How to Get Rank in CA Final Examination 2024

How to Get Rank in CA Final Examination 2024

How To Get Rank In CA Final Exam:

Do you want to know how to improve your ranking in the CA final?

Preparing for CA Final Exams? Worried about how to get a rank in the CA final?

Dont worry!

We are here to guide you and share a proven strategy to help you through your CA Final Exams journey.

Always Remember CA Students:

You cannot reach greatness unless you want greatness,

and if you are reading this post, you must have dreamed big. Not only do you want to be better, but you also strive to be the best in the crowd.

We hope youre aiming for a single-digit ranking on the CA Final exam. That is not simple, even if you were a brilliant student in your youth, but it is not impossible even if you are an ordinary student.

Always Keep In Mind:

There are no shortcuts to success, which implies no alternative for a hard effort. The more you sweat during preparations, the more relaxed you will be throughout your job search.

However, smart effort is as important as hard work. Unless and until you have a well-planned study schedule, you will be unable to get a rank in CA Final.

Before beginning your preparation, it is good to get familiar with the CA Final course to make more informed judgments and develop a more effective approach.

What Are The ICAI Guidelines To Get A Rank In CA Final Exam?

Some of the ICAIs requirements to get rank in CA Final Examination-

  • You must be among the top 50 students in your attempt.
  • Clear both groups in one to go without prior exemption.
  • Attain a minimum of 55% in one go.

How To Get A Rank in CA Final Exam- Strategies To Crack CA Exam 2022:


1. Leave The Excuses At The Door:

Every time you compare yourself to others, youre likely to develop several reasons not to study or explain why youre underperforming, like:

  • Some students often mistakenly believe that their peers notes are superior to their mentors. 
  • Some students must work while they study to support their families or complete their education. They were under the impression that they did not have as much study time as their peers.

Nevertheless, these are only lame excuses, ca students. You must avoid using these excuses if you want to do well in the CA finals. 

Do not allow yourself to get used to making such excuses.  

Determine in advance, belief in yourself, and focus on being an effective Chartered Accountant regardless of the circumstances.

CA Students Remember:

"Good Mindset + Good Health + Good Strategies = Good Marks"

2. Focus On Concept Clarity:

Most students attempt CA exams by memorizing every question included in your compiler, Study Material, Practice Manual, or Suggested Answers. However, this is the incorrect pattern to study.

Either way, some students pass the CA Exams by memorizing an increasing number of response patterns, but you are not prepared to pass this test; you are preparing to get a rank in the CA final.

As a result, your concepts must be razor-sharp.

3. Never Skip ICAI Study Material –

The majority of students make this mistake. While it is fine to follow your coaching materials, entirely disregarding ICAI material is not acceptable.

"OMG, how did we manage to finish such a large and bulky document?" Such a mentality might severely impact your aim of attaining a rank.

Do not be scared; when you access ICAI materials such as:

  • The Study Material
  • Practice Manual
  • RTP, or MTP,

you will see that a large number of questions in these materials have previously been addressed in your coaching material.

Hence, never commit this mistake by ignoring ICAI study material and just focusing on coaching study material.

4. Proper Planning - Make A Study Plan

Working consistently towards the goal is effective. You could win a lost war if you have everything well-organized.

Its true:

Planning To Fail Is Failing To Plan

Planning your studies is essential to earn a good grade on the CA Final Exams. Ive seen many kids work hard yet still fall short of their goals. The cause of such failure is a lack of effective planning.

Students often forget the ideas of the topics they began initially and remember only the most recent current subjects.

As a result,

  • You should begin tutoring for practical courses first (2 years before the test), except DT and IDT, which have undergone several changes and must be revised regularly.
  • Solve as many answers as you can. After that, begin your theoretical topics like law, auditing, and so on so that you can keep them until your tests.
  • Ensure that you finished all of your coachings at least three months before the ca exam so that you have adequate time for self-study.

The majority of the toppers plan their schedules, not for a day but every minute.

So, make a true timetable that includes all of your topics, three times review, and then solving RTP and MTP for the previous 3 – 4 tries.

