ICAI CA Direct Entry Scheme After Graduation 2024 | 2024

ICAI CA Direct Entry Scheme After Graduation 2024 | 2024

This article covers all the bases when it comes to the Ca Direct Entry Program. Direct Entry Route is a route that allows students to enter the Chartered Accountancy program without taking the CA Foundation entrance exam.

Since the 1st of August 2012, ICAI has adopted the CA Direct Entry Scheme, which allows students to enroll straight in the CA Intermediate Course.


ICAI CA Direct Entry Scheme – Eligibility

The following applicants are eligible to apply via the CA Direct Entry Scheme Route: 

1. The minimum grade for commerce graduates/postgraduates was 55%, whereas the minimal mark for other graduates/postgraduates was 60 %.

2. Candidates have passed the Institute of Companies Secretaries of India (ICSI) or the Indian Institute of Cost Accountants (IIC) Intermediate level examinations.


Criteria For Provisional Registration for the Final Year Students

Final-year graduates can provisionally register for the Intermediate course and begin articleship training after providing sufficient documentation of passing the graduation test with the above-specified grades. They can start articleship training immediately after registering.

Within six months of appearing in the last year of graduation test and completing ICITSS, the proof must be presented (Orientation course and Information Technology).

Its been made clear that ICITSS can be taken and completed during provisional registration. As long as the student fails to provide proof within that time frame, their registration and any additional costs will be revoked with no refunds or credits provided for theoretical information received within their provisional registration period.

Students may learn more about becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) by clicking on the provided link.


Criteria for Intermediate Passed Students of ICSI/ICWA

Candidates who have cleared the Intermediate level of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India [ICSI] or the Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India [ICWA] can enroll directly for the Intermediate level of the CA Institute of India.

  • There would be no differences in the registration process for such students compared to those taking the standard path.
  • For the ICAI CA Intermediate Exams, students must complete an eight-month study period after registering.
  • CA Intermediate must be taken and passed in either one or both categories.
  • After clearing either one or both groups of the CA Intermediate exam, students can enroll in the three-year articleship training scheme.
  • Take the CA Final exam after qualifying in both CA Intermediate groups.
  • Four weeks of AICITS training must be completed while the last two years of practical training are being completed, but before the Final Examination may be taken.
  • During the last six months of their articleship training, they can sit for the CA Final Examination.
  • Complete Articleship Training.
  • Achieve qualification in both CA Finals groups.
  • Become a member of ICAI [The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India]


Graduates and post-graduates should follow the following procedure

  • The CA Direct Entry Scheme Route is open to commerce stream graduates and post-graduates who have obtained a minimum of 55 percent marks or other graduates who have received a minimum of 60 percent.
  • The CA Direct Entry Route is open to commerce stream graduates and post-graduates who have obtained a minimum of 55 percent marks or other graduates who have received a minimum of 60 percent.
  • Before starting Practical Training[articleship], you must successfully finish the ICITSS (Orientation Program and Information Technology) course.
  • Prepare yourself by signing up for a three-year apprenticeship program.


To qualify for the Intermediate CA Examination, you must pass a nine-month practical training program:

  • Pass the Intermediate course with excellence in both groups.
  • After qualifying in both Intermediate Groups, register for the CA Final.
  • Complete ICITSS [Integrated Course on Information Technology and Soft Skills] for four weeks during the final two years of practical training before participating in the Final Examination.
  • Complete your practical training with flying colors.
  • Both teams in the CA Final must be qualified.
  • Join as a Member of ICAI.


CA Intermediate Direct Entry Scheme Route Students Registration Fee

 To register for the CA Course, candidates must register for both Intermediate Groups if they choose the CA Direct Entry Scheme Route. Take a look at the table below —

Registration Options / Various Charges

Both Groups (INR)

Both Groups (US$)

Registration Fee



Student Activities Fee



Registration fee as an articled assistant



Total Fees



Students who choose the CA Direct Entry Route must pay an additional Rs 200/- (about $20) on top of that.


Fees for CA Direct Entry Practical Training

To be eligible to appear for the CA finals, candidates must first enroll for practical training. The ICITSS is four weeks long, while the articleship is three years long.


Intermediate level


Integrated course information technology

Rs 6500

Rs 7000

Soft skills

Rs 7000

Rs 7500

Articleship for 3 years

Rs 2000


Students interested in learning more about the CA Intermediate Fee structure can visit the provided website for further information.


Fees for a Final-Level Student

Below are the fees for both groups to register for the Ca Direct Entry Exam. For Both groups,  the registration fee is Rs 22000.


Time Duration for CA Direct Entry Program For Graduates:

  • Direct entry scheme candidates have almost a year to prepare for the exam after registering.
  • In February or September, students who have registered for the CA direct entry scheme must prepare for an eight-month study period.      
  • Before the exams, candidates must complete the four-week ICITSS program and the nine-month articleship training.
  • The first and both groups tests must be taken after an 8-month study period for candidates who register after graduation.
  • For a month, they will need to go through ICITSS instruction.
  • Students can then move on to practical training after clearing both groups.

Students interested in learning how long it takes to obtain a CA can do so by viewing the CA Course Duration in its complete.



According to the information provided above, ICAI has adopted a Ca direct entry route for applicants who choose to pursue a CA degree via this route as of 1st August 2012 and has laid out a comprehensive process for all students in this category to become Chartered Accountants.

This post was written hoping that you would find it helpful, so please check back often for more.

CA Intermediate Syllabus may be downloaded here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it possible for applicants to choose a ca direct entry program without completing the Foundation test first?
A: If they have passed their class 12th examinations and graduated, students can opt for a direct entrance option without having to take the Foundation test.
Q: What is the eligibility criteria for CA Inter direct entry?
A: The Direct Entry Route is open to commerce stream graduates and post-graduates who have obtained a minimum of 55 percent marks or other graduates who have obtained a minimum of 60 percent marks.
Q: How many years do students need to finish the CA course after graduating?
A: If students pass all of their CA examinations on the first attempt, they will be three years to finish the CA courses following graduation. If applicants do not give their CA examinations on the first attempt, the time it takes to complete the CA course will be extended.
Q: How many leaves are permitted under CA Articleship?
A: Total leave days allowed is 156, not 182. In other words, the number of leaves permitted is one-sixth of the length of actual duty (excluding leaves) or one-seventh of the period served (incl leaves).
Q: How many are CA attempts allowed?
A: No upper age limit for enrolling in or passing the Chartered Accountancy course. You may become a CA at any age if you meet the academic requirements. *10 attempts to pass the CA Finals (initial registration is valid for five years, after which you can re-validate it for five more years).
Q: When will I be able to begin orientation and IT training?
A: Once you have completed your final year examinations and are provisionally registered in CA intermediate, you can enroll in OT and IT training before beginning your three years of articleship/practical training – Call us for guidance.
Q: Which route is best for CA?
A: You should take the CA Foundation course if you are not from a commerce background since it will help you understand the fundamentals of Chartered Accountancy. Once you have studied the fundamentals, you will be better prepared to understand the more complicated concepts.
Q: I want to start my CA Inter courses. When and where should I start.
A: To begin your studies, you should start taking classes right away after you have made up your mind to take CA and have met the requirements. This will help you develop knowledge and succeed in the interview for CA Articleship. - To become a member, please visit this page. So that we can help you with your CA course admission, please get in touch with us at exam@catestseries.org for more guidance. For queries contact us at number: 9988483167
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