CA Intermediate Exam Study Planner for May 2024 | Monthly Targets

CA Intermediate Exam Study Planner for May 2024 | Monthly Targets

How to Start Preparation for CA-Inter Exam May 2024


Chartered Accountancy Course is divided into CA-foundation, CA-Inter, and CA-Final. The CA-aspirants are required to clear the CA-Foundation exam to be eligible to pursue the course further. This entrance exam is quite manageable to study and clear as it has four subjects, two of which have MCQs format. However, when it comes to the CA-Inter exam, it becomes a real challenge for the students as they come across eight different papers which require an advanced level of knowledge, and specific subjects are entirely new for them..

While there is a lot of uncertainty around, let us not deviate from our focus and stay encouraged to give our 100% to the exam whenever it is. This article will discuss a complete study plan for you, considering the  May 2024 exam period.

Overview of the Subjects and Question Paper Format

For CA-Intermediate Course, you have eight subjects to study in eight months after you clear your CA-Foundation exams. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has provided the exam question paper format for the CA exams in 2024. The structure has four papers with 30 marks MCQs out of 100 marks. The following are the eight subjects with the division of MCQs and Subjective Questions.


Paper Number

Subject Name

Division of Marks

Paper-1Advanced Accounting (100 Marks)

70% Subjective

30% Objective (MCQs)


Corporate Law (100 Marks)

Part A: Company Laws (60 Marks)

Part B: Other Laws (40 Marks

30% Objective (MCQs)

70% Subjective

Paper-3Cost and Management Accounting (100 Marks)

70% Subjective

30% Objective (MCQs)


Taxation (100 Marks)

Part A: Income Tax Law (60 Marks)

Part B: Indirect Tax Laws - GST (40 Marks)

30% Objective (MCQs)

70% Subjective

Paper-5Auditing and Code of ethics (100 Marks)

30% Objective (MCQs)

70% Subjective


Financial management  and Strategic Management (100 Marks)

Part A: Financial management 

Part B: Strategic Management (50 Marks)


 35% Subjective  15% Objective

35% Subjective   15% Objective 


You will have to keep in mind that there is no negative marking for the MCQs, and since MCQs can give you good scores, you should prepare well and practice more for these objective-type questions.


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Subject Wise Study Plan Outline

Before I move ahead, please know that each student is different, and their study patterns are not similar. For example, some students might be scoring well in practical papers while others crack theory papers. This is an individual criterion where you will have to decide which subjects interest you more and which topics you will be able to score better than the others. Below is an example of how you can plan your study and get the maximum out of your time to do well in the exams.


Practical Subjects: 3 (May include few theoretical questions, but the majority will be practical)

  • Advanced Accounting
  • Cost and Management Accounting
  • Financial Management 


Theory Subjects: 4 (May include a few practical application questions, but the majority will be theory)

  • Corporate Laws 
  • Taxation
  • Auditing and code of ethics 
  •  Strategic Management


No. of Hours to Study per Day: 10-12 Hours

Depending on your capability of studying all subjects, you should target for lesser or more hours.


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Study Plan From May 10, 2024, to July 10, 2024:




The above is an overall study plan to guide you on how you can start planning and preparing for your exams. You can change it as per your own goals and targets that you may have set for yourself.


Study Plan From July 11, 2024, to September 15, 2024:




Please also spare one to two hours every day to revise Group-1 subjects to keep a tab on what you studied for the previous two months.



How Many Times do You Need to Revise the Syllabus?

CA-Inter Students should revise the syllabus at least once before appearing for the exam. You can set your limits to revise twice before an exam but revision of the syllabus two times before an exam is quite unrealistic. Please see below a revision plan for both the groups before your exam in May 2024:


Revision Plan from march 16, 2024, to April 23, 2024:




Tips to Execute Your Plan Effectively and Study Uninterruptedly

  1. If you like theory subjects more, then start with a theory subject in the early morning, and whenever you feel sleepy or drowsy, pick a subject or a topic you like the most to study.
  2. You do not need to stress your eyes much, hence taking regular breaks in between or taking a nap before changing the subject.
  3. While studying, keep yourself away from distractions. Major distractions would be Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, or other social networking sites.
  4. Reward yourself if you follow the timetable for one week constantly. Similarly, if you could not manage any one day to not meeting your schedule, compensate by studying more the other day.
  5. Share your plan with other family members and ask them to follow up with you on alternate days or weekly.


Techniques to Crack the Exam


Take it Easy: Given the current situation around the country, do not let yourself worry or stress about whether the exam will happen or not; keep your focus on studying, and the Institute will manage the rest.

Write Mock Test Papers: Practicing writing the answers to the questions in the same format as will be asked in the exam will help you boost your confidence and make you comfortable while writing the exam.

Can-do Attitude: You need to make sure that you should carry a can-do attitude by telling yourself that you will be able to do it. If, by any chance, if you find two groups are too harsh for you, then try appearing for only one group. But whatever you decide, give your 100% and keep telling yourself you will crack the exam. 

Cover Entire Syllabus: Studying the entire syllabus will enable you to attempt all the questions in the exam, which will make it possible for you to score well.

Target 60 Above Marks in Your Favorite Subjects: In each group, target for at least two subjects to score more than 60. This will prove to be a savior if, in the other two papers, you could only score 40 due to strict checking or so. 


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Uncertainty will never defeat the firm determination, and hence, start your study plan from today itself and get flying colors in your exam whenever it happens.

I wish you all the best for your study and stay optimistic, stay safe. Happy Reading!

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