Government Jobs For Ca: Scope of a CA in the Government Sector

Government Jobs For Ca: Scope of a CA in the Government Sector


Chartered accountants have long been seen as a dignified profession in which they may earn both respect and a significant salary.

In our country, its one of the most sought-after careers. 

Chartered accountants are needed by almost every firm, regardless of its size or the industry in which it operates. 

  • To address the question, "Can Chartered Accountants apply for Government Jobs?" - we must first look at the definition of "Chartered." A resounding "YES!"

A professional accountant is needed to manage their finances and keep an eye on corporate recovery or insolvency for all Government Organizations. 

What can a Chartered Accountant expect to do in Government jobs? Lets find out.


Can Chartered Accountant Do Government Jobs?

The response to the question is almost always yes. 

Chartered Accountants, particularly those with extensive expertise, can find employment with the government, often with competitive pay and benefits.

Government entities are moving at the same speed as private companies when performing:

  • Audits
  • Financial Management and Reporting
  • Taxation Difficulties
  • Company Recovery
  • Bankruptcy and Accounting. 

Chartered Accountants can resolve both financial and non-financial concerns for any firm (private or public).

CA[Chartered Accountant] Jobs In Govt Sector?

Listed below are a few of the government agencies that employ accountants i.e students looking for government jobs after ca [Chartered Accountant] can apply in these agencies:

1. National Rural Health Mission:

At its inception in April 2005, NRHM-National Rural Health Mission was launched by the Honble Prime Minister.

The National Health Mission (NHM) includes two sub-missions: the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) and the National Urban Health Mission (NUHM).


  • For NRHM roles, CAs can apply. In addition to receiving a Chartered Accountant [CA] degree, candidates must pass an examination and interview to evaluate their attributes.
  • Depending on the post for which you are applying, you will be asked a different set of questions in the technical round.
2. Union Public Service Commission:

In addition to the government job domain of the Union Public Service Commission or UPSC, CAs can apply for many ministerial positions. 

CAS that apply for the positions must pass the exams and then the personal interview before landing the jobs directly under the government.

UPSC conducts exams like:

  • Civil Service
  • Engineering Services
  • Combined Defence Services (CDS)
  • National Defense Academy
  • Naval Academy
  • Combined Medical Services ("CMS")
  • Special Class Railway Apprentice ("SCRA")
  • Indian Economic Service ("IES")
  • Indian Statistical ("ISS"), and Central Armed Police Forces ("CAPF") Assistant Commandant Examinations. 
3. Life Insurance Corporation of India:

Another possibility for Chartered Accountant [CA] to work with the government is through LIC. LIC isnt only a company that sells insurance coverage. One of the advantages is that it is more diverse.

LICs finance department is open to CAs who want to work there. Several job vacancies are advertised on the LICs official website each year.

In light of the aforementioned, Chartered Accountant [CA] have equal career chances in the government job recruitment sector.

Their expertise in financial matters is in high demand across a wide range of businesses because of their expertise. As a result, Job seekers are free to choose their path to land to dream job.

4. Public Sector Banks:

In government and semi-government institutions like the State Bank of India, the Central Bank, PNB, and RBI, qualified and experienced CAs can offer interviews.

At a higher level, even the World Banks provide Chartered Accountants with the possibility to be linked with them.

In addition to Chartered Accountant [CA] certification, ca students willing to apply for public sector banks needs to give IBPS or SBI Exams (for state banks) and they can be posted as:

  • Financial Analysts
  • Branch Manager
  • Loans and Advances Head
  • Credit Management department
  • Auditor
5. Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL) :

An Indian state-owned natural gas processing and distribution company known as GAIL is one of the countrys best known. It is the best organization for a wide range of Chartered Accountants jobs. Make sure to check the website frequently to keep up with the latest job openings.

Top Chartered Accountant [CA] Jobs:

They can work as a bookkeeper for the companys financial records.

For example, they can be general managers in a finance department, audit government organizations, and work as finance managers in government-owned banks.

They can serve as Assistant Administrative Officers in the event of an emergency.

Loans and Advances at Government Banks might be assigned to them.

They can play various roles in the financial sector, including financial analysts, credit managers, tax experts, and specialized officers.

In the Internal Audit Division of Public Sector Organizations, they might find employment.

Thus, if we conclude:
  • Public Limited Companies 
  • Public/Private Banks 
  • Financial Firms
  • MF Houses
  • Stock Broking Firms
  • Legal firms, 
  • Patent Firms
  • Auditing Firms 

Roles In Govt Job For CA:

Several government agencies are hiring CAS to do essential jobs.

CAS in the Government job Sector might play a variety of responsibilities, depending on their area of expertise.

The following are a few examples:
  • Professionals in Public Banks or Regional Rural Banks (RRB)
  • Accountants in public organizations
  • Treasury Manager in Regional Rural Banks (RRB)
  • Cheif Manager (Accounts and Finance Departments)
  • Assistant Administrative Officer (CA)


CA Govt Jobs Vacancies – Selection Process:

First and foremost, an applicant must pass the selection procedure to land a job in the Chartered Accountant Government Job. Getting hired begins with this step.

  • Depending on the role and the company, the selection procedure might be somewhat different.
  • Learn about the selection procedure ahead of time before applying for the Chartered Accountant [CA] Openings.
An interview and a written exam are often part of the selection process.


Chartered Accountant Govt Jobs – Salary Details:

We hope that many of you have salary-related inquiries.

Salaries for Chartered Accountant [CA] in the public sector, for example, a banking sector - Salaries for Scale II and Scale III officers vary.


A skilled and experienced Chartered Accountant [CA] can even establish their consultancy and develop a customer base. Depending on the amount of money they may earn.


