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CA Course Fees 2022 for Foundation, Intermediate & Final

CA Course Fees 2022 for Foundation, Intermediate & Final

Every year many students from the commerce stream with a keen interest in finance and accounting register to become Chartered Accountants. The reason is a rise in demand for Chartered Accountants of India and high salaries.

The student needs to cover the vast syllabus in a limited time. That is why the Ca course is said to be tough to clear the exams. Nevertheless, a good study plan can help them study the entire syllabus to get the desired score to clear the exam.

Moreover, the Chartered Accountant course fees are much lesser when compared to all the other professional studies in the same stream. The entire CA Course takes five years to complete. The total course fee is INR 1.9lakhs.

For complete information about CA course fees, details, and CA fees structure, read more.

Difficult to become a CA - Myth or Truth.

There is a fear in the minds of the students that it is difficult to become a CA. It is because the percentage of those who clear the exams is low. Many students had prepared well for the exams, anticipated to do well, ended up failing the exams or passing with a small margin.


What is the reason for bad performance after you prepared well for it? Where did you go wrong? These are frequently asked questions about Chartered Accountancy. By blaming yourself or your teacher, there is no scope for improvement. Such thoughts have created a negative mindset towards the Chartered Accountant course.

Accept that there are reasons for your failure and do what you can to overcome them to get the title of Chartered Accountant. You need to be strong at this stage.

The Reason for Failure to get the passing mark in CA

The truth is that the exam is not difficult, but the approach of the student or teacher is inappropriate. If one studies the way he should, passing the exams will not be difficult.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants(ICAI) provides the Study Material for all the subjects. But does the student study it, and despite that, has he failed? If that is the case, he could surely blame ICAI for his failure.

The reality is that students study coaching class notes, completely ignoring the Study Material provided by the ICAI, which could be the reason for failing in the exams.

Tips to Pass CA-Exams in your First Attempt with Flying Colors

  1. You must study the study material thoroughly for all the subjects to get through the exams.
  2. Revise at least 2-3 times. The aim of revision should be to remember all that you have studied until the exams.
  3. You must know the exam pattern. There are certain things of relevance which the examiner must find in your answer script to award marks. It is necessary to differentiate between relevant and irrelevant matters. The more relevant points on the answer script, the more you will score.
  4. ICAI expects you to answer each paper in a particular manner. Learn the method to get through the Exams.
  5. The ICAI is very liberal in awarding marks, and if the students answer the exams in the manner expected of them, they can be sure to score at least 100 marks, more than they expect.
  6. All the students who have attempted the Exams multiple times and want to give up, stop the thought. Instead, change to a result-oriented approach, and for the next attempt, you are sure to clear the exams.
  7. Change your mindset. Stop thinking that the exams are too difficult to pass. If you continue in this negative belief, the pressure will stress you out, and you will not do your best. Take stock of what has happened. Acknowledge your mistakes, and for the next attempt, make sure to change the wrong to make things right for yourself.



Tips to clear Chartered Accountancy in the First attempt


A thorough study of the Study Material


Revise at least 2-3 times


Know the pattern of the Exam


Differentiate between Relevant and Irrelevant


Write the Relevant Matter only


Follow ICAI Methodology in answering the Exam


Adopt the Result-Oriented Approach in answering the exam


Change your mindset

Tips to clear the CA exam in the first attempt

To be a CA is a less difficult task if one follows the tips.

Levels of CA Course

ICAI tries the capabilities of aspirants in three levels of examinations.

They are:

  1. Learning basic and advanced accountancy, finance, and taxation
  2. Basic and advanced learning of Information Technology and soft skills
  3. Practical study (with article-ship)


Chartered Accountancy- Complete Course Structure

CA- Foundation Erstwhile Common Proficiency Test(CPT)

Integrated Course On Information Technology and Soft Skills (ICITSS)

CA- Intermediate 

Advanced Integrated Course on Information Technology and Soft Skills (AICITSS)

Article-ship (3years)


CA -Course-levels of learning.


Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility to register for the CA- Courses is as follows:

  • You can register for the CA-Course provided that you have completed the 12th.
  • You should have passed your 12th with a minimum aggregate score of 60%.
  • You can register directly for CA-Intermediate after the completion of graduation or any other studies higher than graduation.
  • You must score a minimum aggregate of 55% in the final exam of graduation.

Chartered Accountancy Course - Admission Procedure

The following points should be kept in mind while enrolling for chartered accountancy :

The candidate can enroll

  • After the 12th (10+2) to CA-Foundation
  • After Graduation or Post Graduation to CA-Intermediate.

