CA Final Costing (SCM-PE) in 1.5 days Strategy Latest

CA Final Costing (SCM-PE) in 1.5 days Strategy Latest


This will be scoring subject and help to make the aggregate

The theory is important because 2nd or 3rd part will be the theory question and application is very important. Focus on pointers, content in those pointers can be self-made. As its not possible to read the entire content as it is. So pointers are the key.

Use Quick Revision capsules from icai websites that are perfect after every chapter.



For practical questions, refer to questions at the end of the chapter and illustrations. Dont try to practice every question by hand, first revise class notes quickly then if you have marked any important points in different questions then thoroughly check those or otherwise quickly check the points of questions and attempt the calculation part on your rough notebook.

In the case of study, read the requirement of the questions first then read the case. 

These are most scoring topics


On the Day of Law Exam


Lean System

2 hours

Performance evaluation

2 hours

Modern Business environment

45 Min

Intro to strategic cost

30 min


Next Day


Transfer pricing

7 AM to 9 AM

Pricing Policy

10 AM to 12 Noon

Cost management of specific sectors

12.15 PM to 1.30 PM

Strategic analysis of operating income

2.15 PM to 4.30 PM

Budgetary Control

5.15 PM to 6.30 PM

Standard Costing

7 PM to 8.45 PM & 9.15 to 10 PM

Any left part

10.15 to 11.30PM


Exam Day


Decision Making7 PM to 9 AM
Cost management techniques9.45 AM to 10.30 AM


Check our Quick revision CA Inter & CA Final mock test paper



The Paper will be lengthy but scoring. Focus on speed from the first question. 

Read theory while walking that will be good. Keep mobile phones switched off. Eat well, dont skip meals, and take tea/coffee while studying.

Due to exams, I will not make this video very long.


Also, Check CA Final Law 1.5 Days Strategy 



Best of luck  


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