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Check ICAI CA Inter Result Dec 2021  Latest Update

Check ICAI CA Inter Result Dec 2021 Latest Update

The ICAI is about to release the Dec 2021 CA Inter Exam Results. 

As previously mentioned, the exams for the CA Inter Course will be held in December 2021 by the ICAI. 

You must have a roll number or registration number to verify the CA Inter-Dec 2021 results. Students have the option of checking their results either online or offline, such as by SMS or email.

CA Inter Result Dec 2021 – Expected Date 

The CA Inter-Dec 2021 exam results will likely be released on February 26th, 2022.

The ICAI CA Inter Result Dec 2021 contains all the information you need to know about the exam, including:

  • pass percentage%

  • CA Inter Pass Toppers,

  • verification of CA inter exams marks

  • statement of marks

  • merit list

  • pass certificate, rank certificate etc.

Following are the websites for students to verify their CA Inter-Dec 2021 results:

CA Intermediate Result Dec 2021– Link 1

CA Intermediate Result Dec 2021 – Link 2

CA Intermediate Result Dec 2021 – Link 3

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

As previously mentioned, the CA Inter-Dec 2021 expected result date is February 26th, 2022.  Check out the table for all important dates related to the CA Inter outcome dates in December 2021:

ICAI CA Inter Result  2021

 Important Dates

CA Inter-Dec 2021 Result Date

26th February 2022 [Expected] 

CA Inter Exam Dates

6th to 20th Dec 2021

Next Inter/Final Attempt

May 2022


  • Students should check their results as soon as possible rather than wait until the last minute. 

  • When verifying the CA Inter result for December 2021, the applicant should have all the necessary documentation. You may see a list of required papers and how to check the result procedure below in this article.


ICAI CA Inter Result Dec 2021: Procedure Step By Step:

The results of the CA Intermediate exam, which took place in December 2021, will be announced on February 26th, 2022 [expected].

Here is a step-by-step guide to check your CA Inter Result 2021 using each available option:

Step 1: Go to the official website.

Step 2: Press the "Results" button

Step 3: Under the announcement section of the website page find the “ Intermediate Dec 2021 link”

Step 4: That link will take you to the page of results for the CA Inter-Dec 2021 attempt.

Step 5: Then Enter your roll no. along with Registration No. or PIN.

Stage 6: Copy the captcha code, and press the 'Result test' button

Now a page will appear with your CA Inter-Dec 2021 result. You can take a printout of your result for future reference.


ICAI CA Inter-Dec 2021 Result: How To Check Through SMS/ Email

  • ICAI makes its SMS and Email services available to students taking the CA Inter-Dec 2021 Exam, so they don't have to deal with any day-of-results stress. 

  • Students who want to get their exam results through SMS or email may do so by signing up for this optional service. 

  • You'll need your CA Inter registration number or PIN, as well as your exam roll number, to access this service.


ICAI CA Inter Result Dec 2021 via SMS:

Candidates can also get their CA Inter results on their mobile number via SMS. Follow the steps set out below-

Step 1: Write a new text message as follows CAINTER

Format of SMS: (Space)XXXXXX 

Where XXXXXX is the 6 digit Foundation exam roll number of the student.

E.g. CAINTER 000171

And send your message to 57575. This service is available for all mobile services.

Thus, Candidates who obey these steps will be updated on their cell phones about their CA Inter-Dec 2021 score

If you have forgotten your login details:-   

1. Admit Card: If students forget their roll number when reviewing their results, they may look it up on their admission card. 

2. Helpline Number: If a student does not have their CA Inter Admit card and has forgotten their registration number, they can call the ICAI at 0120 3054, 851, 852, 853, 854, and 835 0120 4953, 751, 752, 753, and 754.

3. E-Sahayta: The ICAI's website allows you to register using your email id through E-Sahayta. You must first register if you have not already done so. You may then search for the answer to your question.


Details Mentioned on ICAI CA Intermediate Result Dec 2021:

ICAI CA Intermediate scorecard has the following details: 

  • Candidate name.

  • Candidate roll number.

  • Qualifying status of Candidate.

  • Marks obtained in Group I subject-wise.

  • Total marks obtained in Group I exam with the qualifying rank.

  • Marks were obtained in Group II subject-wise.

  • Total marks were obtained in the Group II exam and the qualifying status.

  • The total of Group I + Group II. 


ICAI CA Inter: Criteria for Passing Marks:

The CA Intermediate exam is split into two sets of eight exams, with four papers in each group. Students may take the CA Intermediate Examination in either one or both groups. 

The CA Intermediate Examination has the same passing criterion. 