Bear in mind that your salary will vary depending on the position and company to which you apply.
For instance, the remuneration range for the Chief Finance Officer position at the IICA company is around Rs.1,23,100 to Rs.2,15,900 per month.


Additional degrees that will open up new Job opportunities (+CA Degree):

While the CA certificate is significant in and of itself, if one chooses to add another specialty to their curriculum vitae (in addition to the CA certificate), the following is a list of additional subjects that will land you high-salaried positions.

Lets have a look at the options available to you once youve completed your Chartered Accountant:
Post Qualification Courses Offered by ICAI :

In addition to post-graduate courses such as

  • Diploma in Insurance and Risk Management
  • International Trade Laws and the World Trade Organization
  • Management Accountancy Course, Corporate Management Course
  • Tax Management Course
  • Diploma in International Taxation and other related programs are offered by the Indian Council of Applied Finance (ICAF).

Further Study: Courses after Chartered Accountant [CA]:


1. ACCA (Association of Chartered Accountants)-

An accountancy profession recognized in more than 180 countries worldwide, the ACCA (Association of Chartered Accountants) is a globally recognized organization.

  • Although a Chartered Accountant [CA] degree is required to operate in India, ACCA, in conjunction with a degree provides you with tremendous growth opportunities if you intend to work for a multinational corporation in the future or if you wish to go for international accounting.

Confused about the differences between ACCA and CA? Follow the link to have a better understanding of it...

2. CISA and DISA :

In India, you may have heard that chartered accountants are not permitted to do system audits unless they hold a CISA or DISA certificate. This is correct.

If you want to do an information technology audit in the future, you should enroll in this course after completing CADISA may only be obtained by applying through a competent Chartered Accountant [CA].
3. CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) :

If finance is your area of interest, the CFA program is a fantastic alternative to pursue after completing your Chartered Accountant [CA] degree.

Areas like Investment Banking Sector, Hedge Funding, and Portfolio Management will be excellent career options for someone who has finished both the Chartered Accountant [CA] and CFA programs.

The scope of CA may be confined to auditing the Balance Sheet and providing present-day perspectives on historical events. Still, the scope of CFA is expanded to include reviewing the Financial Statements.

Thus, CFA is a globally renowned course that continues to be offered as part of a graduate-level program. After graduating from high school, one can apply for the CFA program.

Other Courses (Post Chartered Accountant):
  • Tax Management Course
  • Information System Audit
  • Management Accountancy Course
  • Diploma in Insurance and Risk Management
  • Corporate Management Course
  • ERP Courses on SAP FA and MA module
  • International Trade Laws and World Trade Organization

Additional Chartered Accountant [CA] degree combinations include the following:

CA+FRM or CFA- This qualifies you for positions in investment banking, portfolio management, and other professions involving capital markets.

CA+MBA (from prestigious colleges) - This combination is advantageous if you intend to establish your own business or hold a senior position in a multinational corporation.

CA+CS- To practice as a self-employed professional or to deal with particular specialized circumstances.

CA+CMA — both are closely tied to values.

CA+CPA – International [Overseas] Employment

After becoming a Chartered Accountant, one can pursue any path of study that they desire in accounting.

Following the completion of ones Chartered Accountancy course, one can choose from a few different courses.

Even though Chartered Accountant [CA] is a stand-alone qualification, these courses assist in improving your knowledge and raise your chances of being picked for various positions based on your field of interest.


Conclusion: Can Ca Do Govt. Jobs?

In both the public and commercial sectors, there are numerous job openings for Chartered Accountants.

And in the public sector, there are several work roles that a Chartered Accountant [CA] may do, including account inspections, court appeals, representation of various organizations, addressing tax-related issues, audits, and so on.

Chartered Accountants are awarded attractive salary packages coupled with a variety of benefits and allowances in government jobs.
  • They assert that government positions for Chartered Accountants are less competitive than private jobs. However, one must study diligently for examinations and interviews.

As a result, we learn that the value of Chartered Accountants cannot be overstated in Government job Sectors because practically all State and Federal governments want professionals who have completed a certification course such as Chartered Accountancy [CA] and have demonstrated skill in their field of finance.

General FAQs

Q: How to Receive Regular Notifications of Latest Government Jobs for Chartered Accountant?
A: You can the new notifications regarding upcoming government jobs after ca by subscribing to the site to receive daily free job alerts.
Q: What are the Most Recent Government Vacancies Available after Chartered Accountant [CA]?
A: Accountant, Manager Posts, Administrative Officer Etc., are some of the ca jobs in govt sector.
Q: What will be the job location of Chartered Accountant Govt Jobs?
A: The location of the job is entirely dependent on the organization/institute to which you apply. The government job for Ca are featured on this page will be available throughout India.
Q: Can a Chartered Accountant get a job in RBI?
A: Candidates with a doctorate degree and a minimum aggregate score of 50% may also apply for the RBI examination. This test is also open to Chartered Accountant (CA), Company Secretaries, and Cost Accountants.
Q: Can a Chartered Accountant [CA] earn 5 lakhs per month?
A: In India, the typical salary is between 6-7 lakhs and may reach up to 40 lakhs. International packages are much more expensive, starting at Rs. 75 lakhs. To make that much money, though, you must study diligently and pass all CA tests. That suggests that the monthly payment for a CA in India in 2021 will be roughly 61000.
Q: Which job is best for Chartered Accountant [CA]?
A: Best jobs for Chartered Accountants Audit and Taxation. Project Finance/ Financial Advisory/ Mergers & Acquisitions. Investment Banking. Government Sector Banking and Financial Services. Outsourcing. Academics. Corporate Sector.
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