Company Secretary Salary in India 2024 | Latest Market Trends and Skills Required

Company Secretary Salary in India 2024 | Latest Market Trends and Skills Required

A company secretary is an individual whose job as an expert in the area of business law and capital markets is to ensure efficient business management. This is the highly intellectual occupation where an individual needs to learn legal and regulatory knowledge of corporations, enhance their interpersonal, organizational, and communication skills, and not just that, time management, their skill to analyze every detail, being attentive, an effective planner, being a good negotiator, taking calculative risks, administrative skills, and many more. And most importantly, they should always be eager to learn more. Always trying to find a new way to do and understand the same things from a different angle. They also give their legal advice to the board of directors in business matters and work as a bridge between the company and its shareholders.

There is no doubt that the job role of company secretary is not something that needs to be taken lightly. Their roles can be diverse in different sectors of the department depending on their skill set, whether it is in finance management, manufacturing, or the IT sector. It is the fastest-growing and one of the most professional job positions for individuals who are interested in the fields of governance and business law.

Off course, it has its own challenges, like keeping and managing all changing laws in diverse areas, which is sometimes difficult for a single person. That is why sometimes big companies hire more than one company secretary.


Level based salary


There are many companies in India that pay salaries to their company secretary based on their roles and responsibilities. Before going any further, lets explore this more.



Salary Per Annum


Rs 3,00,000

Junior Company Secretary

Rs 5,75,000

Mid-level Company Secretary

Rs 7,75,000

Deputy Company Secretary

Rs 11,50,000

Senior Company Secretary

Rs 14,00,000


The experience of a company secretary plays a vital role in the growth of their salary as well as their status as a company secretary. The dissection of the experience-based salary starts from less than 6 months to more than 10 years, and salaries for them depend on their ascending years. Lets look at the table below to understand this more:



Average salary per annum

Less than a year

Rs 395,000

2-3 year

Rs 5,45,000

5-6 year

Rs 7,50,000

7-8 year

Rs 9,50,000

10-11 year

Rs 12,00,000

12-13 year

Rs 14,50,000


And not just that, their salary packages vary by location as well as country-based. You can check all the details on the official site of the ICSI, which is also known as the Institute of Company Secretaries of India.


Skills and job roles that a company secretary requires


1. When you join the company secretary program, you will learn many diverse skills that are required in the job role of company secretary, and one of them is being a legal advisor to the board of directors. Sometimes the company secretary plays that role too. in that you should have keen knowledge of not only the legal aspects of the company but also you should have a great observational skill, because without that you will not be able to put your opinion, and when you are not able to put your opinion on something, you will not be able to give a healthy advice to a companys board of directors.

2. A company secretary also sometimes plays the role of a person or agent who represents the company in many national or international contractual business meetings. By doing so, they can be an inseparable part of the company.

3. There is no doubt that good communication skills are a must for those individuals whose primary element of the work is communication—verbal communication, to be precise. And in that case, the company secretary is no exception. As a company secretary, you should be good enough at your soft skills to be a good communicator. You will be representing the company, and most of all, your job role will give you the privilege to directly interact with higher authorities if required for the sake of the company. And you can not do that without a proper communication skill.

4. Many documents related to work are now done via computers, and the company secretary has to handle a lot of documentation for the company. They have to be fast, sharp, and alert. With this fast-paced world or ever-growing technological era, company secretaries must keep pace with it.

5. Learning, and most of all, keeping learning, is the only rule for growth. And the company secretary also has to follow that. because in their job career, they will face so many different scenarios that can challenge their skills. For that, they need to get themselves updated.

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