5. Make Your Revision Notes

The CA Final Syllabus is extensive, and revising the complete syllabus in a single day is challenging. To keep things simple, students should create handwritten notes.

Students should always have their notepad or pen with them to take notes and indicate essential topics during class.


Notes are simple to revise and grasp, and they also assist you to avoid wasting time in your CA Final preparation and get rank in CA final examination.

6. Trust Your Preparation:

  • Avoid exploring new subjects at this time to avoid confusion.
  • Never compare yourself with others, just be focused and trust the material and preparation strategy you are following.
  • Everyone has their way of studying and preparing; you should stick to yours.
  • Comparison with friends will only help to distract you.

7. Focus On Working Notes For Practical Papers:

  • All practical papers, including accounting, costing, financial management, and taxes, are marked step-by-step. 
  • Writing adequate working notes for these courses will help you get good grades.

8. Focus on language in theory papers:

Language plays a vital role in getting good marks for this exam, for papers like law, audit, and SM/EIS, including crucial phrases, section references, are a must.

9. No recollection of topics - dont panic:

  • If you cant recall things during test preparation, dont worry. This happened to everyone.
  • Preparation will get you in the flow. Its essential to finish the test calmly.

10. Good health will become key:

  • It is crucial to stay healthy before any exam. Eat healthily and get proper sleep.
  • Personally, I had fainted in one of my papers due to lack of sleep and food, so dont repeat the same mistake. Learn from my experience.

11. Take some time away from your studies:

Always keep in mind :

The more you tense your thoughts, the more likely you are to get demotivated and distracted throughout the ca exams.

As a result,

  • You must take a break from your studies.
  • Constantly studying is not the best approach to preparing for the test.
  • It will cause your mind and body to get stressed.

A healthy mind works healthily. Therefore, take short pauses from your studies of 10-15 minutes to rest your mind and body.

12. Hard Work Is The Key To Success:

We all have to admit that the CA Course is one of the most demanding streams. Also, the never-ending changes in the curriculum make it much more difficult.

Always Remember:

You may use smart work to help you plan, but it cant substitute for actual hard work. Youre not just hoping to pass this test; youre hoping to go into AIR, and you cant get there until you give it all youve got.

One subject youre skipping might be the most critical in your tests. To do well on the test, youll need to put in at least 8-10 hours of study every week for the final six months leading up to it.

Keep In Mind:

There will be many ups and downs on your CA Exams Journey. But, if you have faith in yourself, you will be capable of reaching this significant milestone.

13. Solve Previous Year Mock Test Papers:

Students, dont forget that practicing is just as vital as reading and comprehending the material. Youll need to practice time management at home since the papers are so long.

Divide your time after the training so that you may practise MTP and previous attempt papers at home.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

"Practice Makes a Man Perfect," youve probably heard (well, that applies to women, too).

  • Writing preparation before the tests is pretty beneficial. Try jotting down your responses.
  • You can do this by solving the previous years question papers and writing down the answers.
  • Check your answers and compare them with the ideal answer sheet. Find out what your mistakes are and fix them.

As a result,

Practicing mock tests will assist you in improving your speed for the CA Exam. This is an essential aspect of your CA Final and Inter exam preparation over the last three months. 

It will benefit you in two ways: 

  • First, you will have a better understanding of the types of questions given on the exam, and 
  • Second, you will be able to manage your time more effectively.

According to the CA Inter and Final toppers, these sample papers are essential for ICAI Exam preparation. 

14. Revision is a must!

Dont worry if youre wondering how to get a rank in CA Final. The course is extensive, and you only have a few months to complete the entire curriculum.

The first step is to make every attempt to finish your CA Final syllabus ahead of schedule so that you may make any necessary changes.

Always Remember while preparing a study plan:

To prepare for the ca exams, use the three-time revision approach along with sufficient time to practice and evaluate MTPs & RTPs.





5-Step Full-Proof Plan For Preparing For The CA Final Exam May 2024:

Lets have a look at a 5-step full-proof plan for preparing for the CA Final Exam.

Step 1: Learn everything there is to know about the CA exam.

