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Fee Structure of CA test Series

CA Final Test Series Fee Structure | CA Inter Test Series Fee Structure | CA IPCC Test Series Fee Structure | CA Foundation Test Series Fee Structure
Courses Detailed Test Series UnScheduled Test Series Full Syllabus Test Series Rapid Test Series
CA Final (New Course) Rs 525 Rs 525 Rs 300 Rs 450
CA Final (Old Course) Rs 525 Rs 525 Rs 300 Rs 450
CA Inter Rs 450 Rs 450 Rs 250 Rs 385
CA IPCC Rs 450 Rs 450 Rs 250 Rs 385
CA Foundation Rs 250 --- --- ---

All the test papers are valid till 31st October

Fees mentioned above are Per Subject

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CA Test Series Fee Structure

Ca test series run by professional chartered accountants and professionals from other fields also. Test Series is a continuous and one to one job. Each student’s test paper is individually checked by chartered accountant. Very nominal price is charged for each subject. Our services include

In Detailed and Unscheduled test series, we will provide 5 chapter-wise and 1 full syllabus test for each subject. In detailed test series papers will be provided on scheduled dates and in unscheduled all the papers will be provided at once, student can attempt at any time according to his convenience

In Rapid Test Series, 2 test papers of 50-50% Syllabus (60-70 marks each) and 2 Full Syllabus Test Papers (100 marks each) for each subject. Paper will be provided on the scheduled dates. But student can attempt those at any time till 31st October,2019.

We want to reach to maximum students, according to our goals; we keep the price of test series at lowest level and maintaining the quality of services. Quality of services is very important especially in online environment. Our test papers are of highest standard which include 60% from ICAI Material and 40% questions are designed by our team of chartered accountants. In the previous attempts, around 45-55% papers directly or indirectly matches with our test series questions.

Our team is dedicated to maintain the quality of services at every end since our goal is to make one of the successful startup in chartered accountancy education field. Ca test series started with the motive of providing guidance to the students those are unable to find the reason for loosing marks in CA Exams. We are not only provides the marks but remarks also so that student can work on their weak areas. We guaranteed for the best price at best quality. Student can consult with our expert regarding tips to improve the result or presentation tips or any query regarding CA exams

Quality of service is important for attracting best and excellence professionals in our organization and the use of advanced technology so as to use the potential of technology to create new ways of learning and impacting the life of thousands of CA aspirants. We are moving in the direction of providing personalized learning environment for ca students

For any query regarding the CA Test Series Test Fees, you can contact us on 7888634515 or email us –