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Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics Test Series

Advanced Audit and Professional Ethics


Introduction to test chapter-




Audit Planning, Strategy and Execution


Risk Assessment and Internal Control


Internal Audit, Management and Operational Audit


Special Aspects of Auditing in an Automated Environment


Audit of Limited Companies





Auditing Standards Up to 720


Audit Committee and Corporate Governance


Audit Reports & Certificate for Special Purpose Engagement





Audit of Consolidated Financial Statements


Audit of Banks


Audit of Insurance companies


Audit of Non-Banking Financial Companies


Audit under Fiscal Laws







Audit of Public Sector Undertakings


Liabilities of Auditor





Audit Reports


Due Diligence, Investigation and Forensic Audit


Peer Review and Quality Review


Professional Ethics




Full Syllabus

All pervious test and chapter included.





Students will get test schedule in our website, where they can check and do preparation of their upcoming test. They can download schedule from our website as well. If they had bought schedule test series they have to see the date when the test will be held so they can get rank. But in the case of unscheduled test series, students don’t need to check the dates since they will get all tests when they will register at first. However, they can check the syllabus to make their own schedule dates. 




There will be 4 plans Unscheduled, Scheduled and full test series.


Individual chapterwise Test Series – In this one test of each chapter is provided along with 2 Full syllabus tests. This plan is available both in Scheduled and Unscheduled Test Series.


 In Unscheduled, you will get total 6 test series in which 5 will be chapter wise of 1½ hour and 1 test will be lengthy test of 3 hours. You will get all test at the time of registration (Full test will be given at the end of test, according to the schedule). You can make your schedule dates on your own but you need to submit your all test till the last date of test series.


In schedule, same like unscheduled plan, you will get 6 numbers of tests. In which one test will be 100marks. Timing for tests will be same, chapter wise for test 1½ hour and full test for 3 hours. But you will get all test on there scheduled date given by us. You can check and download them from our website as well. In schedule test series, students need to upload test within the 24hour of test or they wouldn’t get rank.


In full test series, like schedule, you will get each test at the given date of test. It doesn’t have ranking facility so you can upload them day by day. Students will get 2 tests each subject in full test series. Test uploads will be valid till the last date of test series.




Easy to configure

There is no need for software or hardware because it is accessible from any browser and no need for a separate server. is interactive and the user interface as well as design is similar to the actual test. The assigned examiner will be able to conveniently create multiple exams which are made by our team of CA experts or by all books. Also, the examiner can define difficulty of level and subjective questions as well as analyses them.



With a ascendible testing and analysis platform by ca exam series, many take a look at queries area unit ceaselessly generated and evaluated therefore you'll be random series of queries. Additionally, with the automated techniques accustomed establish promising QA threads, generated questions are similar to the actual questions the students will encounter in the actual test.

Result and analysis

After the test, the student will be able to know how well he or she performed. Both the examiner and the student will also be able to make a comparative analysis of the score, including percentile and section-wise performance. The student can then assess performance and monitor his or her progress.

Candidate can get strong / weak area analysis

With the answers the candidate have provided and the score garnered, the candidate will be brought to a analysis page showing what subjects or topics is he or she good at and which ones need improvement.


Online test series are flexible, thus the cost per candidate is lesser than a paper-based examination. Also, logistics-wise, it is also relatively lesser because multiple students can take the online test at the same time.


Sample notes free-

  • Audit Quick Revision notes of ICAI level
  • Audit Handwritten Charts
  • Audit Quick Revision Notes
  • Audit Complete Revision Notes
  • Audit All Chapters Charts by our experts
  • SA Charts by our experts
  • Audit Highlights by our experts
  • Final Audit Charts by our experts

Sample checked sheets-



Free test series-


All chapters from Audit Strategy, Planning and Programming to Professional ethics are covered in our test series. Students will get chapter wise test series in which students will get 1 test combined of3-4 chapter and total number of test will be 5. Students will get test according to the weight-age of per chapter. And at the very end of all 5 tests, they will get 1 full lengthy test, which will be summarized of all chapters.




For one subject you need to pay only 525 Rs/- which includes 6 tests (5 tests of 30 marks and 1 full test of 100 marks). If you want to buy on group only, it will cost 2100 each group. Check pricing structure from here – for all the plans


Registration form-


You can register on CAtestseries by clicking this link-




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