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Best Test Series for CA Intermediate Exams as per Latest Pattern of CA Exams

Best Test Series for CA Intermediate Exams as per Latest Pattern of CA Exams

Which test series is best for CA Inter?


As we know, Getting ready for the CA exam is not easy, and putting what you have learned into practice while writing the paper is an entirely different ball game. 


But not an impossible for the students that follows:

Revise + Practice MTPs + Evaluate yourself + Revise your week areas known by practice MTPs + Practice + Evaluate = Good Score In CA Exam!


Practice Makes a Man Perfect, youve probably heard (well, that applies to women, too). As we all know, In India, Chartered Accountancy (CA) is one of the most difficult and prominent professional courses.

Foundation, Intermediate, and Final are the three levels of the course provided by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). After passing the CA Entrance exam and the Foundation level, its time to focus on the CA Intermediate level, the second level of the Chartered Accountancy curriculum.

Your journey as a CA student starts here as youre now a part of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. Getting through this level is not easy, and the course gets more challenging with each level, so you have to put in a lot of work.


But do not worry; sign up with the CA test series for mentors guidance till exams and many more like:

  • It offers the Highest Quality Test Papers
  • An Instant Doubt Solving Facility.
  • Unseen other than ICAI mat Questions
  • Application based Qs as per recent ICAI Exams
  • Specific evaluation comments (No general comments)
  • Mistakes discussion with teachers
  • Most experienced team (Indias biggest Network of Ex-Examiners)
  • More than 17 top faculties provide our test series to their students
  • All India Ranking out of 10k+ & lot more - May 2022 Results As Proof That Speaks The Quality of Our Mock Test Papers!!



In May 2022, the Ca Test Series reached over 20k+ registrations & also, once again, its CA Test Series With 2 AIR With Rank 1 in CA Final May 2022 & CA Inter May 2022.


Always Remember: 

The final exam is similar to a mirror in that it allows you to evaluate, analyze, and improve upon your performance in previous assessments.

Your performance will be witnessed by everyone in the world, and there will be no opportunity for self-reflection or correction. 


  • If you utilize test series well, it can play a significant role in your selection process.
  • You must periodically analyse your performance in order to identify your weak areas, where you need to devote more time and where you need to exert more effort... 


And Ca Test Series Includes: 

✅ Mentored till exams at CAtestseries & secured AIR-1 by practicing their MTPs which cover 50-55% of case studies & amendments + 1 to 1 mentoring sessions for guidance.

✅ *Real time Result & Analysis

✅  Improve Speed - Time Management.