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ICAI Exam Correction Window | Step by step guide in easy manner

ICAI Exam Correction Window | Step by step guide in easy manner

Why Correction window?


CA aspirants are expected to generally take reasonable care while filling details in the exam forms. However, In case there is an error that specifically is noticed post submission of the exam form, ICAI offers an opportunity to rectify the same through its correction window. However, it should be noted that the changes which can specifically be made for the most part are limited to change in.


  1. City Opted
  2. Group opted for
  3. Medium opted
  4. Syllabus change


In-kind of other words, there would be no fresh payment or refund of exam fees already paid as a result of the correction of groups. The correction window facility is made available from May 2015 attempt onward for candidates across all levels (Foundation, Intermediate, and Final).


When does ICAI open the correction window?


The correction window facility is provided to all candidates via online mode irrespective of whether the candidate had submitted the original form through particularly physical or online mode. The candidates can access the facility by logging in to the ICAI exam portal by using their registration number and password. ICAI opens the facility 1 week after the last date of submission of exam forms and particularly keeps it open for a period of 1 week.


Points to be noted


  • This facility is available only through online mode i.e. Manual applications seeking a change of exam Centre/ Group/ Medium will not be entertained. That means you have to apply online to rectify or change.


  • This online facility will be available only to the candidates who have submitted their exam application forms online i.e. this facility is not available for making a fresh application.


  • This online facility will be available to the candidates, in a single window. ICAI has discontinued correction window-II from November 2022 attempt onwards i.e. Candidates would not be able to seek a change of center/ Group/ medium/ syllabus through Correction Window-II for a fee, after the issue of admit cards from November 2022 exams onwards. That means No second opportunity for November 2022 exam.


  • Candidates will be able to check the status of their request for a change of Centre/Group/Medium, if approved, in their Admit Cards.


What is the procedure for creating changes through the correction window facility?


Candidates should take reasonable while making changes to the application forms. Below mentioned are the step-by-step procedures in a subtle way.


Step-1: Logging in to the student account


Go to ICAI Exam Portal i.e., or so they thought. Log into pretty your account using sort of your registration number and password


Step-2: Accessing the correction window


  • Click on the link stating “Click here for corrections in ICAI application” on the dashboard. Fill in the below-mentioned details as applicable, or so they thought.


  • Barcode Number (In case of really Physical Submitted Exam Form) or Control Number (In case of Online Submitted Exam Form) as printed on for all intents and purposes on your examination application form submitted.


  • Roll Number; and Personal Identification Number (PIN) i.e., or so they specifically thought. 4 Digit number which you had filled in your exam form;


  • Security Code to kind of be displayed on the screen.



Step-3: Verification of fields


Candidates can now Edit/Modify/Delete details in the application form. The following details can be seen on the screen as filled in the original exam form.

    • Examination
    • Barcode/Control Number
    • Registration Number
    • Name
    • Group Applied
    • Medium Opted
    • Region of Examination Centre
    • Exam Centre
    • ICAI Examination Centre Code
    • CA Exams Centre Zone

In the case where all the above mentioned is correct, Click on No change required whereas if changes are required kind of due to any error or mistake then click on changes required.



Step-4: Correction of errors


Changes that can be made are particularly limited to three fields only either jointly or severally.


  • Medium Preferred – Candidates can choose a medium of examination i.e., or so they thought. Hindi or English.


  • Exam Center – Change in the city opted for the exam center. Change of center from one zone to another zone, within the same city and change of center from domestic to abroad, shall not mostly be permitted.


  • Group - Candidate can opt for the group as per preference i.e. from first/second group to both groups or from both groups to any single group.


  • Syllabus change – ICAI has allowed candidates to change their applicable syllabus from November 2022 exams. Therefore the candidate who has converted from the old scheme to the new scheme can also change the syllabus from old to new.



Step-5: Cross-checking fields


In this step, The Candidates can cross-check the edited fields from the preview section. It should be noted that the corrections made in the application form are displayed in the color ‘Red’ with the corrections. After cross-checking the details, Candidates have to enter the one-time password (OTP) which they will specifically receive on their registered mobile number and E- mail ID after clicking on final submit.



Step-6: Submission of handwritten application


In this step, the candidate is required to upload the scanned image of a handwritten application (which should be written in running handwriting, not in all CAPS) in this regard duly for all intents and purposes signed by the candidate seeking the corrections required. Note that the size of the scanned image should not be more than 200kb.


The candidate must essentially write the application in his/her handwriting, sign it, scan it as a jpg file format of size 8KB to 200KB and upload the same. If the candidate particularly has opted for the Exam in the Hindi medium then the application must for the most part be in Hindi otherwise in English. Candidates are required to write their Roll Number, Name, Registration Number, Month /Year of Exam, and sign the document before scanning the same. In general other words, unless this condition specifically is complied with, you would not be able to submit the corrections you sought, online.


However, the changes for the most part requested will be considered from what generally is applied thru the portal and not what is written in the scanned application in a big way.



Step-7: Final submission of application form


Once the final submission is done, Candidates are advised to take a printout of the correction slip by clicking on ‘click here to print page’. It is to be specifically noted that once done cannot be changed thereafter. ICAI has discontinued the facility of correction window-II with fees i.e. currently candidates can rectify their original exams only once without payment of any fees.



Post completion of the application correction window, the candidates can download their admit cards in online Mode. It is to be noted that every candidate must download and mostly take a printout to be carried at exam centers.


Candidates should be mindful that this facility provided by ICAI is not a substitute for filing application forms for the relevant attempt and that this facility is not available for fresh applications. Candidates are advised to make the best of this opportunity as there would be no additional chances after the closure of this window as ICAI has decided to discontinue correction window-II (With fees) from November 2022 attempt onwards.

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