Step 2: Lay a strong foundation.

Step 3: Sharpen Your Skills

Step 4: Hone your answer-writing abilities.

Step 5: Take a practice online mock test to prepare for the CA Exams.

Step 1: Know the ICAI exams well:

It is important to have a thorough understanding of ICAI tests before preparing for any exam.

  • Carefully read the ICAI Exam Notification to become acquainted with the Exam Syllabus, Exam Structure, Exam Time Limit, and Eligibility Criteria.
  • After that, have a look at the previous years papers and read through them to get an idea of ​​what will be asked in the exam.

Thus, if you dedicate the stipulated time to this activity, you will save a significant amount of time during your preparation!

Step 2: Consolidate your foundation

You must understand the fundamentals of accounting and law, regardless of your background.

  • As a result, read the foundation books thoroughly, which can be obtained free of cost from the official website of ICAI.
  • Make a point of reading them at least twice.

Step 3: Upgrade Your Knowledge with the ICAI standard books.

  • The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India provides comprehensive study materials for CA Final, Intermediate, and Foundation exams.
  • You can get complete study materials for CA Final, Intermediate, or Foundation from The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

Thus, read the books at least twice, then jot down your handwritten notes to use for answer-writing exercises later!

Step 4: Answer Writing Practice + Revision

  • In the overall plan of CA Intermediate and Final preparation, answer-writing practice and revision play an important role.
  • Once you have finished one topic on the study mat, you can start practicing answering questions.
  • Earlier, it would have been a pointless exercise as you would have had to rely on books for the content of the answers.

Step 5: Mock-Test Based Learning Approach

You should start using mock test-based learning techniques three months before the CA final and intermediate exams.

It will make you feel like you are taking an exam.

Once you get used to it, it will help you relax during the exam period.

  • Take one exam-style mock test at the same time and then check your results.
  • Check your weak areas and revise the topics you have forgotten.

Not only will it help you manage your anxiety during the exam, but it will also provide you with excellent exam preparation!

Click Here To Download CA Final Study Plan May 2024

Important Tips To Note To Crack CA Exams May 2024:

  1. While attending Articleship, a student must study extensively for exams well in advance and spend at least two hours each day studying.
  2. A minimum of 14 to 16 hours of hard work is necessary throughout the vacation time.
  3. As much as possible, Stay away from cell phones, and television.
  4. Students must study and practice using the study materials and the practice manual. A student can use a typical text/reference book if a topic or point is unclear.
  5. Students should consult the suggested answers to questions from the previous five/six exams and the Revision Test Papers.
  6. Follow CA exams notes like quick revision charts at the time of revision during the last 3 months.
  7. It is strongly advised that you solve the problems without consulting the solutions first, then compare your answers to the solutions provided.

Such an approach would aid in identifying the source of a mistake and the pattern of presenting an answer.




Must-Know Tips To Crack CA Final Exams May 2024:

As we know, in CA exams, there are two types of subjects:

-Theory Subjects 

-Practical Subjects

So firstly, we deep dive into theory subjects writing tips & tricks!

Tip1: Use Few Crux Words:

The logic behind using crux words [ difficult words] is to play a psychological game with the examiner that pretends you are so confident with your answer.

Note: Never forget to underline those words.

Tip 2: Focus on quality, not on quantity: 

Keep in mind that your exam answers are evaluated the same way we judge the quality of a product in a store.

So Note: Ca Exams are not your university exams; these are professional exams depending on professional answers.

Tip 3: Write Spaciously:

  • Always provide your replies in a manner that isnt too tied together
  • Ensure that the spacing between the lines is correct
  • The logic behind this point is to make your exam copy readable and understandable easily.

"Ensure the examiner spends less time on your exam copy!"

Lets conclude these three tips in one sentence:

Good Marks In Theory Subjects = Good presentation + Quality of Answers + Good Choice Of Words For Answer 


Now lets come to the presentation of practical subjects:


Tip 1: Dont forget the units:

Dont make silly mistakes like forgetting the units like Rs. , $, etc., as in practical questions; units are must mentioned!