Admission at CA-Foundation Level

  • Use the ICAI Portal to enroll in CA-Foundation Course. Fill up the form for the foundation course and the Common Proficiency Test (CPT).
  • After paying the fees, you will be recognized as registered for the foundation course by the ICAI. You will be assigned a registration number, user-id, and password.

CA Foundation Registration Fees in India

The foundation course is the first level of learning in the Chartered Accountancy course in India. ICAI facilitated registration for the foundation course two times a year, June and December.

CA-Foundation registration fees are INR 10,900 for students studying in India and $780 for those studying abroad. The fee amount includes CA-Foundation Registration fees, examination fees, and subscription amount for the Journal.


Total fee Structure for CA-Foundation


Indian Student

Foreign Student




Registration Fees



 Student’s Journal       (optional)



Member’s Journal (optional)



Total Fees for CA-Foundation



                 Fee Structure of CA Foundation Registration fees.

Chartered Accountancy - CA Foundation - Examination Fees

After registering for CA-Foundation, the student must pay the examination fees. After six months of the study period, you must register for CA-Foundation exams. The admit card will then be issued.


Examination Fee- CA-Foundation




Other Foreign Countries

Application Fee




Late Payment Fee




                      CA-Foundation Exam Fee Structure

The other foreign CA-Foundation centers are Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Muscat, and Doha.

Chartered Accountancy - CA - Foundation Course - Revalidation Fees

You can go for revalidation for Foundation papers by paying INR 500.

Reattempt Fees

By paying the examination fees of INR 1,500, you will receive your admit card.

Charges to change from old CPT to CA- Foundation

To change the scheme from the old to the new you must pay a sum of INR 500.

CA-Foundation Admission After Graduation or Post Graduation

For graduates or postgraduates, there is no need to start the course with the CA-Foundation course. They can register for the CA-Intermediate course directly.

CA- Intermediate - Eligibility Criteria

  • You need to pass the CA-Foundation course to enroll for the CA-Intermediate level.
  • You have to clear your graduation with 55% marks to register directly for CA-Intermediate.

Registration Fees for CA-Intermediate Course

The formalities for the registration of CA-Intermediate is as follows:

  • Complete the CA-Foundation course then, get registered to the CA-Intermediate course if you registered after the 12th.
  • ICAI facilitates registration for CA-Intermediate twice a year, namely August and February.
  • You can enroll for CA-Intermediate after clearing your graduation with 55% marks.
  • Register for Intermediate (IPCC) on the ICAI portal.
  • Fill up the form and pay the Intermediate Registration fees.

CA-Intermediate Level - ICITSS Course Fees

The old program Information Technology and Orientation is revised by the ICAI. The revised version is Integrated Course on Information Technology and Soft skills (ICITSS). The candidate must register for ICITSS immediately after registering for CA-Intermediate. The course is for 30 days, and it is better to complete it before the practical training(article-ship).

You have to pay INR 13,500 as the fee. The ICITSS is mandatory for all those who have registered for Chartered Accountancy. ICITSS is a study of accounting and interaction software and is essential to function as a chartered accountant in India and as a medium for communication.

CA-Intermediate Registration Fees in India

At the CA-Intermediate level, a candidate has the option to attempt one group at a time or both groups simultaneously. Therefore the fees are also charged accordingly. Only those who have registered at the CA-Foundation level can use this facility.

The fee for a single group is INR 11,000 and INR 15,000 for both groups for students in India.

Nevertheless, this facility is not available to the student who joined at the CA-Intermediate level to become a chartered accountant. They need to pay INR 15,000, the fee for both groups.

A fine of INR 600 is applicable for late payment of registration fees for students in India and Nepal.

Your registration for CA-Intermediate is valid for four years after that re-register by paying INR 400.


Total Fee Structure CA- Intermediate



Single Group

Both Groups

Single Group

Both Groups

Registration Fee (Indian Student)





Students Activity Fee





Registration Fee for Articleship





Information Technology Program





Management & Communication Skills





Table Intermediate level- registration fee for Indians

CA-Intermediate Registration Fees in India for Foreign Students

For Foreign Students, CA-Intermediate registration fees for a single group is $600, and for both groups, the price is $1000.

The fine for late payment of registration fees is $10.

Old to New Scheme of CA-Intermediate

You can change from the old to the new scheme of CA-Intermediate by paying INR 500.

CA-Intermediate-Re-Attempt Fees

For a valid registration, the re-attempt fees are INR 400.

