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How to clear CA Final exams in 1st attempt?

How to clear CA Final exams in 1st attempt?

It is always a matter of concern for the CA students to pass the exam at the first attempt and easily get through all the papers successfully. Even after the preparation, they are doubtful about the results because of the increasing competition. But, if a few steps that are taken in the right direction at the right time can actually change the way for your preparation and help you clear the CA final examinations. CA Test Series will help you know how and where to start preparing for your CA final exams in order to make it on the first attempt. Let us know a few points that will sail you through the CA final exams.


Your all coaching’s should be completed at least 3 months before the exams. No matter which coaching classed did you joined, it ultimately all depends on your study and approach while studying before the exams.


Most students are only studying the material but did not test their performance. At the end of the exam, he/she did not know what points he/she should write. They are not able to answer properly those questions also in which they are conceptually good. So testing is quite important.


Don’t spend most of your time arranging notes from various sources, most of the notes are prepared by referring ICAI mat only, and just their presence is different. You should refer to your class notes only.


A good study plan which has time for refreshment, the time slot for theory and practical subjects, and time for ICAI MTP, test series, etc. Don’t engage in unnecessary chats on social media because it diverts your attention and keeping your mind busy in un-productive areas. 3 months should be only for your exams. All other plans should be postponed after the exams. None other than exams should be important for you.   



Things to avoid while preparing for the CA Final Exams

  • Do not underestimate the syllabus of the CPT because when students do that they get discouraged when the result comes since they only get the passing mark. Make sure you go through the ICAI Foundation test series that will help you pass the foundation with great marks and prepare you for the CA final as well.


  • The first and foremost thing you need to have is self-confidence. Confidence is a must that you should possess while preparing for the exam. If you lack confidence you will lose before attempting the exam since this will demotivate you. So, you better be confident in yourself.


  • The most harmful thing can be lack of concentration because of most of the students think that few chapters of the syllabus are important and some have less importance but in spite of the fact you must prepare for all the chapters equally since you never known which chapters brings out the questions in the exams.   


  • On the other, hand hearing from the student who could not pass the CA final exam is harmful to your self-confidence. When you keep hearing the stories of their unsuccessful attempts you get demotivated and discouraged and lose confidence in yourself.


  • Students most often do the mistake that they go for low fees tuitions to save time and pass the CA final exam.  The institutes that offer low fees are sometimes not delivering the best results. So, do not compromise with your hard work and struggle in order to save some money.


Points to consider and implement while preparing for the CA Final exam


  1. Make a schedule or plan to have regular studies since this can take you along the way. If you are thinking that you will prepare for the exam in the last few months. Then the answer is never. The syllabus is very lengthy and difficult that you can only pass if you give 4 hours at a minimum on a daily basis. So, make s time table or routine to study regularly and take help from ICAI Test Series to study well.


  1. The important thing you have to keep is a determination if you want to be fully confident and prepared so that you do well in the exams so the most important thing is to be determined towards your goals. You should have a mindset that you only have one option is to pass the CA Final exam.


  1. Do not forget to attempt CA Final Mock Test Series since through this you will get many questions and methods that you can use in exams to score well. These are completely reliable since it is delivered by ICAI itself. You will know how is your preparation going and you can also correct your mistake by understanding your weak area.


  1. In today's world clearing the CA Final exam without the tuition classes is close to impossible. You should at least take coaching for practical papers like financial reporting, SFM, and costing. In tuitions, teachers will help you clear your concepts and understand them with practical learning. You are advised to take the classes for the last few 6 months that will help you understand new concepts and approaches.


  1. Refer to your notes, study material, reference books, or ICAI Test Series for the revision and take the final step firmly towards achieving the goal. Revision is the most important part of your preparation. Make sure to keep aside the last few months just for the revision and try to complete your entire syllabus before that time.


  1. Make sure whatever you’re studying, you make notes for them chapter-wise since this will help you save your time. We all must have heard from someone that the CA final exam is impossible to crack if you do not have the trick to managing time well. So, it is better that you make notes properly and clearly so that you can quickly access them whenever you need them.


So, make sure to keep following the above points systematically and you will know the CA Final Exam is not that difficult to crack. With the right approach and right mindset a human is landing on the moon, it is still the exam that can be passed if you are determined. CA Test Series will guide you through the entire process and your preparation; just keep focused and positive for the preparation.




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