How To Become CA After 12th Science -A Complete Guide

How To Become CA After 12th Science -A Complete Guide


Occasionally, in our work lives, we make decisions that we later regret. This can be due to various factors, such as personal enthusiasm, greater possibilities, or other factors that we later reconsider.

  • Students with a science background up to and including the 12th grade may wonder if they can pursue a Chartered Accountancy degree. The answer is yes. 
  • Is it possible for a Science student to become a Ca after graduation? Is it possible to pursue for ca after 12th science? Alternatively, is there any student who can apply for Ca while having a Science background up until the 12th grade? 


If you have any of these questions running through your head, then you should carefully study this complete guide: how to become the ca after 12th science. You will be able to discover answers to all of your questions.

So lets start answering your career questions...


Can 12th Science Student Do CA Course:

  • Chartered Accountancy or a Chartered Accountant is a subject that requires a lot of attention and desire. Following the completion of the 12th-grade tests, any student may continue with this course.
  • It is possible to become a Chartered Accountant even if you are a science stream student, including the 12th grade, or if you are a science graduate.
  • There is no question that if you come from a business background, you already have a strong understanding of the critical areas of commerce, such as accounting.


But, aside from accounting, there a plenty of other topics that are unfamiliar to everybody, regardless of whether they come from a business background.


What are the options for becoming a CA after 12th grade:


Eligibility Criteria to Become CA After 12th Science:

  • Students enrolled in the CA course are required to get a minimum of 40 percent marks in each topic and 50 percent marks in the aggregate of all courses. As a result, you have to thoroughly research and understand every subject. Negative marking is included in the objective papers.
Every question you answer incorrectly will result in a deduction of ¼  points, but every correct response will increase by one mark.
  • Once you have completed the entry-level CA following 12th science examinations, i.e., CA Foundation, the process for the next two levels [ca intermediate and ca final] will be nearly identical to that of the first.


Procedure to become a Chartered accountant after 12th Science:


Step 1: After passing Class 12th, enroll in the CA Foundation Course :

  • Candidates who have completed the class 12th exams directed by an examination body that has been recognized by the Central Government as being equivalent to that of the class 12th examination established by law in India are eligible to enroll in the CA Foundation Programme.
  • Following successful completion of the 10+2 Examination (Senior Secondary Examination), a registered student may appear in the CA Foundation Exam once.
If you want to pursue the CA Foundation course after finishing your 12th grade, you must register yourself for CA Foundation registration and study for a minimum of four months before you are ready to fulfil the qualifying requirements.
If you are a graduate or postgraduate then you can directly register at the intermediate level via ICAI CA Direct Entry Scheme.


Step2: Registration for CA Intermediate Or CA Inter:

To be eligible to register for the CA Inter the candidate must pass both the CA Foundation and the 12th grade. 

  • Students can enroll for the CA Intermediate examinations after passing the CA Foundation exams.
  • The ICAI has developed the Direct Entry Route, which allows students to participate in the CA Intermediate Course without taking the Foundation examinations.


Step3: Articleship:

  • CA Foundation[ Entry Level], CA Inter, 3 Years Articleship Training, and CA Final are the four levels of the Chartered Accountancy program.
  • Until now, students had to pass all three levels of the Chartered Accountancy curriculum and complete three years of practical training.
  • The goal of the ICAIs three-year practical training program is to prepare CA students to use theoretical knowledge in the real world and to prepare them to enter the corporate sector immediately after graduation.
For this, you must work for three years under the supervision of the trained CA.


Step4: Registration for CA Final Course:

The applicant can apply for ca final exam during the last six months of their three-year articled training period.

Join the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) and declare yourself a "Chartered Accountant." after clearing the ca final examination.