To pass the CA Intermediate result and qualify for the CA Final registration, students must score at least 40% in each topic and 50% in the aggregate of all courses.

Let’s have a look for CA Inter result 2022 passing criteria papers: 

Papers CA Inter

Maximum Marks 

Minimum Marks 

Required Passing % 





Cooperate & Other Laws




Cost & Management Accounting 








Group-1 Total




Advanced Accounting 




Paper-6 Auditing & Assurance












Group-2 Total





ICAI CA Inter Result Dec 2021: Important Details:

Mark Sheet for CA Inter-Dec 2021:

  • The ICAI CA Inter-Dec 2021 examination will be delivered to all students who achieved a minimum grade point average of at least 70%. 

  • You may expect to get your CA Inter-Dec 2021 statement of marks within two weeks of results being announced. 

  • All candidates will get a copy of their exam results. 


Email [email protected] is the official email address for ICAI, and if a candidate does not get it within two or three weeks, they may directly contact them.


ICAI CA Inter Pass Certificate:

Students who pass both groups of the CA Inter-Dec 2021 Examination, either together or separately, within 60 days of the result's announcement will get a pass certificate.


However, if students do not obtain the same within 8 weeks of the ICAI CA Inter-Dec 2021 result being announced, they should contact dms_ [email protected]


  • A student who passes both group 1 and group 2 of the CA Intermediate examinations in December 2021 will be qualified for the CA Final MAY 2022.

  • After passing CA Intermediate, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India will issue all passed students a pass certificate, which will arrive at your registered address within two months after the announcement of the results.


ICAI CA Inter-Dec 2021: Inspection of Certified Copies

 If a student wants to inspect its answer key then they can apply online or offline after the declaration of the CA Inter result. 

Remember that the application must reach the ICAI within one month of the result declaration. 

Candidates can apply for the certified copies for CA Inter-Dec 2021:

  • Send the application form within one month from the date of the declaration of the Inter result with the application fees of ₹500. 

  • No fees for the inspection of certified copies shall be refunded in any circumstances


CA Inter Result: Reasons For Withheld

In certain cases, applicants are unable to get their exam results online. It's possible that the ICAI has withheld the results for this reason. 

Candidate results may be suppressed for a variety of reasons, including:

  • If an applicant does not fulfill the eligibility requirements or present the requisite papers for the proof, the application will be rejected.

  • Candidates that cheat on the CA Inter Exam by engaging in unethical practices.


ICAI CA Inter Merit List 2021:

You will receive a rank certificate from the ICAI via post if you pass the Dec 2021 CA Intermediate exam in one sitting with a minimum of 55 percent aggregate marks and one of the 50 All India Ranks. 

However, at the ICAI annual day function in February, the Top 3 holders will get their rank certificate from the ICAI President.

Students can check the CA Inter merit list 2021 from the ICAI official website by following steps – 

Step 1:  Visit the ICAI result pages links provided above.

Step 2: There you will see “Intermediate (IPC) (Old) Examination” under “CHECK MERIT LIST”, click that option.

Step 3: Students have to fill their roll number/ registration number and fill captcha code here.

Step 4:  Then click on the “Check Result” option.

Step 5:  After this, the CA Inter merit list for Dec 2021exams will appear.


ICAI CA Inter July 2021 Pass %:

The ICAI has announced the pass percentage for CA Intermediate along with the results for the July 2021 test. In comparison to the previous year, the pass rate has increased. 

To get all of the facts, look at the table below:

CA Inter Group

Number Of Candidates Appeared 

Number Of Candidates Passed 

CA Inter July 2021 Pass % 

CA Inter Group I Exam




CA Inter Group II Exam




CA Inter Both Group Exams





ICAI CA Inter Jan 2021 Pass %:

CA Inter Group

Number Of Candidates Appeared  

Number Of Candidates Passed  

CA Inter Jan 2021 Pass %  

CA Inter Group I Exam




CA Inter Group II Exam




CA Inter Both Group Exams





Toppers of ICAI CA Inter Exam:

  • Every year, the ICAI announces the toppers list of deserving students. The list of this year's top performers has also been announced. 

  • Candidates have a minimum of 55 percent and above, and a maximum of 50th rank on an all-India basis are included in the result and merit list.


ICAI CA Inter Toppers July 2021:

The top scores in the CA Intermediate July 2021 test have been announced by the ICAI :

  • Arjun Mehra obtained the AIR 1 in CA Intermediate with a score of 84.25 percent (674/800). 

  • Mahin Naim got the AIR 2 with 79.38 percent. We congratulate them on their outstanding achievement.

