ICSI Resources: A Comprehensive Guide for Aspiring Company Secretaries

ICSI Resources: A Comprehensive Guide for Aspiring Company Secretaries


Navigating the Wealth of ICSI Resources: The  Essential Guide for Aspiring and Current Company Secretaries




The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) is a prime professional body set up by an Act of Parliament to promote excellence in the profession of Company Secretaries. It aims to bring forward the goal of developing high-Caliber professionals facilitating good governance in the corporate sector. It is a place that not only breeds aspirant company secretaries developed through comprehensive educational programs but perpetuates support for the existing company secretaries in life-long learning and development.


About ICSI


Set up to promote, regulate, and develop the profession of Company Secretaries in India, ICSI has been a very important pillar in India corporates  governance and compliance framework. 

Know more about ICSI


Educational Programs and Certifications

ICSI offers a well-structured program that aids the aspirants at each step of the way on the pursuit of becoming a company secretary, commencing from the foundation course to the professional program. Every stage is designed to bring a deeper understanding of corporate governance, law, and compliance.

Explore ICSI Educational Programs and Certifications


Membership Benefits


The benefits of being a member of ICSI include access to sources and the current updates on new regulatory changes with opportunities for professional networking. The benefits of membership with ICSI shall include access to sources and the latest updates on new regulatory changes, among many other opportunities for professionals.

Discover Membership Benefits


ICSI Publications and Resources

 These include journals, newsletters, research papers, and excellent libraries of knowledge and benefit to students and practicing company secretaries.

Access ICSI Publications.

Access ICSI Resources



ICSI meets the varied learning needs of learners by providing several e-learning platforms and digital libraries for round-the-clock education from any place. 

Use E-Learning Platforms


Regulatory Updates and Compliance Resources

 To help them with this, it is part of the duty of ICSI to give a tap on new updates for effective timely filing. 

Stay Updated with Regulatory Changes


Networking and Professional Development

 ICSI arranges for many networking events, workshops, and seminars through which members can meet their peers and experts in the field.

 Attend the Networking Events


Career Support and Placement Services

 Access promising career opportunities with the help of a dedicated ICSI placement cell for its members. 

Explore through Career Support Services


Global Recognition and Collaborations

 ICSI is among the bodies that are well recognized in the whole world, which is because of its collaborative nature with other international bodies; hence, it opens the best opportunities to the members. 

Learn about Global Opportunities


ICSI Initiatives for Students and Young Professionals

 ICSI has special outreach programs and designs that can draw and help engage students and young professionals who are seeking opportunities to start their careers. 

Get Involved in ICSI Initiatives



 ICSI plays an instrumental role in the professional development of company secretaries in India. With its comprehensive resources, educational programs, and continuous support, ICSI ensures that its members are well-equipped to meet the challenges of the corporate world.


General FAQs

Q: How do I become a member of ICSI?
A: One becomes a member of ICSI after completing the ICSI Company Secretary Course, which consists of three stages: Foundation, Executive, and Professional. As and when a candidate passes the Professional Programme with required practical training, he becomes eligible for membership to the Institute.
Q: What are the benefits of ICSI membership?
A: Member of ICSI enjoys access to one of the largest professionals networks, continuous professional education, and updates on the latest in corporate law and governance, along with publication, research opportunities, and professional development opportunities, along with the right to use the designation ACS or FCS (Associate or Fellow Company Secretary).The institute also supports members in their careers by offering placement services. Discover Membership Benefits
Q: . How can I access ICSI e-learning platforms?
A: ICSI hosts some e-learning platforms for the sake of education and continuing professional development. The following are e-learning platforms: online courses, webinars, a digital library—all this information is, however, subject to access registration at the ICSI website. For more information, Visit the ICSI E-Learning page.
Q: Where can I find updates on regulatory changes relevant to company secretaries?
A: ICSI, of course, keeps updating its members and the public at large about such changes that may come in regulatory perspectives impacting corporate governance in the country. Such updates and announcements are generally hosted on the website of ICSI in its Updates or What New section. In addition, members keep in touch through regular newsletters and journals with summarization of changes in legislation and instructions and requirements in the professional compliance. Check out the latest ICSI Regulatory Updates page
Q: How does ICSI support career development for company secretaries?
A: ICSI offers placement assistance, counseling, and resume-building workshops for career development. The institute also arranges professional networking events, job fairs, and has a job portal for its members. These services target the link between students who have qualified for the Professional world with prospective employers. Explore through Career Support Services
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