Our Past results


The main purpose of our test series (Catestseries.org) is to help the students to clear their final exams in many ways. We know that chartered accountancy is a very difficult course but if you work hard then you will easily crack the exam. In previous years of our work we observe that many students have a lot of knowledge of every topic but they have a lack of presentation skills due to which they can’t present the answer in that way in which examiner wants. So the main purpose of conducting the test series is to suggest the students regarding how to improve their presentation skills.

Our experts team in which all are chartered accountants will evaluate your tests and properly mention your mistakes on your answer sheets and also recommend how to improve it, our teachers also tell you about your presentation and suggest many ways to improve your presentation skills so that examiner will not deduct your marks just because of your presentation. We are also providing chapter wise notes to our students and our faculty solves doubts regarding any particular concept.


Our registrations also go on increasing order from past few years.

CAtestseries focuses on each student individually. We focus on student’s concept clarity, presentation and speed. We know the students requirement before the exams and we try to help them from every possible perspective.

We feel very proud to say that many rank holders are those students who have taken our test series

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