CA-Intermediate-Examination Fees

After registering for CA-Foundation, the student must pay the intermediate examination fees. After six months of the study period, pay your fees. The admit card will then be issued.


 CA-Intermediate - Examination Fee


Foundation Route

Direct Route

Late fee

Examination Fee

Single Group

Both Groups

Both Groups


Indian Students





Overseas Students





                                         Table CA-Intermediate- Exam Fees.

The other foreign centers are Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Muscat, and Doha.


The final level of examinations is CA-Final. That is your final step to becoming a Chartered Accountant.

CA- Final-Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to register for CA-Final Course,

  • You must complete three years of article-ship.
  • You need to complete the intermediate level of CA.

Registration for CA-Final

  • Complete your practical training with article-ship
  • You have to clear both the groups of intermediate level to enroll for the CA-Final course.
  • Register online through the ICAI Portal.
  • The registration is valid for five years.
  • After five years of registration, you can re-register for CA-Final Course.

CA-Final -AICITSS Fees

During the final two years of practical learning (article-ship), get enrolled 0n the Advanced Integrated Course on Information Technology and Soft skills (AICITSS).

The training comprised of two groups,

  • Advanced Information Technology Program, for which you have to pay INR 7,500
  • Management & Communication Skills, which costs INR 7000


It is better to complete AICITSS before you attempt to clear CA-Final.

CA-Final - Registration Fees in India

The registration fee for CA-Final is as follows:

  • If you are an Indian student, enroll for both groups for INR 22,000.
  • If you are not an Indian student, you have to register for both groups for $1000.
  • You have to pay a fine of INR 600 for late payment, registration fees in India or Nepal, and $10 non-Indian students.


Fee Details- CA-Final Course



Indian Student

Foreign Student

Registration Fee



Advanced Technology Program



Management & Communication Skills


Fee Details- CA-Final Course

Fee structure of Chartered Accountancy Finals

Fees for Article-ship or Practical Training Fees

During registration or the start of Practical Training, you have to pay fees for CA-Article-ship. The fee amount is INR2000.

In addition to the above, the candidate has to pay a sum of INR 500 for the Chartered Accountant-Assessment Test of Practical Training.

The ICAI by the test makes sure that the student has acquired the necessary practical knowledge during his article-ship.

Examination Fee

For the final, the candidate can apply for either a single group or both groups.

The payment details are as follows:


 CA-Final - Examination Fee

Examination Fee

Single Group

Both Groups

Late Fee

Indian Students




Overseas Students




                   Fee structure of Chartered Accountancy Finals.

The Final Word

The Chartered Accountant is well-respected and much in demand at home as well as overseas. As a CA, you could have a prestigious job profile and earn a high salary.



If you are still contemplating the cost of CA course fees, you must know that the CA-course prices are almost nothing compared to what you will earn once you become a Chartered Accountant.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the total fees for CA?

The total fees for chartered accountancy are approximately INR 1,90,000. They include the approximate cost of tuition, registration fees, and reference books. However, if you calculate the stipend you will receive during the three years of articleship, you can estimate it as INR 1,75,000. At that rate, you would only be paying a maximum amount of INR 25,000.

What is the fee structure of the Chartered Accountancy Course?

Please refer to the table for the complete fee structure (CA-Course).


Chartered Accountancy- Complete Course Structure


Indian Student

Overseas Student

CA- Foundation Erstwhile Common Proficiency Test(CPT)



CA-Intermediate -Single Group



CA- Intermediate (IPCC)-Both Groups



CA-Intermediate - Direct Route



Article-ship (3years)







What is the total fee for CA Course when one enters into the course after Post Graduation?

Entry to CA Course after Post Gradation will not cost you. You will earn some money from article-ship. If the same is estimated, as INR 85,000, the total registration cost from Intermediate to Final would be INR61.000. If this estimation is correct, then you be richer by INR 24,000 and have the title of Chartered Accountant.

What is the total cost of the CA-course after the 12th?

To be a Chartered Accountant after the 12th, you will have to pay a total fee amount of INR 49,800(exclusive of Exam Fees)

The break up is as follows:

  • CA Foundation course fees INR 9,800 (inclusive of Member(INR200) and Student journal (400) subscription and that is optional)
  • The intermediate level will cost INR 18,000(inclusive of the registration fee for articleship at INR1000)
  • The CA- Final course fee is INR 22,000 (inclusive of the registration fee for articleship at INR1000)


If I fail IPCC, can I re-attempt with the registration fees paid earlier, or will I have to pay it again?

You do not have to pay the registration fees again but, you will have to pay the examination fees.

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