Our acceptance in this suspicion is faithful and hence we have tried to align the needs of the students of CA with the goals of the management. In this way, we come up with a privileged mix of professional experience, energy and endurance, which shall guide potential Chartered in their future inquiry.
Thus, it is obligatory that the people behind strengthen such as CATESTSERIES.ORG are proficient at their calling, and share the same perception as the students of commerce stream and finance experts.
We have tried to take advantage of on the experience, the network and the associates of CATESTSERIES.ORG management; so that we can best guide anyone seeking a new opportunity, both in educational and professionals walks of life. Our boldness for exigency has ensured that we congregate the best possible team, and our search for this team lies in the platform created at CATESTSERIES.ORG.

General Queries faced by Students

Q-1 - Will Question Paper be provided on E-Mail ID?

A-1 – NO, Question paper will be provided in Login on website. Student needs to login with his E-Mail ID and Password set at the time of registration.

Q-2 - Where do I need to upload my sheets and where will I get my result along with checked sheets?

A-2 – Student needs to upload his sheets in Student panel on website.
(Login - Open your ID - Upload test)
Result for the test will be provided along with checked sheets in Result panel on website
(Login - Open your ID - Result)

Q-3 - What is difference between Detailed Test Series, unscheduled test series and Full Syllabus Test Series. Do detailed Test Series include full syllabus Tests?

A-3 – Click here

Q-4 - Chapters mentioned in the Test series syllabus are as per which book?

A-4 – Chapters mentioned in the test series are as per Institute Study Material

Q-5 - Is there any compulsion to give the Test on the same day of Test?

A-5 – NO, it is not compulsory to give the Test on the same day. You can attempt the Tests at any time and any day before 30th April (for May Attempt) and 31st October (for Nov Students).

Q-6 - Is it compulsory to complete the Test and upload the solutions in the given time period of 1 Hour 15 minutes or 3 Hours?

A-6 – NO. It is not compulsory to complete the Test and upload the solutions in the given time period. You can complete the Test and upload the solutions at any time and any day.

Q-7 - What is the time of the day at which we need to appear for this test?

A-7 – There is no time at which you need to appear for this test. Student can give the test at any time as per his convenience.

Q-8 - When will Results for the tests be declared?

A-8 – Results for the Tests will be declared in max 2-3 days of attempting the test.

Q-9 - Test papers will cover Questions from which books?

A-9 – Test papers will cover self made questions from our faculty, Institute Practice Manuals, Study materials, RTP’s, Scanner, Previous year papers, Mock Tests and other relevant sources.

Q-10 - Who is the faculty which will evaluate your Test papers?

A-10 – Test Papers will be evaluated by Chartered Accountants who have been checking Institute papers from past 5 years or more. You can check the faculty on our website.

Q-11 - What other benefits will a student get on joining the Test series?

A-11 – Students will be provided with Teachers contact for asking queries related to tests and additional guidance and help to clear their exams. Important notes, questions and other practice material will be mailed from time to time.

Q-12 - Will sheets of the student who scores highest marks in a test be provided?

A-12 – Best sheets for each test will be provided to students through which student can compare their performance with the best sheets and improve their performance.

Q-13 - Do a student needs to come at a particular place or centre to give test?

A-13 – NO. Student needs to appear for test series just by sitting at home. He/ She need not go to a particular centre to appear for these tests.

Q-14 - How the payment for the test needs to be made?

A-14 – Payment for the test series need to be made online through Debit/ Credit card, net banking or offline through Paytm.

Q-15 - Sample checked Sheets

A-15 – Click This Link to See The Sample Checked Sheets - Click here

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