CA Final Law 1.5 Days Strategy

CA Final Law 1.5 Days Strategy


Law is one of the papers of CA Final Law and is dynamic in nature. Remember that this is not a day to study the subject in depth; You have to revise the points with the help of summary notes + charts. If you have already read then try to memorize the material through section numbers as well. Avoid any new content.

We have to write the answer in proper formats like reference, provision, facts, and conclusion with reason and try to write the bookish language in the provision part to score well. Leave proper spaces in your answer.

You must cover all the points related to the provision and properly touch every part of the matter provided to get good marks. Remember to focus on the three major phases of the question, Step 1 - Reference with name Step 2 - Provision (the most important part, try to write in point format and underline the keywords as much as possible in this part) and Final Step - Conclusion (Conclude again with the help of 1-2 lines of reason and context). Though the facts of the case are also the important step and you have to include it but the examiners step is to pay more attention to the 3 steps while giving the marks

Director is not the entire law; you have to plan the preparation wisely

Audit Exam Day Plan



1 hour


1 hour


30 Min


1.35 hour


45 Min


Next Day


6.30 AM to 7.20 AM

Operation and Mgmt

50 Min


7.40 AM to 9.10 AM

Compromise and Arrangement

1.30 hour


10.00 AM to 10.40 AM

Removal of cos

40 min


10.55 AM to 11.15 AM

Registered valuer

20 Min


11.40 AM to 1.40 PM


2 hour


After 2.30 PM


6 hours

Take short breaks and 1-hour rest also. You may cover any pending topic also if some time left


Last Day



1 hour


30 min

Secretarial and drafting

30 min


45 min


1 to 1.30 hours


Be confident that you will surely pass with good marks. You can take the help of MCQs also in revision.

Must check your mistakes from test papers and avoid the same in exams. Dont stress about the language much, just focus on covering maximum related points.


Dont afraid after seeing long case study-based questions. First, check the requirement of the case then starts reading the case to crack it properly.

Check for Test Series


Best of luck


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