or Inter professional exams on the First attempt.

Which is the best test series for CA Final?

Individual chapter-wise test series plan of CAtestseries is considered as best test series By All India Rank 1 and the majority of the candidates & faculties. Each chapter is thoroughly covered in an Individual chapter plan, and almost all types of concepts are considered in the test papers. And two full syllabus test papers at the end compile the entire preparation. Proper feedback by chartered accountants helps to focus on each mistake in each area.

CA test Series is also providing ICAI MTP evaluation for Nov 2024. Students can opt for the assessment at around Rs 150 to 175 per paper. Students can flexibly choose any number of subjects and MTP series. CA Test Series App is the best online test series for CA Final and Inter in terms of the quality of test papers and evaluation. It is the biggest platform backed by a team of Ex-examiners with more than 8+ years of experience in the test series field, dedicated to the ICAI CA Course in India.

Is test series important for CA?

ICAI exam papers are dynamic, and most students can only complete part of the exam in 3 hours. Test series helps to realize 100% effort in the exams. Students who have failed cannot determine their mistakes and waste time making different assumptions. Instead, it's better to properly take expert chartered accountants' advice and focus on vulnerable sections. Sometimes it's impossible to judge your mistakes, so an expert CA Examiner can help to know your mistakes exactly.

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