  • Sudeepta Benya received AIR 3 with 78 percent.

Particular Details  

CA Inter July 2021 AIR I  

CA Inter July 2021 AIR II  

CA Inter July 2021 AIR III  

Candidate Name

Arjun Mehra

Mahin Naim

Sudeepta Benya


New Delhi












ICAI CA Inter Toppers Jan 2021:

Particular Details

CA Inter Jan 2021 AIR I

CA Inter Jan 2021 AIR II

CA Inter Jan 2021 AIR III

Candidate Name

Girish Aswani

Naman Maheshwari

Ayush Gupta














Verification Procedure ICAI CA Inter-Dec 2021: Answer Sheets

  • The Chartered Accountants Regulations, 1988 prohibit revaluation of the CA Inter-Dec 2021 Answer Book.

  • If students are dissatisfied with their grades, they may request a mark verification.

  • Read all of the Verification on Marks guidelines carefully.

  • Following the publication of the results, you will have one month to submit for mark verification, as per ICAI norms.


CA Inter Result Dec 2021: Application Procedure For Verification

  • Students may apply for mark verification using the ICAI's verification site. 

  • Students have one month to request that their answer sheet be verified. 

  • If your result changes after verification, the cost will be returned by the ICAI.

Applications submitted after the deadline will be rejected. The CA Inter-Dec 2021 verification procedure is entirely online. 

When applying for verification, follow the guidelines:

Step 1: Candidates will enter their User ID and Password to access their student dashboard.

Step 2: Find the link to "Apply for Verification of Answer Books" on the dashboard.

Step 3: Scan a copy of your handwritten verification request and upload it.

Step 4: Include all of the following information in your handwritten Application form:

  • Candidate Name

  • CA Inter Exam Registration Number

  • Exam –Intermediate

  • Month and Year of CA Inter exam

  • Paper/s subject/s details Candidate want revaluation

  • Address for communication.

Step 5: Sign the application form at the end.

Step 6: Scan the application form as a jpeg file with an 8-200 kb size restriction.

Step 7: Now go to the official website of the ICAI. The URL may be found there.

Step 8: Candidates will fill up the required information and submit their handwritten application form as directed on the website.

Step 9: You need to select CA Inter subjects for verification while applying through the online website portal. The subject you choose will be considered for verification, not the subjects you mentioned in your application form.

Step 10: Payment will be done online using Master/Visa/Maestro Credit/Debit Card.

  • After you've made a successful payment, you'll see the screen below. To keep a record of it, print it out.

  • If you have money deducted or a transaction fails, your money will be returned to you within 45 days of the window ends.

Step 11:The application will be processed in around 1-2 months. ICAI will get back to you about your request. On the ICAI official exam website, you may also check the status of your request.


CA Inter Verification Result Dec 2021:

It normally takes 6-8 weeks for the Verification result to arrive after a candidate's application for mark verification is accepted by the institution. 

Note: Students may verify their verification results for December 2021 online at

ICAI will provide a revised statement of marks to the registered address if any changes in marks occur following verification.

Note: If the marks stay unaltered following the verification result, the Institute will not communicate with you. 


What After ICAI CA Inter?

  • After passing the CA Intermediate examinations, you may enroll in the CA Articleship Practical Training program, which lasts three years.
  • After passing one of the two groups of CA Intermediate, you may apply for Practical training.

However, you must give both CA Intermediate groups to apply for CA Final registration. You will become a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India after passing both groups of the CA Final exam.

For more details about visit here: ICAI CA Articleship Exam(Online Practical Training exam) at pttest.icai


Conclusion: When will ICAI CA Final Result Dec 2021 Expect?

  • It is expected that the CA Final Result Dec 2021 will be released on February 26th, 2022. 

  • Candidates should be on the lookout for results notifications from the ICAI, and they should do so regularly.


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CA Inter/ CA Final Test series Plan 

Q : What is the expected date for the result of CA Inter Dec 2021 ?
A : The expected date of CA Inter Dec 2021 attempt is 26th February 2022.
Q : How to check ICAI CA Inter name-wise exam results Dec 2021? ?
A : Every candidate wants to know their results by name, however the ICAI will not release name-based results for the CA Inter 2021 exams. If the ICAI does publish name-based results for the CA Inter 2021 exams, we will inform you. We advise all candidates not to look for CA Inter Exam results by name in 2021. Best wishes for your CA Inter 2021 Exam Results.
Q : After the CA Inter Dec 2021 results, in how many days I can start my articleship ? ?
A : Students must finish an ICITSS course that lasts one month. You are now eligible for CA Articleship after completing the course.
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