How to effectively Prepare for CA Final Inter Foundation Sept/Nov 2024 ICAI Exam

How to effectively Prepare for CA Final Inter Foundation Sept/Nov 2024 ICAI Exam

Hello everyone, my name is CA Garima Pareek

So finally the announcement is out. I know that everyone was waiting for the final announcement. Since exams are uncertain, planning and studying are not easy. So now the July 2020 exam has been merged with November 2020.


So here I have to have an important discussion on that.

First of all, we all know that now 2 attempts have merged, so now the competition is going to be very tough because you are going to fight with double intelligence and hard work, so you have to make your revisions harder.


Now all the students need to reschedule their plans.

See I know some students are disappointed with the cancelation because they have prepared very hard for the exams and they were fully ready to appear for it so for all these students who have prepared so hard for both the groups, you all should take a break for someday and relax your mind and after that make a plan again and start preparing for it. But you very well know that you cant waste much time because of the double competition.


Now the students who were preparing only 1 group for jan 2024 , now are the golden opportunity for all of you to prepare both groups and clear the examinations in one shot. I must tell you one thing, nothing can beat the joy of cleaning both groups together so that only go for it and crack it. I will share another video on How should you all plan to study in these 4 months to crack both the groups so you can take help from that. So this is something a very good opportunity for these students. In this case, if you need any advice comment it will surely help you out. So for this student, if you are going to take coaching classes for the remaining subjects so do it as soon as possible because at last self-study is very much needed to clear the exams.

For some students who may feel less confident in a subject now is the time for all of you to make that subject your best and strongest.


Here I have 1 piece of advice for you all: that you should revise that part of the syllabus which is tough for you and you are not confident about that. And also those topics or chapters which you have left because of time or toughness on Jan 2024, study these topics first. Also, I have information to share with you all which is very much useful for you all.


CA test series have launched a new test pattern in which we will provide you tests of each chapter in all 8 subjects. Yes!! You heard me right!! We will provide you 1 test of each chapter for all the subjects so that you can have a good grip on each chapter. Because at this level you need to have a good grip on all your chapters because you dont know from which chapter  ICAI is going to ask questions so here we have the best thing we can do for you. So go and check it and register for it.


Overall I can say that for all of you there is some opportunity hidden in this cancelation i.e.: If you were preparing for one group now you can prepare for both and clear both in one go. If you have felt less confident about some subject you can make it the strongest one now and secure an exemption in that. For the students who were preparing for both the groups but, they were not very confident now you can gain all your confidence. And students who were preparing so hard to clear the exams for your students, its time to convert this opportunity for you best and you all should now start preparing for all India rank. And who are already preparing for the rank you should now focus on the top.


There are the some tips to help effectively prepare for the CA Final Inter Foundation exams for Sept/Nov2024:

  1. Making a Customized Study Timetable: Making a customized study plan is essential to successful test preparation. Determine your advantages and disadvantages in each subject before start. Give difficult subjects more time and less to those you are familiar with. Divide the material in your syllabus into digestible sections and make reasonable daily and weekly objectives. Incorporate brief rest intervals to prevent burnout and guarantee regular review sessions. 
  2. Using Technology to Support Study: Utilizing technology for study can significantly enhance your preparation. Leverage educational apps, online courses, and digital flashcards to reinforce learning. Use video lectures and webinars for complex topics. Tools like online quizzes and mock tests help assess your knowledge. Integrating these resources into your routine can make studying more efficient and engaging.
  3. Methods of active learning: Describe how to use active learning techniques including questioning, summarizing, and imparting knowledge to others. Talk about the ways in which these techniques can improve the recall and comprehension of difficult ideas.
  4. Drive and Mentality: Provide strategies for maintaining motivation and developing a good outlook while making preparations. Add inspirational sayings, anecdotes from successful candidates and helpful guidance on overcoming obstacles.
  5. Mock Tests and Practice Questions: Underline how crucial it is to solve  previous practice papers and take frequent practice tests. Give advice on performance analysis and how to pinpoint areas that need work.

These points cover various aspects of exam preparation, ensuring a holistic approach to succeed in the CA Final Inter Foundation exams.

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Every one of you now can turn this opportunity for your best. This is the time you all can change your results in a better way.


Best of luck.

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