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Reality of CA Course with Regular College | Expert opinion

Reality of CA Course with Regular College | Expert opinion

Get Into the College? Or Distance Learning is suitable in Chartered Accountant course? Confused….?

So, lets discuss both sides of coin


Institute Of Chartered Accountants of India has some rules for CA Aspirants and student’s mandatory have to follow these rules. Institute does not hinder or halt any aspirants for doing other courses. Students can undergo other course but side by side have to follow their norms. One of the norms is Students can’t go for Regular college along with Articleship but can continue through Distance Learning or through Correspondence. Every coin has two sides-some tell to drop the regular college or some on side to do Regular College. It is the duty of student to take decision whether to go for Regular College or not.


Reasons for CA aspirants doing Distance Learning


  • Students are not able to join Articleship with Regular College and hence CA Final Attempt would be late so this is one of the major reason students don’t go for Regular College



  • Content that taught in BCom is exactly same as IPC-Intermediate in CA, so there is no growth and learning in terms of studies.


  • Doing Regular College there will be lot of other extra-curricular activities which results in less focus on CA studies, but as career in life or for growth in life in future it is necessary which is discussed later on


  • Some have thoughts that student should complete itbecause CA degree has more value than any other degree.


  • Some colleges allow CA aspirant to do regular college along with articleship and their classes will be held early morning before artcleship time and have to take permission from ICAI but sometimes students get exhausted and don’t want to follow this pattern so they avoid Regular College. Many Big Corporates like Deloitte, EY, Pwc etc. would not allow students to follow this pattern.


  • Some have financial problem want to clear CA as early as possible and get a job.


This is the one side of coin, now look into the other side of coin. There are many students who clear foundation and IPC exams while doing Regular college and join articleship after doing graduation degree. Some of the benefits for doing CA WITH Regular College:


  • Overall Personality - It is said that CAs don’t have any personality, they have to study long hours with big spectacles.Every CA should develop overall personality and change their boring person’s image. Regular College help many CA aspirants to develop personality. It will improve presentation skills. In college a student will interact a lot of people from different states, competition arises and student will improve day by day in 3-year span of time and automatically enhanceone’s personality. Skills cannot be developed in sitting room, think out of box and develop skill which is most important in future.


  • Communication Skills - Communication skill is the most important skill which every one has to acquire and CAs are lacking behind. Why MBA packages are ahead of CA’s,in fact CA has more knowledge than any MBAstudent. Reason is simple only communication skills. In MBA’s college their most of the focus is to develop communication and management skills. Regular college helps them to improve communication skills and help them in getting big corporate clients in future phase of life


  • Reputed Colleges- Students who score excellent marks in 12th and got admission in big graduation college like SRCC, Hindu, Hansraj etc. have to do CA with Regular college. Aspirants will interact with a lot of other students and will learn a lot of things from others. A valuable degree from these college help them in future also like in job placement and degree from these colleges prove to be worth it.


  • Impressive Resume- CA aspirant clear IPC and have 2 years of Regular college. In these 2 years one can do internships etc. participate in debates, participate in extracurricular activities, it will automatically enhance candidate resume. One can go with certifications, explore more things etc. will also help out. Internship will help in entering big 4 for CA articleship, Big4s are the top four consulting companieswhich is very good start for future career.


A candidate resume done with graduation from distance learning course will have only “IPC” cleared where on the other side maybe it includes internship or certifications and many more.


  • Campus Placement- Campus placement conducted by ICAI after clearing CA Final exams. Let’s see the hierarchy if candidate do Regular college and in 1st year or up to 2nd year a candidate completed IPC examination, afterward gained experience of college. After that Big 4 recruit that candidate as article and train them. When that candidate clear CA final exams he/she will get priority over other students by big corporates.



The reason is simple that candidate have rich experience, relevant confidence etc. which help in getting handsome package in future. For Eg. If a candidate done regular college in reputed university and after attaining graduation degree, he/she start articleship, may be chance of getting shortlist in ITC ltd offering 24 lakh package even cleared CA final group wise. There is lot of scope in doing Regular college in Reputed college.


There is no 100% chance but probability is more for that student over other students who had done only CA with Distance learning. Even a candidate with Regular college not shortlisted in ITC or bog corporate but definitely crack the interview due to Skill that he/she acquire in college.


  • College Memories - It is rightly said to struggle in early days so to have good in future.But along with valuable experience a student will get to have lot of long-life friends and memories which they cherish forever.




Students always think the two side of coin and take decision as per their own choice. If a student wants to develop skills and want to gain experience of college then go for Regular College. Now suppose a student didn’t get that much reputed college and want to do CA with Regular College in that case it is not advisable to go for college rather to go Distance Learning. Maybe he/she will not able to develop that much skills and 2 years also wasted. Suppose you get reputed college then definitely go for it, you will definitely open a lot of opportunities which help in future, it will also add a good brand name in your resume and overall personality develops.


If a student goal is to clear Chartered Accountant as early then one should start learning graduation through Distance Learning. Colleges like SRCC, Hindu, Hansraj etc. thrive you many opportunities, student should not miss out and enter In CA after that. Consider one student having rank holder in CA and other one having experience in these colleges and cleared in one attempt, the other one will get more opportunities in terms of resume, shortlisting in campusetc. mean one should never leave these reputed colleges.In today world, skill-based student only get success, students should develop skill set first.


Clearing CA is not enough if a student says clearing CA only will get him/her success, he/she may get frustrate in future. CA with outstanding skills set will definitely help to grow in life faster as compared to others. According to today scenario skills are necessary to grow in future so it is advisable to develop skills in reputed colleges and afterwards clear CA. Maybe only CA can’t get you a desired job but a great skill set along with CA will definitely get you a rich job.

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