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Strategies to Revise Entire CA Exams syllabus in last one month | Toppers Strategy

Strategies to Revise Entire CA Exams syllabus in last one month | Toppers Strategy

Students, just one month is left for your CA exams. Oh wait! You are not prepared for your Exams? Feeling tensed? Not able to get how will you cover the whole syllabus in just 1 month? You must be in a dilemma on how to make CA Exams Preparation Strategy for last one month. What will you do in this situation?

It’s high time you should make your revision strategy very diligently. Here are some tips and strategies that are required in this situation for all level of students:


Selecting Single Group or Both Groups


First and the foremost thing to do is to select whether to opt of Single Group or Both Groups. It has to be decided considering each and every aspect as to whether you are sharp enough and confident enough to go for both groups in this attempt. Otherwise, you should go for Single Group giving your all time to prepare that group thoroughly. This decision should be taken wisely as this can cause you another 6 months or more.


Make a Proper Study Plan


Once you are done with the selection of Group, Next Important thing is to make a proper Study Plan and following it duly. Preparation of Study Plan can cost you few minutes but it is going to save your hou



Some important tips while preparing Study Plan:


  • Divide your time to the subjects according to your capability and knowledge skills.


  • It would be better if you allocate time to every subject in a day rather than allocating days to each subject. Try to cover some portions of every subject in a day according to the allocated time. By this way, you will be able to cover each subject daily and it would not be monotonous.


  • Most importantly, leave minimum 3 days before exam date for the revision of first exam.


  • Make a combination of Practical and Theory subject diligently. Don’t stick to theory for whole day. Practice some questions of any practical subjects in between. Sticking to theory for whole day can lead to low effectiveness and might make you sleepy.


  • Atleast 14 hours of study is required daily at such crucial time.



  • Give some time slot for rest in between to freshen up the mind. Ideally, Rest slot should be maximum for 30 minutes and not more than 4 times in a day.


Understanding the Exam Pattern


Firstly, know about the exams pattern for each subject and understand the marks weightage of Subjective and Objective type (MCQs). Papers like Law, Audit, Direct Tax and Indirect Tax for Final Examination has 30% marks weightage in MCQ.


So, It is advisable for students to practice MCQs, so as to score full 30 marks in MCQ and chances of getting exemption can increase. You can go through the previous exam papers, or Revision Test Papers and Mock Test Papers to understand the Exam Pattern and the level of questions ICAI has set for each paper in every attempt.


It is to be noted that in previous Exam papers, questions for MCQ cannot be found.


Source Material for Revision


If you have your own hand written notes covering every topic, then that is the best resource for revising that subject as it will help you to regain that topic more quickly and easily. But If you have don’t your own hand written notes, then second best source material is the book/notes from where you had earlier studied or had taken classes from. Don’t switch to some other book which you have never read or gone through earlier at this crucial time. For practical subjects such as Accounting or SFM or SCM,you can take another book or scanner of any publisher and practice as much questions as you can.


Prepare at least one Subject for exemption


You should prepare in such a way that at least one subject can score you exemption. Everyone has some strong or weak subject. Try to prepare your strong subject for exemption as it can help you to maintain the aggregate even if you score passing marks in your weak subject. Even, in worst case, if you could not clear your exams, exemption can give you relief in the next attempt.


Make Short Notes


This is an important thing to be done while revising any subject, whether it is a practical or a theory subject. Always make a short note by your hand while you are revising a topic. Don’t just go and read the topic. Write all the important words or sentences in a short manner in a separate piece of paper. Making short notes can help you in several ways. It will help you to revise quickly during exam time. It will make you recall the sentence or important words more quickly while giving exam. It will help you to increase your writing speed.


Always cover Amendments


ICAI always provide latest Revision Test Papers (RTPs) to all the students who have registered themselves for exams in the upcoming attempt. These RTPs covers all the amendments which are applicable to students for that attempt. Do not ever forget to cover the amendments mentioned in the RTP. Also try to cover the previous RTPs for amendments if not covered by you earlier.




For Practical Subject, it is important to practice as many questions as you can by solving it by hand. Do not ever orally just revise the solution. If you had solved the question with your hand earlier, this is going to help you during the exam time. You will be able to recall that solution with proper steps. Revising solutions orally is just a waste of time.


Give Test Series, Mock Test Papers


It would be good if you can give full syllabus test series or Mock test papers conducted by ICAI. One should be very obedient of limited 3 hours’ time while giving test series sitting at home.


It helps a lot at the time of giving exam. Here’s how:


  • Since you have already tested your speed by giving such tests, it helps in maintaining your speed by completing the whole paper on time.


  • Also, you are now aware of the exam pattern properly. You will get to know how to attempt the exam.


  • You will be able to practice some extra questions both for practical and theory subjects by giving such tests.


  •  You will be able to evaluate your mistakes so as to avoid it during examinations.


  • You will get to know the level of your preparation for each subject.


Cover Important Topics in each subject


Always try to cover important topics first while revising for the exams for each subject. This will help you at a time when even if you are not able to cover 100% subject, you have a grip on important topics from where there are maximum chance of getting a question in an exam. This increases the chance to clear the exams by scoring well. You can refer YouTube Videos or can ask your teacher for getting a list of important topics as they have vast experience in this field.


Learn Important Section Numbers


It is equally important to learn important section numbers, SA Name and Numbers, AS or IND AS Name and Numbers and writing them in exams. But if you are not able to recall the number or name, do not write the wrong one. ICAI expects this from Final Students especially.


Take Proper Sleep


Do not compromise with your sleep. It would cause harm to your health and would disturb your whole study plan. A normal 6-7hours’ sleep is required to rest your body and brain. Always take out this much from your study plan. Either plan your sleep in one go or in intervals as per your convenience. Taking care of your health is equally important while preparing for your exam.


This is how you can make a strategy for preparation of upcoming exams in just last 1 month. I hope you find this article helpful. Wishing you all the good luck for your upcoming exam.

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