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CA Intermediate Latest Study Material for may 2022

CA Intermediate Latest Study Material for may 2022

It is quite a known fact that Chartered Accountancy (CA) is one of the respected and preferred courses in the commerce stream. However, some students are still anxious about pursuing such a course seeing its duration and the amount of dedication and hard work you need to do. Also, there is a popular myth among the individuals pursuing the CA course that it has a very long duration compared to various other professional courses. With the CA Test Series, you can focus on your preparation while acquiring the assistance of experts.


CA Intermediate Study Material for Nov 2020 Exams



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Corporate and other Law

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Cost Management Accounting

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Advance Accounting

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Audit and Assurance

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FM - Eco

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Duration of CA Course


Usually, the total CA course duration after passing the 14th class is estimated to be 4.5 years. The duration in this course increases with the number of attempts, which is why you need to be careful and stay highly focused during the CA exams. CA course covers the following topics; audit and assurance, financial accounting and reporting, management accounting and applied finance and taxation.


The prime challenge is that you have to clear all the levels in this course in your first attempt as each number of attempt increases your six months in the journey of becoming an expert in the CA field. Make sure to do complete research before you start preparing for the same in order to score great rank and pass with good marks. 


According to the professionals, the total duration to complete the Chartered Accountancy course after graduation is at least 3 years. However, 3 years is the minimum duration as six months are added with every attempt. To avoid such troubles, it is important to plan a proper schedule with the CA Test Series Schedule and have good time management.


Difficult but Not Impossible to lear


Enrolling for Chartered Accountancy is nothing difficult; the real challenge is clearing it. Focus, dedication, and the right approach can assist you in meeting the unattainable goal and make things a lot easier. Certainly, the CA course is not as easy as the syllabus is quite vast. In order to clear all the CA levels, you need average intelligence mixed with a lot of hard work and smart work.


It can be difficult, but not impossible to clear so never lose hope or give up if this is what you really desire for in your life. Most CA aspirants are stuck in the studies phase and this can be frustrating as, after a few years, the career opportunities available are limited to a certain reach.


CA is surely not difficult because of the low passing rate; it is tough due to students getting stuck in the later stage of this course. If you’re looking for expert guidance, ensure to check CA test series reviews. Through this, you will acquire various relevant notes for preparing well before your exams. All the offered notes are well-designed by professional chartered accountants.


Cover the Whole Syllabus Diligently


  • As CA students have to study a lot of topics, concepts, and subjects, they need to first understand the whole syllabus and make a timetable accordingly. The general subjects a CA student has to study are mathematics, statistics, law, economics, IT, general management, and more.


  • Besides this, there are a few specialized subjects such as cost accounting, law, etc that you need to study. Make sure to find the best and reliable Ca Mock Test Series in order to practice some mock test papers after you’re done with your syllables.


Go Through Study Material & Practice Manual


Once you have cleared the first level that is the CA Foundation level, next thing you should focus on the CA Inter study material. The early you start with the preparation, the better you score in your exams. Also, don’t forget to find the accurate and reliable CA Inter Mock Test Papers. You can easily download the material for your batch in the PDF format. It is a revised IPCC study material that is officially available at all ICAI branch offices.


Not only this, you even get CA Intermediate subjects-wise study material for that particular year’s attempt. This way, you won’t get confused or feel stressed out as everything will be easy to access. The complete CA Intermediate study materials include the latest syllabus, currently applicable amendments of the law, accounting, tax, and auditing.


Acquire the CA inter subject wise study material for both groups 1 and 2 and start preparing for CA inter exams. Earlier, ICAI used to provide a proper practice manual with the study material but after CA IPCC turning into the CA Intermediate course, they have discontinued it.


However, you don’t have to worry as the study material, coaching tips and self-study will be a perfect combination for you to score well. 


Is CA Inter Study Material Sufficient?


Yes, the study material provided by the ICAI is more than enough to pass with great marks and students, who have cleared the first level of this course, must be aware of it by now. On the second level of CA, you are introduced to the new world of Commerce that contains various unfamiliar and different subjects, topics and concepts




With a reliable CA Inter Test Series, you can solve all the problems faced in any subject. Many students can be quite naive while going through the study material, which is why you really need a professional’s hand to keep you on track. This way, you can acquire some good tips and take advantage of their experience as well.



Q : What CA Intermediate Study Material?
A: ICAI publishes latest study material for upcoming ICAI exams. This study material covers practical questions also. This study material helps to test the concept clarity in various topics
Q : How to prepare for CA Intermediate?
A: Study from ICAI Study material, past 2 years RTPs, MTPs and test papers of are sufficient to clear ca inter exams in first attempt.
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