CA Foundation ICAI Free Mock Test Series  November/ September 2024 with Detailed Solution

CA Foundation ICAI Free Mock Test Series November/ September 2024 with Detailed Solution

Ca Foundation exam is the first step aspirants clear to start their careers in Chartered Accountancy. The exam is conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). Aspirants must pass this first exam to sit for the following two levels of exams and therefore need the best resources to help them in their preparation.


One of the essential resources is the CA Foundation Mock Test Paper released by ICAI as practice material. You can download the Free ICAI CA Foundation Mock Test Papers for all the subjects of CA Foundation Exams for all years in this article.


Why Should You Refer CA Foundation Mock Test Paper Online Free for Your Exam?


CA Foundation Mock Test Paper Online Free is a good source for students to check their performances and solve the papers with their answer key. You do not need to spend a single penny on these mock test papers since they are provided by many sources and are free. ICAI releases the CA Foundation Question paper each year so practicing them gives aspirants a good idea of the actual exam from a reliable source.


Every student needs to get the best CA Exam Mock Test Series that help the students to get the best results. CA aspirants are always curious and excited to know which mock test series and papers are the best to practice since this can help them get a good score in the CA foundation exam.


This is why; we are here to tell you how you can utilize the mock test papers to improve their performance before the exam, learn the mistakes, and correct them before they have time.


The CA Foundation Question Paper Pattern


It is essential to understand and be clear with the CA Foundation Question Paper pattern. Keep the CA Foundation Question Paper pattern given below in mind before practicing with the Mock Test papers. The Mock Tests will help make you feel comfortable with the CA Foundation Question Paper pattern. The CA Foundation examinations have the following four papers, that aspirants have to cover:


Paper 1: Principles and Practice of Accounting

Paper 2: Business Laws and Business Correspondence and Reporting

Paper 3: Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning & Statistics

Paper 4: Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge


The following CA Foundation Question Paper pattern details are essential to remember:


1) Each paper is of 100 marks, and the total is 400 marks.

2) Papers 1 and 2 have subjective type questions in the question paper.

3) Papers 3 and 4 have objective type questions in the question paper.

4) Papers 1 and 2 are 3 hours each, while Papers 3 and 4 are 2 hours each.

5) Paper 3 and 4 have a negative marking of 1/4th mark for each incorrect answer.


Students need to score at least 50% of the total score for passing the exams and no less than 40 marks in each subject for passing the exams.


Why is solving mock test papers essential to do well in CA foundation Exams?


We all know that the CA Foundation is an entry-level exam that is tougher than the actual paper, and If you want to score well for the exam, you learn the need to work hard. So, to make the students prepared for the exam, ICAI also took the initiative to prepare the students by giving them ICAI study material and ICAI Mock Test Papers that help students be well prepared for the exam.


They can complete their entire syllabus and then practice these papers to understand the paper strategy and score well in the exam. The students must go through these papers and practice them since these will help them understand the format and pattern. So, make sure to practice the mock test papers that help you do well.


Also Check: CA Intermediate All Mock Test Papers in PDF 


Benefits of practicing the Mock Test Papers - CA Foundation


CA Foundation MTPs are available online for free


You can get the free Mock Test Paper - CA Foundation, and another online source for absolutely free. The recognized experts design these papers to give you the best results in the CA foundation.


You can get the CA Foundation MTPs to practice papers and mock test papers exclusive and help you be prepared for the CA foundation by knowing your weaknesses and strength. You will learn how to prepare for the exam and how to attempt the CA Foundation Question Paper.


Practicing CA Foundation MTPs will improve your scope of good marks


The more you practice CA Foundation MTPs, the better your result would be in the exam, and you will be prepared for it. It will help you gain confidence for the exam and retain things in mind so that whenever a question related to any of the subjects comes in the question paper, you will quickly remind them and answer.


These practice papers furnish your strength to analyze and make your revision better day by day. Students get to know the in-depth knowledge of the exam and styles of the question paper. They will be able to overcome the fear and anxiety of the exam.


Practicing MTPs help you understand concepts better


As per the seniors and students who have appeared for the exam and nailed it by scoring the best marks, practicing the Mock Test Paper - CA Foundation will help you understand the concepts and problems.


