How to prepare for CA Inter EIS-SM

How to prepare for CA Inter EIS-SM

The CA inter exams seem to be far but do not get the misconception of avoiding the syllabus of the exams. You may think that you can prepare within a month or two months before the actual exams but this is the biggest myth. You must prepare for the exams from the very beginning of the year only then you will be able to clear the exams with good marks. You must ensure every minute that you can spend on studies you certainly should. Time runs too fast that you would never even realize how fast it flew away. So, let us now have a glance at a few tips that help you throughout the preparation process and help you pass the most terrifying paper of the CA intermediate exam.


The crucial subject that requires your complete attention

The subject has two types of categories in the syllabus, for example, EIS (Enterprise Information Systems) and strategic management. You must understand how Enterprise information systems support strategic management will help you gain an understanding of the process. It is believed that CA inter exams more difficult than cracking CA-IPCC so make sure you are a hundred percent prepared for the examinations.


How the things you should manage for the CA inter EIS-SM


Approach- The EIS-SM paper requires a different approach to be cleared since everything cannot be tackled with the same approach and same way.  It is best that you start with SM and then come with EIS since they both are easier to grasp and score well. The subject should be prepared well and will give you the confidence to give the exam.  You can also take the help of the CA test series that provide the videos of the best professors for the online preparation of the CA intermediate exam. 


Time scheduling- The paper EIS-SM already has a lengthy syllabus that requires time that is why it is better that you start early. You can take advantage of using the time as much as you can to prepare well for the exams. Manage how much time you require for the EIS and how much time to SM. Prepare the syllabus in advance and use the remaining time to only revise the topics you have already prepared. Also, do not forget to go through the Online Test Series for CA.




Important Topics that you must study well for the examinations


Enterprise Information Systems

  • Automated Business Process
  • Financial and Accounting Systems
  • Core Banking System
  • E-Commerce, M-Commerce and Emerging Technologies
  • Information System and its components


Strategic management 

  • Strategy Implementation and Control.
  • Organization Strategic Leadership
  • Strategic Management Process
  • Corporate Level Strategy
  • Business level strategies.
  • Dynamics of Competitive Strategy
  • Introduction to Strategic Management
  • Functional level strategies


Some Important Points that you can follow while you are giving exams


  • Make your answers crisp and up to the point. Avoid unnecessary explanations.
  • Make diagrams, flowcharts, and tables as many as you can since they pass your message in a better way and take less time.
  • Try to attempt those questions first which have complete knowledge about.
  • Try to make your answers more technical than generic since they display how well-prepared you are and leaves a good impact on the examiner.
  • Use the relevant example of the real-life scenarios in strategic management so that the examiner can know your deep understanding and knowledge of the subject.





Following the above tips, you can easily pass the CA inter EIS-SM exam and score well. CA Test Series will help you get through the examinations with ease and comfort. You just need to keep calm and prepare well for the examinations.

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