Tip 2: Solve In Steps:

Always remember this: 

In practical subjects, you got the marks for steps, not for your answer.

Tip 3: Always Write Formulas:

  • Remind yourself and write down the formula for the question even if you dont know the answer.
  • As this trick is implemented by ca toppers and they get marks for this!

Lets conclude these three tips in one sentence:

Good Marks In Practical Subjects = Solve Stepwise With Units & Formula Mentioned


Final Strategies For The Last Month Of CA Final Examination

  • Make a schedule that works for you.
  • Do not spend the entire day on the theoretical subject.
  • At least one subject should be prepared for exemption.
  • Make a careful review of your class notes.
  • Stick to one book at a time and put your faith in your tutor.
  • Follow the schedule for each topic to the letter.
  • Make brief notes on the day of the exam to rapidly review critical ideas.


How to divide your entire day for CA Final Exam Preparation?

If you wish to get ranked in CA final examinations, it is essential to understand that each minute counts.

You have to put all of your efforts and hard work into the preparation.

Get up early in the morning, at about 4 a.m. By 5 a.m., you should be ready.

This period (from 4:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m.) is known as Brahma Muhurta, and studies completed during this period are remembered for a long time.

Here is a schedule you can follow during your CA Final Preparation.




5 AM. To 7.00 AM 
7 AM. to 7.30 AM.Breakfast Time
7.30 AM to 10.30 AMRead theory – your mind is always fresh in the early morning
10.30 AM to 11.00 AMRelaxation Time
11.00 AM to 1 PM.Do/solve practical problems.
1 PM to 2 PMLunch Time
2 PM to 3 PMTake a short nap
3 PM to 5 PMDo/solve practical problems.
5 PM to 5.30 PMTake a break.
5.30 PM to 8 PMRead theory.
8 PM to 9 PMDinner Time
9 PM to 10 PMRelax Yourself
10 PM to 12 PMDo/solve practical problems
12 PM to 4 AMHave a full night of sleep



If we conclude all these tips :

Revise + Practice MTPs + Evaluate yourself + Revise your week areas known by practice MTP"s + Practice + Evaluate = Good Score In CA Exam!

" Good Mindset + Good Health + Good Strategies = Good Marks"


No matter what, never give up!

Dont panic at any moment. Just stay calm & full of confidence!

Keep up the josh & Just Give Your Best! 

We hope these CA final rank tips will help you get a rank in your CA Final Examinations.

Read more:

General FAQs

Q: Is it possible to get CA final rank in two months?
A: To pass the CA exams and earn a decent score in the CA final, you must revise three times. You must plan your study plan in such a way that you have at least three opportunities to update your course. Set aside two months for revisions, with the first one taking around a month.
Q: Is it necessary to enroll in CA final coaching to prepare for the exams?
A: Without any tutoring, preparing for the CA final examinations is very tough. CA final coaching gives applicants step-by-step instructions on preparing for the CA examinations. In addition, the leading CA college offers applicants many tactics for revising for CA final courses in the last month. As a result, CA final applicants are recommended to enroll in a CA final institution to prepare for the CA final examinations.
Q: How many hours should a CA final candidate dedicate to studying?
A: Candidates should devote 10 hours each day to prepare for the CA final examinations at first. Candidates should increase their study time in the days leading up to the CA final test. They should extend their daily preparation time from 10 to 14-15 hours.
Q: Is it possible for an average student to pass the CA final examinations on the first attempt?
A: Yes, the CA final examinations may be passed on the first attempt by an average student. CA final examinations may be passed on the first try by both average and below-average students. Candidates taking the CA final examinations must put forth a lot of effort. They should devote at least 12 to 13 hours every day to their studies. They should aim to finish the course ahead of schedule and spend most of their time working on practice examinations, revision papers, and previous year question papers. Solving problems assists students in preparing for the CA final examinations and covers the whole CA final curriculum.
Q: How many hours CA final candidates spend?
A: CA final candidates must get enough sleep to keep their minds fresh and ready to absorb new subjects. Candidates must get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. This will improve your study efficiency. Never attempt to cut down on your sleep time.
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