Top 10 CA Firms In India – Build Your Career As A Chartered Accountant

Top 10 CA Firms In India – Build Your Career As A Chartered Accountant


Have you completed both groups of the CA Final? Now is the best time to apply for a position with one of Indias top accounting firms.

This article will discuss the top 10 CA firms in India for building a career as a Chartered Accountant. 

So, lets start with Indias big four accounting firms and the other six reputable CA firms that followed them in India to build a career as CA.

Top 10 CA Firms In India 2024:

In India, there are thousands of CA accounting firms. However, before you apply for any of them, you must examine various aspects such as:

Future Career Chances

Personal Development Within The Company

Income Packages

Work Environment, and more.

Thus, All the above factors listed are kept in mind while compiling this list of Indias best accounting firms. 

Scroll down to learn about the top 10 CA firms to work for if you want to further your career as a Chartered Accountant.


1. Deloitte India:

Deloitte India is the first and most significant subsidiary of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu ltd., a UK-based firm known as DTTL throughout the entire globe.

Deloitte India offers Services like:



Financial Advice


Consulting, and risk advisory services, among other things. 

Furthermore, this accounting business is one of Indias top four CA Firms In India.

DTTL is one of the worlds biggest professional services networks, both in terms of the number of people and income and assets.


Deloitte India offers trainees the opportunity to study services like:



Enterprise Risk

Consulting and Financial Advisory services. 

Thus, in reality, it has a workforce of over 200,000 professionals.


2. PwC- Price Waterhouse Coopers India:

Price Waterhouse Coopers India has a global network of over 157 countries and over 280,000 passionate professionals.

PWC Indias objective is to provide the highest quality tax and advice services possible. 

Aspiring CAs in India may have the option to further their careers with PwC.

There are many cities where you may get a better option for a career:

  • Ahmedabad
  • Bhopal
  • Bengaluru
  • Chennai
  • Delhi NCR
  • Hyderabad
  • Kolkata
  • Mumbai
  • Pune and Raipur

So, Price Waterhouse Coopers India has a multi-venture professional services network in India.


It is the worlds second-largest professional services network.

It is among the top four big-shot auditors in terms of revenue growth.

Thus, it is also one of the finest CA companies in India, keeping up with Deloitte India, EY India, and KPMG India in terms of growth.


3. Ernst & Young India - EY, India:

Ernst & Young India is one of Indias leading four accounting firms. 

EY, India, offers the following services to qualified applicants interested in pursuing a career as a CA:

Transaction Advisory Services

Assurance Services

Advisory Services

Tax Services, and Consulting Services 


Ernst & Young India is a member firm of Ernst & Young Global Ltd. with its own legal system of India.

Ernst & Young Global Ltd. is a UK-based firm that offers professional services from its headquarters in London.

Thus, EY, India is regarded as one of the nations top four Top Shot CA audit firms.


4. KPMG India:

KPMG India Private Ltd. comes in second on our ranking of the best accounting companies in India. The firm was founded in India in the year 1993.

In India, the KPMG CA business has offices in:











Pune, and Vadodara, all of which are fully functioning.

KPMG India offers its renowned clients a wide range of financial services, business advice, tax-related regulation, and risk advisory services.

You may feel confident that KPMG India offers many career-building possibilities for prospective CAs and boosts their motivation to study first and earn afterward.


KPMG India is one of Indias Big 4 Top Shot auditing and consulting organizations. 

With its worldwide headquarters in Amstelveen, the Netherlands, it is expanding for additional professional services from across the globe.

Thus, KPMG has expanded its employment opportunities with more than 175,000 workers and particular services such as audit, advisory, and taxation.


5. BDO India:

BDO India is one of the finest CA business firms in India, with a professional approach to developing worthy and ambitious individuals interested in a career in finance, accounting, or tax consulting.

It is one of the worlds fifth-largest accounting networks, with a network of professional services such as:

Tax-related regulatory

Risk advisory services

Financial services

& Business advisory related to other accountancy firms.

It has served national and international clients with vast experience and goodwill for years.


Binder Seidman International Group, based in Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States, founded BDO India in 1988.