ICAI MTPs are proved to be equally beneficial as actually studying the syllabus. Since you are studying the syllabus but do not revise it with the practice papers, you will lose the concepts and clear understanding of the theory. It will help you see the picture clearly and enable you to perform well in the exam.



MTPs help you measure your strengths and weaknesses


These CA Foundation MTPs will help you allow analyzing your weak areas and strengths. They help you in self-assessment and make you understand where you should invest your time. ICAI Test Series is available on the ICAI website and is considered very effective since it has high-quality content that can help you score well in the CA Foundation.


You will also learn time management skills through them and know which question requires more time, which can be completed in less. You will work accordingly in the exam that will help you save your precious time.


MTPs will make you familiar and comfortable with the process of actual exams


It is vital to give the Online Test Series for CA to be prepared as you are giving the exam. Be equipped with your water bottle and everything you will need for the next 2 or 3 hours.


The online test series will help you be prepared for the exam, so make sure you are also dedicated for those 2-3 hours to complete the paper thoroughly before leaving. Start the paper when you are a hundred percent ready to go because once the paper started, you cannot go back and restart.


Download the CA Foundation Mock Test Paper Online for Free Here

You can download the CA Foundation Mock Test Paper by clicking on the link given below


Mock Test Paper for September 2024 Examination - Series – I

All Subjects


Foundation Course - Mock Test Paper for September 2024 Examination - Series – II

All Subjects



The above Mock Test Paper - CA Foundation will enable you to have good practice before appearing for the exam and help you boost your confidence.


How much time should you dedicate to Mock Test Papers practice?


You should aim to solve test papers daily to improve your time management skills and keeping track of your strengths and weaknesses. A paper every day once you have finished your syllabus will help you gain speed and accuracy. Solving one paper should follow by reflecting on your performance and studying to improve it.


Papers should only be solved after you are clear with previous concepts and have practiced sufficiently with practice questions. Doing this will give you an actual image of your capacity and give you a proper direction for going further. CA Foundation exams will require effort and focus on your part, so practicing consistently is essential to answer your question paper efficiently.


It is recommended to attempt only the past two periods ICAI CA Foundation MTPs; various amendments in the syllabus may negatively affect your performance in exams.


Additional things to keep in mind


For more practice, you may register for CA Test Series; Here, you can practice five papers for each subject (total 20 papers) as per the latest pattern of ICAI and considering all Amendments.


Practice is the primary key to pass in CA Foundation Papers


Without appropriate practice, a student can read or revise any number of times but not be able to score well.


CA Test Series is always with you throughout your journey to prepare for the CA foundation. We assure you that if you practice the CA Foundation Mock Test Paper Online Free and improve your weak areas, you will score the best in the CA foundation exam. The entry-level is still accessible, but the remaining levels are always tricky, so make sure to make the best use of the free mock test papers and get a good score in the exam.



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General FAQs

Q: How I get CA Foundation mock test papers 2022?
A: Check mock test papers of May 2022 ca foundation provided on above link or you can directly download from icai official website in student section.
Q: What are the changes in CA Foundation May 2022 Attempt?
A: Exclusion of Annuity Method, Sinking Fund Method and Provision for Repairs from Chapter 5 of Paper 1: Principles and Practice of Accounting Foundation Course Click here to view more:
Q: When will declare the results of CA Foundation May2022?
A: ICAI is expected to declare ca foundation may 2022 result in first week of August (around 3rd august,2022).
Q: How to Score rank in CA Foundation?
A: Practice is the key to score good marks in ca foundation, practice 5 test papers of before the exams and pass ca foundation in 1st attempt.
Q: What will be the Exam Pattern of CA FOUNDATION for Nov 2022?
A: In Accounting and law, paper will be subjective. In paper 3 and paper 4 (math and economics) MCQs will be asked
Q: Which is best ca foundation test series?
A: CAtestseries is most reliable and quality test series for ca foundation exam. Their past result is more than 88%.
Q: Is ICAI study material sufficient for CA Foundation?
A: ICAI study material along with test papers of is enough for good preparation of ca foundation exams.
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