How To Become Chartered Accountant After 12th Science Flowchart:

Thus, if we conclude:

The entire process to be a Chartered Accountant is concluded into 3 Levels:

  1. CA Foundation[ Entry Level]
  2. Ca Intermediate
  3. Ca Final


Students who want to become the ca after 12th science stream can apply for the CA Foundation exam, which is the entry-level examination for the program, after passing the 12th board exams. After completing the 12th examination, they will be eligible to apply for CA Foundation examination.

The Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICAI) does not discriminate between commerce and scientific students.
The terms and conditions to do ca after 12th are the same for all students, regardless of the stream in which they have completed their studies.


  • Typically, students from science field have little knowledge of courses from the commerce stream and believe that pursuing a profession as a chartered accountant will be extremely tough.
  • The truth is that science students will have an easier time pursuing this course because they are excellent at solving practical sums, and CAs are well-known players of numbers in the financial world, as opposed to other students.
  • While reviewing the Financial Statements, they are supposed to learn and go over the Financial Ratios with their supervisor.


The only obstacle will be to get an advantage over the Science students in Accounting, which is a crucial topic in the Chartered Accountancy degree.

Because Chartered Accountants are the first accountants, you will not progress unless you have a thorough understanding of accounting. Other Chartered Accountant subjects are new to everyone.

Therefore students from science field need to study them in the same manner as commerce students.


Institutes Offering CA Course:

  • A licensed organization and an examining body, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) is responsible for examinations and certification.
The institutes responsibility is to organize and conduct Chartered Accountancy (CA) Courses throughout the country.
  • Apart from the training phase, the duration of a CA program is two years.


So, should you go ahead and do it?

A large amount of time is required to complete the course because it is spread across a minimum of five years. Only devotion and hard effort will be able to assure a successful conclusion throughout these five years.

And, yeah, all of the efforts have been well worthwhile. From the time you earn your CA certification, your work life will be a resounding success.

Innumerable changes from varied sectors such as banking, accounting, taxation, auditing, management consulting, cost accounting, and other related fields are made available to you all over the world on the enormous and vast planet.

Indias chartered accountants are respected worldwide as leaders in their fields, and hence there are several options available to them.

Yes, you should go ahead and do it. It is not an easy road to travel, but neither is anything worthwhile in life.



You can do ca after 12th without any worry if you are a science student till the end of class 12 and choose to follow a ca after that.

The only thing required to become a ca after 12th science is hard work, persistence, and devotion on your part.

Even though so many students fail due to the low pass rate, nothing is impossible if you dont allow it to become difficult for yourself.

For more ca guidance just connect with us!

General FAQs

Q: Is it necessary for students to pass the class 12th examinations to prepare for the CA exam?
A: Yes, it is mandatory to clear the class 12th exams for the preparation of CA.
Q: How much of a percentage do students need to pursue a career in accounting after class 12?
A: Candidates who wish to pursue a career in accounting after class 12th must earn at least 40% in their class 12th examinations.
Q: How may students apply for admissions after passing their 12th grade and graduating from high school?
A: Students who wish to pursue the Chartered Accountant course must first enroll in the CA foundation courses, which are the first level of the CA course.
Q: How can I start CA?
A: To become a Chartered Accountant in India, you must complete four essential steps, the first of which is passing the CA Foundation Course examinations: Step 1: First and foremost, you must register for the CA Foundation Course. Step 2: Registration for the CA Intermediate Course Step 3:Enrolling in Articleship and Finals (if applicable).
Q: What is the syllabus of the CA Foundation level?
A: The syllabus of CA Foundation is divided into 4 subjects: Principles and Practices of Accounting. Mercantile Laws and General English Business Mathematics, Logical Reasoning, and Statistics Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge
Q: What is the CA Foundation Exam?
A: The CPT, or Common Proficiency Test, was the first level of Chartered Accountancy examinations in India, and but now has been renamed CA Foundation in accordance with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Indias new plan.
Q: What age is the completion of CA?
A: When it comes to eligibility requirements for appearing in the CA final test, there is no age restriction at the institute. Read the whole article to learn everything you need to know about the CA eligibility requirements for enrollment in the program.
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