BDO was created in 1973 from the initials of three founding European member firms: 

Binder (UK)

Dijker (Netherlands) and Otte (Germany), 

And was branded as a brand in accountancy and tax consulting with the BDO acronym.


6. Grant Thornton International:

With its beginnings in Chennai, Grant Thornton India has established itself as a rapidly developing accounting firm.

It is on track to become Indias premier tax, assurance, and advisory firm. 

Thus, students who are ambitious and worthy of becoming a CA in the future may start as a trainee and then be compensated after studying at Grant Thornton India.


This is one of Indias biggest accounting businesses, with over 3500 employees spread over 13 locations around the nation. Grant Thornton Indias Offices:










Noida and Pune.

For more than a century, Grant Thornton has been one of the worlds top CA firms providing Tax, Advisory, and Independent Assurance services.

It offers valuable services to customers that:

want to expand

react to market circumstances, and make decisions about dealings or transactions on a corporate level.


7. RSM India:

RSM India is one of the countrys leading tax and accounting consulting firms.

It employs around 2200 people in cities, including:


New Delhi-NCR






Jaipur, Kolkata, Pune, and Surat.

With branches all around the globe, the organization specializes in audit, tax, and consultancy.

RSM India operates as a cohesive team, sharing commitment, talents, resources, and insights to develop and expand quickly.


It has a professional attitude in customer service, with a client-centric approach based on a full grasp of company accounting.   

You may gain confidence and develop your full potential for job advancement.

It gives you the ability to develop your career with full force and potential.

RSM is the worlds seventh-biggest network of professional services businesses providing audit, tax, and advisory services, as well as the worlds top worldwide supplier of taxation services.


8. SR Dinodia & Co. LLP:

R. Dinodia & Co. LLP, based in New Delhi, is one of Indias leading audit, tax, accounting, and consulting businesses.

For its renowned customers and solutions in company accounting, S.R. Dinodia & Co. LLP has more than 170 alliance partners in 85 countries throughout the globe.

Thus, you may be confident in your ability and skills to carve out a niche for yourself in the area of accounting, tax auditing, or consulting, and as you study and grow, you will be able to launch a new business or get a position as a CA with a top-tier firm.


9. Lodha & Co. :

Lodha & Co. is one of the top ten accounting companies in the world, founded in 1941, and has offices in India.

Lodha & Co. branches are located in:





New Delhi, and Jaipur. 

In recent years, it has been poised to open additional offices, providing great scope and chances for vibrant, intelligent students to establish a satisfying career in the area of CA.


In India, Lodha & Co. offers professional services to a wide range of corporate customers, including banks, public sector organizations, insurance firms, and others.


The name Lodha & Co is well known over the globe for its accounting and taxation services.

The firm has 18 partners who are backed by a talented staff of CA, CS, CMA, and Management Graduates.


10.  Luthra & Luthra India:

In India, Luthra & Luthra is a frontrunner among the top and greatest Chartered Accountants firms.

Luthra & Luthra, a renowned professional services accounting business, can maximize your selection for young aspiring CAs.

Because the organization provides high-quality services to customers in Audit, Advisory, Taxation, and Corporate Law, you have a lot of options.



The firm prepares prospective CAs for a career in accountancy by educating them on how to use creative accounting solutions to achieve organizational objectives.


Conclusion: Top CA Firms In India 2024

These are the best CA firms in India that can help you get your career off to a strong start. 

Im certain that you hold the secret to your good fortune. Yes, you certainly can! You will win.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which company is best for Chartered Accountant in India?
A: Explore The List of Top 10 CA Firms in India 2022 given above with Detailed Description.
Q: What is the highest salary of a CA?
A: In India, a Chartered Accountants salary is determined by their capabilities, competencies, and experience. In India, a CAs annual income might vary from Rs. 6-7 lakhs to Rs. 40 lakhs.
Q: How many Chartered Accountant are selected every year?
A: Every year, 4 lakhs+ students appear for ICAI CA exams.
Q: How many people pass Chartered Accountant first attempt?
A: Past Year Studies reveal that about 45-50 % of the applicants clear the ICAI Exam in the first attempt, making this among the most competitive exams to crack.
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