How to Prepare for CA Inter MCQs May  2024 ICAI Exams

How to Prepare for CA Inter MCQs May 2024 ICAI Exams

Being a chartered accountant is not an easy task. An aspirant has to pass various exams, at various levels to become a chartered accountant. One of the most important and crucial CA preparation level is the CA Inter Exam. It is the second level of the exam, and it consists of 8 different papers. A CA Aspirant has to pass these exams, to move forward to the final level of the CA Preparation.

There are two ways you can apply for the CA Inter exams. The first way is to pass the CA Foundation Exam or CPT. If you have passed this exam, then you are eligible to give the CA Inter exam. Another way to give this CA Inter exam is the direct entry route. For this, the student must have passed their graduation or post-graduation from commerce stream securing a minimum of 55%. If the student is not from the commerce background, then he must have scored a minimum of 60% in his/her graduation. If any student matches these criteria, then he/she is eligible to appear for the CA Inter exam.

Now, Lets look at the latest trend of question papers you will be seeing in your CA Inter review. According to the latest pattern of the ICAI Exams question paper, there are some changes in the format which are made by ICAI. Some papers would be divided into two different parts, objective and subjective. 30% weightage would be given to the objective part of the paper, and 70 weightage would be given to the subjective part of the paper.

The 30% part of the objective paper consists of MCQs. They are the Multiple Choice Questions for which the students get options along with the questions, and they have to mark the correct answer accordingly.

Why should the students prepare for the Objective Questions?

A lot of times, the students think that why to work so hard on the objective part of the CA Inter Exam as it has only 30% weightage of the whole exam, but the truth is that it is one of the most important parts of the question paper. It is easier to attempt these Multiple Choice Questions as you already have the options in front of you and hence the chances of you getting a correct answer increases in these type of questions. These Multiple Choice Questions play an important role in deciding the rank of the students, and hence the students who perform well in this section, are more likely to get a much better rank. Therefore, if you also want to secure a good rank in your CA Inter exam, then you need to ace the objective part of the question paper.

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How to prepare for the CA Inter Exams MCQ Questions?

Students often ask this question, that how they should prepare for the MCQ Questions that are asked in the CA Inter Exam. It is one of the most commonly asked questions by the students. The simplest and best answer to this question is PRACTICE. Proper practice of these MCQs can help you to score great marks in your CA Inter exam. The more questions you will try, the better will be your efficiency during the exam. You will understand the format of the questions that are asked in the exam, and hence you will be able to prepare accordingly. You should not leave any chance to attempt more MCQ Questions. All these Multiple Choice Questions that are asked in the CA Inter exam, check your understanding of the topics, and your accuracy. All you need to do is, that you have to make a plan and attempt a lot of Multiple Choice Questions.

There are also some other guidelines for preparing mcqs:

  • First of all, you need to carefully read the question and properly understand its specifications because the answer is always concealed in the question.


  • Then give a true or false test to each alternative. Cross the wrong answers and you can find the most appropriate answer.


  • Look for choices and their trends and similarities when there are many variables and so on. Select options that have the same patterns and leave out the outliners in order to select the nearest or correct answer.


  • Note also that the first impression is the best. Once you have read the question, immediately pick the correct answer. There is a chance to choose the wrong option as you continue to read the choices.


  • First of all, answer those questions for which you are positive and skip difficult questions, but after the test, focus on those difficult questions properly and answer them accordingly.


  • Try to answer this question in your mind when you read it without looking at the options. After the answer has been formulated, look into the option and you can find the correct answer.


  • Its possible to avoid jobs as they dont work all the time.


  • After reading the question, you see that there are several options out of which some non-questionable options are omitted as a wrong answer.


  • Speed is the most important aspect of trying mcq. Prepare your mind to respond with full speed to the mcqs so that there is more time left for the remaining 70 marks of paper.


  • Focus also on practical issues because an instructor may be of great practical knowledge, but it will be more difficult to score good marks in mcq if the applicant lacks practical knowledge.



The best way to attempt these questions is to take mock tests as in those mock tests you will get CA Inter free MCQs for Practice. These MCQs are prepared by the experts, and hence you would get the questions based on the format and difficulty level of the real paper. A lot of students try these CA Inter MCQs to master their concepts and to get a great hold over all the topics. You can access all these MCQs for free of cost and improve your skills.

It is very important for all the students who use these CA Inter free MCQs for practice, to analyze their results. A lot of times students just attempt these MCQs, check their score and never look back to it. It is an extremely wrong approach. You must analyze all your answers very deeply. You should see where the things went wrong, and how you can rectify them from the next time. By following this approach, you can score great marks in your CA Inter exam

ICAI CA Intermediate Examination Course Guide – 2019-2020 Announcement?

Ans - ICAI has introduced certain changes in the examination pattern of CA examinations to be held in 2024 attempt and onwards: Now the following papers of CA Intermediate shall have Multiple Choice Question (MCQs)

CA Intermediate New Course




Corporate  Laws




Auditing and code of ethics 


Financial management and strategic management

The question papers of the respective papers will have two parts, part 1st comprising MCQs (30 marks) and Part 2 containing the descriptive type question questions (70 marks).

Time Table for May 2024 CA INTERMEDIATE Examination (Expected)

Paper No.





5 may


Corporate  Laws

7 may


Cost and Management Accounting

9 may



11 may


Auditing and code of ethics

13 may


 Financial mangement 

strategic management 

15 may

Free MCQs questions for CA Inter may 2024 ICAI Exams?

Ans - You can get all FREE mcqs of may 2024 and upcoming May 2024 updated as per ICAI announcment by registering on

How to study for ca intermediate exams?

Ans – Study the ICAI study material for theory subject And for practical subjects like accounts and costing learn concept and then work out the sums Dont refer too many authors book for same subject as we have less amount of time for examination just focus on what we know and try to learn from what resources still now we are practicin These are ways which I follow for the exams.

What happens if I am not able to complete b com in 1 year because I failed ca inter exam?

Ans- CA exams are relevent for  5 years so it wouldt effect your even you failed in yours CA attempt. You will be eligible to give CA exams 10 attempts as group wise or 5 attempts as a yearly.

Can I give ca intermediate exam in abroad? If I can give, which countries please send me countries name.

Ans- Presently, ICAI has four overseas exam centers: Abu Dhabi (U.A.E.), Dubai (U.A.E.), Kathmandu (Nepal) and Muscat (Oman). So, yes, a candidate can appear for Chartered Accountancy exams conducted by ICAI outside India, provided he or she is staying in one of these cities.

When the CA inter May 2024 examination result date?

 Ans- Inter result May 2024 date - 10th July 2024

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