ICAI New Course Study Material for November 2024 Onwards | Changes in Comparison with Old Course

ICAI New Course Study Material for November 2024 Onwards | Changes in Comparison with Old Course



CA is one of the most challenging yet rewarding career path. As the September/November 2024 exams approach, aspiring CAs must gather the best study materials. This comprehensive guide will provide detailed information on the CA study materials.


Students can order the new ICAI material also from the ICAI Official website. If Students want to download, they can download free of cost also in PDF Format.


OrganizationInstitute of Chartered Accountants of India
Releasing Date1st July, 2024
ApplicableNov 2024 Attempt Onwards
Releasing AuthorityBoard of Studies, ICAI
ExamsCA Foundation, CA Intermediate and CA Final
Exam PatternSubject + Objective
Number of Exams in CA Foundation4
Number of Exams in CA Inter6
Number of Exams in CA Final6


CA Foundation New Study Material for November 2024 onwards (Pdf Format)

 CA Foundation New Course SubjectsStudy Material
Paper 1Principles and Practice of AccountingDownload
Paper 2Business LawsDownload
Paper 3Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning & StatisticsDownload
Paper 4Business EconomicsDownload


Changes done in CA Foundation New Study Material

Business LawsBusiness Correspondence and Reporting part is removed in Law paper. 
Business EconomicsBusiness and Commercial Knowledge part is removed from Economics Paper.


CA Intermediate New Study Material for November 2024 onwards (Pdf Format)

 CA Intermediate New Course SubjectsStudy Material
Paper 1Advanced AccountingDownload
Paper 2Corporate LawsDownload
Paper 3Cost and Management AccountingDownload
Paper 4Taxation



Paper 5Auditing and Code of EthicsDownload
Paper 6Financial ManagementDownload
Strategic ManagementDownload


Changes done in CA Intermediate New Study Material

Auditing and Code of EthicsCode of ethics part is completely new for CA Inter Students. 


Study material of Self-Paced modules

 Self-Paced  New Course SubjectsStudy Material
Set AEconomic Laws [Compulsory Online Module]Download
Set BStrategic Cost Management and Performance Evaluation [Compulsory Online Module)Download
Set CRisk managementDownload
 Integrated and Sustainability ReportingDownload
 Government Accounting and Public financeDownload
 Introduction to Digital Ecosystem and TransformationDownload
 International TaxationDownload
 Arbitration, Mediation and ConciliationDownload
 Forensic AuditDownload
 Financial Services and Capital MarketsDownload
 Forex and Treasury ManagementDownload
Set DConstitution of IndiaDownload
 Psychology (including self-awareness)Download
 Entrepreneurship (to include MSMEs & Start ups )Download
 Communication (to include Advocacy)Download


Which Optional Subject to Choose in Set C for Self-Paced Exam?

Which Optional Subject to Choose in Set D for Self-Paced Exam?


The exams that can be taken at ones own pace will consist of objective-based questions, while the regular multiple-choice and case scenario-based questions will be included in the question paper.


CA Final New Study Material for November 2024 onwards (Pdf Format)

 CA Final New Course SubjectsStudy Material
Paper 1Financial ReportingDownload
Paper 2Advanced Financial Management (AFM)Download
Paper 3Advanced Auditing and Professional EthicsDownload
Paper 4Multi-disciplinary case study with Strategic ManagementDownload
Paper 5Direct Tax Laws and International TaxationDownload
Paper 6Indirect Tax LawsDownload


Changes done in CA Final New Study Material

Advanced Financial Management (AFM)Some topics are added – In derivatives certain new topics are added. 


To succeed in ICAI exams, its crucial to thoroughly study the ICAI Study Material at least two to three times before the exams. The objective-based 30% portion of the exams demands careful attention. Students should devote 20% of their time to objective questions to enhance speed and familiarity with the new question patterns. Additionally, students should attempt the questions provided at the end of each chapter in the ICAI Study Material.


How to Download ICAI New Course Material Directly from ICAI Website


  1. Head to the ICAI.ORG website or download the ICAI Mobile App.
  2. Hover over the student option in the menu bar.
  3. Click on BOS Portal.
  4. Next, click on Visit to BOS Knowledge Portal.
  5. Finally, click on Study Material and select the appropriate course.


Preparation Tips Using the New Study Material


Effective Study Strategies

  1. Understand the Syllabus: Begin by thoroughly understanding the updated syllabus and focus on the key changes in the new study material.
  2. Create a Study Plan: Develop a realistic and flexible study plan that allocates sufficient time to each subject, ensuring comprehensive coverage.
  3. Use Multiple Resources: Supplement the ICAI study material with reference books, online courses, and practice papers.

Time Management Tips

  1. Set Clear Goals: Establish daily, weekly, and monthly study goals to keep track of your progress.
  2. Prioritize Difficult Subjects: Spend more time on subjects you find challenging and ensure consistent revision.
  3. Take Regular Breaks: Avoid burnout by taking regular breaks during study sessions to stay refreshed and focused.

Importance of Practice and Revision

  1. Solve Past Papers: Regularly practice with past examination papers to familiarize yourself with the exam pattern and improve time management.
  2. Regular Revision: Schedule regular revision sessions to reinforce your understanding and retain important concepts.Is ICAI New Course Material Sufficient?

General FAQs

Q: What are the major updates in the ICAI study material for November 2024?
A: The major updates include enhanced content on accounting principles, expanded sections on corporate and economic laws, in-depth coverage of financial reporting standards, and inclusion of new case studies and practical examples.
Q: Where can I download the new study material?
A: You can download the new study material from the official ICAI website under the Board of Studies (BOS) section. Links to the study materials for each course (Foundation, Intermediate, and Final) are provided in the respective sections above.
Q: How can I best utilize the updated study material?
A: To best utilize the updated study material, create a structured study plan, focus on understanding key concepts, supplement your study with additional resources, and regularly practice with past papers and revision.
Q: . How often does ICAI update its study material?
A: ICAI periodically updates its study material to reflect the latest industry standards, regulatory changes, and to incorporate feedback from educators and students. It is important to stay updated by regularly visiting the ICAI website.
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