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Why students quite CA Course | 8 Common Genuine Reasons | Chartered Accountancy Course

Why students quite CA Course | 8 Common Genuine Reasons | Chartered Accountancy Course



Chartered Accountants is one of the toughest exams in the India and its difficulty level day by day increasing. New Course which is designed by our prestigious ICAI, the level of the course also increases. Chartered Accountant Profession has a respect in the market and everyone want to look upon it. No shortcut only hard work required to crack this course.


Students that appear in exams have good brain and academically intelligent but still get negative results, they get demotivated and depressed and loose hope for next attempt.

Chartered Accountant course is patience level game, even the academic strong candidate has to take patience and require continuous hard work but students loose hope and quit this course.


8 Reasons Why Students Quit CA


  • Planning- There are lot of students quit CA due to lack of proper planning. Many of the thought it is good profession and we must do it but when they enter in it, they find it boring. Those candidates have keen interest and can-do hard work like sitting and can read books should adopt CA otherwise he feels depressed in this course. After passing 12th class student also don’t know what to and where to move ahead because he/she never explore the market and took that decision which everyone is taking. Proper guidance required for choosing career


  • Study Material- In the market there are lot of CA coaching institutes which they teach very well. Most of the professors are CA’s who help the students to teach the concepts practically. Some of them are experienced professors and one should learn from them about career and life. But many students ignore the study material and do not read that material. Most of the content of exams are from study material due to which student fail to clear the exams and feel demotivated and quit CA. RTP MTP all should read thoroughly. ICAI set examination from their study material and one should not miss it.


  • Exams Multiple Groups- ICAI conduct their examination twice a year and also in multiple groups. Each Group has 4 exams and total of 2 groups in Final Examination and 2 groups in Inter Examination. Students thought to give both groups and clear in one shot. A lot of hard work is needed and planning required to clear both groups. Most important mental peace will be disturbed for doing both groups. Every student has to see their own caliber and decide after carefully evaluation whether to go for both groups or one group. There is nothing Difference if Student clear groups one by one. It is better to give one group and clear the exams rather to appear in both groups and fail in the exams.


  • Multiple Attempts – As Stated above if a student opt for both groups and fails in the examination, get feel demotivated and in future can go for multiple attempts. It gets frustration to read books again and again but if a student has a caliber and feel confident to clear both groups then definitely go for it. Nothing is better to clear both groups in one shot. But after carefully analysis all the content then only student take a chance so that he doesn’t get depressed for multiple attempts and never thought to quit CA.


  • Wrong Advice- Students get fake or random advice from relatives, friends, neighbors that we should do CA. A wrong advice can lead to quit CA. If a student is hardworking but can’t read books for 10 hours, he/she shouldn’t go for CA rather to take other streams or another course.  People gave wrong advice and students start from curiosity and when reach in final get to know that this is not my interest and result is Quit of CA, so it is said to take advice from CA only. A good and understanding CA will carefully evaluate and advice students.


  • Articleship Experience- Some students have a really bad articleship experience. Some students find difficult to manage studies along with articleship. Some students have to work a lot and will get in pennies which they feel not good but exposure is also necessary for students how work flows in the industry. Only focus on articleship is also not good due to which they will not clear exams and after that they quit CA. Students have to keep balance between articleship and studies so that they feel motivated about the profession


  • Wrong Decisions- Some students realize that CA is not their cup of tea. They enter due to family pressure or some other reasons but when they do articleship or study the content they thought that CA is not their cup of tea. For e.g., Rahul Dravid had done wonders in cricket but he is CA drop out, He realize that CA is not his cup of tea and make career in cricket. Many more people realize later that they don’t want to do CA or want to switch their career.


  • Distractions – In today world there are lot of distractions like mobile phones, Netflix, gf/bf, family gathering, movies,parties etc. Student have to avoid these distractions. CA need a lot of hard work; these distractions will keep away from books. Student will not read books all the day, one can go for these things but in a balanced way. When student got holiday from articleship for exams, then student has to avoid all these distractions completely for few months and concentrate on exams. Avoiding phones Netflix for few months can make your life, student can take it as opportunity and clear in one shot otherwise student can get into trouble.





Chartered Accountant is not an easy task. There is no doubt it takes a lot of hard work, patience, dedication to achieve it. Only intelligence will not help in clearing CA. If a student is academically intelligent can choose for CA but it is not sure that he/she can clear CA. For clearing CA one should have to work hard, study long hours and have to keep patience.




There are many cases that intelligent people not able to clear CA and those are average have done it. In order to succeed in life, one should have patience, do hard work that only CA will teach us not intelligence. Student after clear 12th examination should take advice from CA if they want to go for CA course. In between if you don’t want to do CA or you find it not as per your interest you can quitand choose as per your interest as simple as that, don’t make complicated. One more thing after clearing CA one should not go for job or practice, you can do what you like One can become writer, dancer, actor businessman according to their interest.


CA give you respect in every field and sese of security also. This is also the reason many students quit CA that they don’t want to do job or practice. After CA you can do any wonders in which you have interest. For E.g., BOAT company founder Aman Gupta is CA he always wants to do business and he had done it, Arshin Mehta she is TV ad actor she wants to be actor so she chose after CA and Ca helps her a lot in this field. Shekhar Kapoor Indian Filmmaker he is also CA and many more. Students must take patience, do hard work with full dedication and complete the course Avoid distraction for some months is highly recommended.


Do not Quit CA if student find course interesting due to multiple attempts and have patience because CA will teach major aspects so to succeeds in life. Once Ratan Tata Sir had said – I need MBA to run my business but I need CAs to teach them to run the business. So, understand this quote and never quit the course if you find it interesting.

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