Revision Pack

The main purpose of our test series ( is to help the students to clear their final exams in many ways. All we know that chartered accountancy is a very difficult course but if you work hard then you will easily crack the exam. If you want to clear the exam then you have to do a regular revision of every subject.


Here we will help you in your revision by providing you following material for revision purposes:

Our notes covers all important aspects of every chapter of each subject which will helps you to revise the chapter properly because one day before your exam you have not enough time to go through from the whole chapter then notes will be very helpful in revision. Our note contains all the latest amendments and as a ca student you know very well that knowledge of amendments is very important for you.


We will also provide you practice questions of each subjects just for your practice. Revision is most important for clearing exam, do revision again and again and our notes will be very helpful for you during revision.


We are providing four types of notes for every subject of IPCC and FINAL.

CAtestseries focuses on each student individually. We focus on student’s concept clarity, presentation and speed. We know the students requirement before the exams and we try to help them from every possible perspective.

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