How to cover the entire syllabus of CA Foundation in 3 months

How to cover the entire syllabus of CA Foundation in 3 months

At times, students or career aspirants say that they cant clear exams despite working so hard. Long gone are the days when hard work was the key to success, nowadays, you need more than just working hard. Once you compiled smart work with hard work, you will surely see the positive outcomes. Chartered Accountancy is considered as one of the toughest career courses, which takes away students will and confidence if not cleared. With CA Test Series, you can acquire the right direction to work in along with much-needed assistance of well-experienced professionals.


Professional Coaching is Essential


  • Nowadays, most students wish to clear the Chartered Accountant exam to pursue the ideal career that would assist you to survive. Surely, the aim is big but requires reliable coaching and observation in order to pass with clear concepts and methods.


  • In fact, professional coaching is highly important when youre preparing for getting good marks and percentages. They will not clear your doubts but also teach you the right methods and techniques to solve the paper.


  • Clearing the CA exam will open new doors of opportunities for you with big organizations and MNCs. This is why most students desire to apply for expert coaching and find the reliable CA Exam Series.


CA Foundation Online Test Series plays a very good role in effectively revising the syllabus within 3 months.


“About 86% of students who write CAtestseries.orgs test paper clear the CA Foundation in the first attempt”


  • Test Series helps to plan your studies properly
  • Familiar with the exam pattern
  • Increase Speed
  • Improve presentation
  • Quality Notes for Exams




Plan, Execute, Work & Study


  • Right when your CA exams are approaching, you start to panic and get confused about how to start with the preparation. By putting yourself in a state of pressure and anxiety, you might feel helpless but you dont have to give up. With little planning of your time table and study schedule, you will be able to jump-start your preparation with ease.


  • Time management is highly essential when preparing for the CA Foundation exam. Once you learn to smartly plan your complete study plan, there will be less pressure and more efficiency in you. If you feel you cant do this alone, there are multiple institutes offering CA coaching classes and test series to prepare you for the D-day. Certainly, you can execute and work your plan under the proper guidance and assistance of professionals.


  • In addition, you cant be solely dependent on the coaching centers and professionals as self-study is a must when it comes to preparing for CA Foundation. Self-study makes your brain active and responsive as you can grasp information more effectively. Once you learn the methods, tactics and other basic information, studying on your own becomes easy.


  • Your prime goal should be to complete your entire syllabus in 3 months so you can start with the revision. Moreover, revision should be done at least 3 times in order to acquire the perfect outcomes. Find the reliable Online Test Series for CA exams where you can connect with experts who will assist you in cleaning exam.


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Clear CA Foundation With 100% Certainty


  • Most students prepare for the CA Foundation exam, and give their 100% but still only a few clear it. Certainly, there is no shortcut to hard work but managing your study plan can make it possible for students to prepare effectively, perform efficiently and score admirably in this exam.


  • Once you know the key point that will assure you to clear this exam with 100% certainty only if you follow these points with utmost attention and sincerity. An effort is an essential ingredient during preparation, but understanding where to put your efforts brings all the difference.


  • It is absolutely good-for-nothing if you miss 25% of the CA foundation syllabus that is most likely carrying 80% weightage in exams. For improvising your preparation, take the well-designed CA Mock Test Series to check your basics and know the topics that need more brushing.


  • Have a smart approach along with hard work to complete the urgent and vital task at first instance and leave the rest for later. If youll follow the smart approach and be more focused on your final goal, then you can clear the CA Foundation exam with flying colors.


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Smart Approach for CA Foundation Exam


  • Know the weightage of each and every topic as it will allow you to identify which topic should be studied deeply. There are numerous students who waste their precious time getting into details that hold less relevance or carry less weightage in exams. Making the priority to the most significant topics is the foremost step to follow the smart approach. Keep your syllabus, study materials, relevant books and previous years paper on your study table at all times.


  • By solving last years question papers, you will get great help in understanding the pattern of the paper and the general difficulty level of the exam. It also assists the student in refining time management skills and implements a successful strategy that is the prime inarguable criteria for passing the CA foundation exam.


  • The root aspect of smart work for successfully cracking the CA Foundation exam lies in knowing exactly what to and what not to study. As a result, what matters in this exam is not the number of materials you have gone through but the quality of learning, understanding and revising.


  • Furthermore, mulling over personal strengths and weaknesses you should develop personalized strategies as general strategies dont work for everyone.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there any change in the ca foundation May 2022 syllabus?
A: There is no change in syllabus as compared to CA Foundation November 2020 effort.
Q: Can I revise the whole syllabus of ca foundation in 2months?
A: Yes, you can cover the entire syllabus effectively. Mainly accounting is almost similar to 12th CBSE, you have to focus on law and mathematics. Study for about 6-7 hours daily.
Q: How to prepare ca foundation in 1 month?
A: 1 month is quite a short time as there are also various new subjects in law and mathematics as compared to 12th CBSE. Only, if you prepare for 10-12 hours devotedly, you can revise the entire syllabus. Practice test paper.
Q: How many attempts can we give for ca foundation?
A: A registration is valid for 3 years and you can appear twice a year. So you have 6 attempts for the ca foundation.
Q: Is there any negative marketing in CA Foundation?
A: Negative marking is applicable in mathematics and economics papers. In Paper 1 and 2 accounts and legislation, this is not applicable.
Q: What is the ideal time to start ca foundation preparation?
A: CA Foundation is the ideal time to start 3 months before the exam, according to the syllabus and level of knowledge to pass the exam.
Q: Do ICAI Study material is sufficient for CA Foundation?
A: ICAI Study material is designed very well for the exams. Around 90% reference books also designed on the basis of ICAI Study material only.
Q: How to get rank in CA Foundation?
A: To get a rank in CA Foundation, it is easy. Be the first to be sure. This thought process should start from today. Start preparing from today itself. Learn concepts, ideas, tricks and techniques. Keep an open mind. Foundation is very easy to achieve a rank. In MCQ’s do not waste a single mark in it. Getting a rank then cover your course completely
Q: How tough is CA Foundation?
A: The CA Foundation is not a difficult course if you can devote 5-6 hours to your studies on a daily basis. Many topics, you have already revised. You have to work on a good study approach and practice more and more questions instead of revising concepts repeatedly.
Q: Can a non-math student get rank in ca foundation?
A: Although it is difficult, but if you start preparing at least 3 months before your exam then you can bring rank because specific mathematical chapters do not carry much weight.
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